Two years old!

Happy Birthday to baby N who turned 2 on Wednesday!  TWO YEARS OLD!  I’m so proud of what a great boy he is and somewhat at a loss to getting to grips with the fact that I have a two-year-old.  I am trying my hardest not to verbally mention the “terrible twos” because I don’t want to make them into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’ve definitely seen huge leaps in his development and capabilities recently so I guess the “terrible” parts might come hand-in-hand with the good things.

N has been going to summer school since the start of July at the same nursery school he will go to properly from September.  Summer school is only from 9am to 12 midday so it’s a good warming up process for him ahead of September, but also it’s the same school we have been visiting for playgroup sessions – so I think all of these things combined have helped make the transition easier.

Even with only 3 weeks of summer school under his belt I can see that N is now better at following instructions and his talking – still months behind what would be considered average/normal – is improving.  He now even says “Mamma” and not just randomly, but usually when he wants something.  I know that most children are saying this a lot earlier, but you take your wins when you can get them.  N does talk a lot, but it’s in his own language.  The actual words are getting more clear now but as his nursery school is Greek language I’m wondering if his Greek vocabulary will grow before his English. Let’s see.  What I am happy about though is that he understands absolutely everything and is able to follow instructions which means the words should follow.  Here’s hoping.

For N’s birthday I organised a small party at home for family and some friends. It was meant to be intimate and relaxed but the whole thing spiralled way out of control with a row between my husband and his parents, which escalated to them not coming, and me hysterical because the party was falling apart.  I don’t really care about the argument (though I do support my husband’s reasons for the argument) but believe you should look past your disagreements and just turn up FOR THE CHILD.  My parents-in-law are N’s only grandparents with both of my parents gone and the absence of my Mum was so, so raw on his birthday.  The fact that they CHOSE not to come absolutely tipped me over the edge.

I have been on the edge for a few days now and I don’t really know the reason for it.  I think it’s just the vast accumulation of too much on my shoulders (husband was fired from his job recently, my work is overwhelming, we’ve sold my mum’s house, N hasn’t been sleeping so well, life etc), but this not-coming situation from the grandparents made me lose my shit fully.  Around 2.30pm on N’s birthday (N was not at home) my husband came home to find me in our bedroom, in the dark, sobbing my head off at high volume.  He did manage to calm me down and the whole scenario did finally break me down a bit so that I could regroup but I was exhausted by it all.  Later, we had a very nice time at N’s small party and he absolutely loved it, screaming his head off in delight, but I will not have such shadows cast on his special day again.  They have lost their rights to birthday parties now.

But, for anyone looking to play a 2 year-old’s birthday party, let me tell you that the biggest hit of the party was about 20 balloons that I blew up by hand and put in N’s playhouse.  The kids LOVED THEM.  They loved discovering them and then they ran around for a very long time throwing them at each other, sitting on them, and generally being delighted by them. Balloons for the win.  I also have lovely, decorative helium balloons that he cares nothing for, but I like them a lot!

N did a fine job of blowing out his candles and I was very pleased with him.  He was though too excited by his party to actually eat any cake.  Ditto gifts: zero interest in them. When the guests left he seemed quite sad but also exhausted (parents as well) so we bathed him and tucked him into bed and then, literally, 30 mins later we also went to bed, without even having dinner.  That’s how exhausted we all were.  Resolution for the next 12 months: less drama!

So time for an old-fashioned update, me thinks!

Age: 2 years + 2 days

Height: 96cm (almost 38 inches) – the boy is the height of a 3 year old! He wears size 27 EU shoes (that’s size 10 in US sizes)

Weight: 15.5kg – and the weight of a 3 year old, but he’s not chunky at all anymore

Feeding: N eats almost like a grown-up now.  There are very few things he can’t eat and he is quite the food thief meaning that if you are eating something he will absolutely demand to eat it too. He eats a full 3 meals a day and at least 2 snacks, usually more.  He loves fruit so they are his main snacks.

Sleeping routine: N sleeps at night at around 9pm and we wake him around 8.00-8.30am in the mornings for school.  He has one nap in the afternoon at around 1.00pm for about 1.5 hours, although I’m thinking of shortening it soon as he seems to be struggling to go to sleep in the evenings.

Hair: Curly dark blond hair, like a proper beach bum.

Eyes: Light brownish in colour

Things he loves:

  • Balloons
  • Daddy
  • The Smart Trike – he can pedal himself!
  • Colouring with pencils, sometimes the walls even (ugh)
  • Turning lights on and off, and on and off….
  • Bubbles
  • Drinking all drinks with straws – minimum 2 straws required, maximum witnessed in one glass was 6
  • Sleeping with his monkey – god forbid we lose the monkey
  • The beach, swimming pools, the shower, the bath – this kid loves water!
  • LooLoo kids videos on YouTube – he has zero interest in any other kind of TV sadly
  • Running everywhere
  • Escalators and lifts
  • Stealing all the fruit at the supermarket to eat without paying for it
  • Singing the Lady Gaga song “Shallow”


5 thoughts on “Two years old!

  1. Happy birthday N.! I’m sorry about the family drama and that you are feeling so exhausted by everything lately. I’ve been feeling similar- like I’m running on empty. Mini loves balloons too but i’m always so nervous that they will burst in her face or something! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah I think the tiredness is normal unfortunately. Balloons are pretty hard to pop. N did manage it but he was sitting on one and we all clapped when he did it so he thought it was great that it popped!


  2. Happy Birthday lovely baby N! What an amazing job you have done to raise such a thriving kid amongst everything you have encountered over the past 2 years.

    Ahhh your in-laws… I would also be fuming at that behaviour. Who the eff does that? It would hurt twice as much because you know your mum would love to be there for N and they don’t bother. I’m sorry you had a tough day. Special days and moments are so hard without your loved ones, especially the “first” birthdays without them.

    That summer school sounds amazing. 3 hours is s great amount of time to get started. I’ve also thought it would help a lot with behaviour. The kids I see at daycare are so well behaved and follow instructions so well! Plus they eat so well, but it sounds like N is already a great eater. I’m sure he’ll love it there and I bet he learns so much.

    I see heaps of kids who aren’t speaking yet at all at N’s age. My maternal health nurse said that they can really only focus on one skill at a time and the other skills fall behind while they are learning something new. So if he’s really good at physical things (which it sounds like he is) his focus might be going into that right now. Also, my dad said I didn’t talk until I was about 3 and then I just started speaking in full sentences. I just didn’t want to talk.

    Our sleep is shit here too. I’m exhausted. I’ve resorted to putting him in bed with us. It’s like newborn sleep all over again. I hope N’s improves soon.

    We are also obsessed with light switches, elevators and escalators over here. Glad it’s not just Augie!



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