Life with my little giraffe

Mummy life has really started to settle down now and I’ve begun to enjoy myself a bit more recently.  Baby N is a wonderful baby, so chilled and easy to take around, and that has a lot to do with it, but also I have made a new best friend in a fellow mum who has a daughter 2 weeks younger than baby N.  We see each other about three times a week for coffee or lunch and the rest of the time we message each other all day long.  It’s really nice to have someone to share the small things throughout the day and who really understands where you’re coming from.  As we are both first-time-mums and we both have IVF babies we have a lot in common. We joke (although it is true) that we see each other more than we see our husbands.

I’ve also joined an informal mothers’ group made up of other mums who participated in the baby massage class.  It’s an interesting group of six mums – all hugely different people and probably most of them I would never have come across if it hadn’t been for meeting on the baby massage class.  There are huge extremes in our personalities too – there’s folks like me who enjoy being out of the house and having adventures during the day with the baby, and others who are terrified of leaving the house but are tremendous cooks and earth mothers. I am feeling somewhat insecure about my earth mother skills when I hear these girls talk! What unites us is our babies and our concerns about them.  It’s nice to hear what other people are going through and the ways they are choosing to parent their babies.

We have some mums who are very strict with routines and others who are more go-with-the-flow types.  I think I’m somewhere in the middle, but closer to the go-with-the-flow end.  My baby is the only boy baby of the group so he already has five potential future girlfriends (unless of course he prefers boys…)!

Age: 14 weeks + 4 days

Weight: A week ago he weighed 6.88kg and was 65cm tall so I expect he’s a bit more than that now.  He is in the 97th percentile for height which is really obvious when you put him next to other babies his age – he looks like a giraffe next to them.  I had someone last Sunday ask me if he was 6 months old and their face was priceless when I clarified that he’s only 3 months old.  He’s not a chunky monkey at all, just all long and lithe.

Feeding: We have increased the evening and the morning feed to be 180ml as he seems to be getting more hungry at these times.  I have been trying to keep him to 5 feeds a day, rather than the old 6 feeds, so sometimes one of the afternoon feeds is also 180ml if he looks particularly hungry.  I also changed the feeding teats in the bottles to be the medium flow teats (I use Tommee Tippee bottles) as I found he was getting frustrated by the flow.  I was also getting bored with him taking 30 minutes to drink a bottle so we’re all happier with the faster flow of milk!

Sleeping routine: Baby N has been a wonderful sleeper the past week, sleeping through the night consistently. He usually hits the hay around 7.30pm-8.00pm and wakes at around 6.30am-7.00am.  This makes me very happy!  The clocks go back one hour this Saturday night for the end of daylight savings summer time so this will no doubt knock us off course.  Also, taking him to the other side of the world in two weeks and giving him class A jetlag will probably destroy his wonderful sleeping patterns.  😦

Firsts: I’ve noticed in the past week that baby N now makes a new sound.  It’s kind of a high pitch shriek/squeal when he’s either frustrated or very excited.  It was a bit of a surprise when I heard it the first time but now I’m used to it.

The past couple of weeks have also been all about his hands.  He is CONSTANTLY shoving them – his whole fist – in his mouth and putting drool everywhere.  It is as delightful as it sounds.  I’m trying to convince him to use teething toys instead, but he has maybe 2 seconds of interest in toys until he shoves his hands back in his mouth.  I guess his immune system is strengthening at least! Perhaps once he’s got better motor control of his hands he will be more keen to shove some toys in his mouth.

Hair: Light brownish.

Eyes: Light brownish too.

Wonky neck update: We have been almost fully dismissed from our baby physio lady as baby N’s progress has been so good.  She will see us once before we go to Australia just to make sure he’s okay and then we will meet for coffee when we get back so she can advise me on how to continue. I’m so, so, SO relieved that we caught the torticollis and flat head early and that we’ve had such a positive experience with the physio.  Baby N has such excellent neck control now and it means he’s able to really look around a room and take everything in.  I’ve also seen him arching his back at times so I think he’s on his way to learning how to roll over.

Mummy update: I’ve been generally good, although I’ve had a couple of off days this week where I have had some waves of anxiety.  I think these are related primarily to thinking about the flight to Australia.  I will confess I’m feeling worried about doing this alone.  I have 3 flights each way (2 connections) and about a 24 hour overall journey time.  All this with a 3.5 month old and I’ve no experience of taking him on a plane before so I don’t know if he will be okay. I hope that his generally cheerful and carefree demeanour will continue on the plane/s but he’s a baby so who knows!

My diet is going quite well. I lost a lot of weight in the first week and felt very weak.  I modified it a bit to include a little more food and so I only ended up losing 1.4kg in the first two weeks of my diet.  I’m hoping to drop the same again in the next 2 weeks so that I look pretty good for my trip home.  I still have around 4kg to drop in total but I am happy to see some progress at least.

5 thoughts on “Life with my little giraffe

  1. What a great sleeper! That’s so nice you have another IVF Mum friend with a baby close in age you can meet up with. Yeah I can imagine it’s hard thinking about the long flight and wondering how it will be! Hopefully it will go well. Have you tried to get a seat with a baby bed in front? He sounds like a great little guy anyway 🙂

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    1. Have a look at my latest post. If you’re going back to IRL with the new babe then I suggest you stay on Germany time!! The bassinet was great but the baby has to be under 10kg to go in it. Luckily the baby JUST fitted in as he’s long. Eeeeek!


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