Week 12 – Planning our trip Down Under

We are booked! Yes, the small guy and I are headed Down Under in a month’s time and I’m so excited and also TERRIFIED of the plane journey. Hubby has booked me in business class for the first time EVER as I think he feels guilty he can’t join and worried I will have a lot to handle. I mean, he wouldn’t even agree to business class for our honeymoon!

I am ever so slightly worried about annoying actual business people in business class but this is balanced out by how happy I am to be getting a flat bed for the longest part of my journey. The stupid airline (Etihad) cannot guarantee a bassinet for baby so worse case scenario is that we can sleep together on the flat bed. If this happens though I will be fuming! We also successfully managed to get baby Na passport today so that’s another thing checked off my to-do list! It was much easier to do now he’s more alert and awake. Heads up to anyone else who needs to travel with baby from an early age to leave the passport photo as late as you can. It will make your life way easier!

We leave here on Thursday 9 November and arrive back on Thursday 30 November so it’s almost three weeks with my mum. I am worried I’m not going to want to leave in the end! My mum is super excited and I’ve been sending her on errands this week, such as to buy baby N a sun hat (we never took him in the sun until now because it was dangerously hot so didn’t need a hat) and to collect a steriliser I bought on eBay at a tenth of the price you pay for it new. I honestly don’t know why I bought so many new things in general. There are so many bargains out there and they’ve usually hardly been used.

The past week has been fairly calm and consistent. We are definitely finding a kind of flow even if it’s not a tight schedule yet. Baby N is a joy now too. He sleeps and eats well and he’s got a lovely outgoing and smiley personality. He’s a little ball of sunshine!

Age: 12 weeks + 3 days

Weight: Not weighed this week but he’s too long for most 0-3 clothes now and is wearing mainly 3-6 months.

Feeding: Still having 150ml per feeding session but on a couple of days he’s seemed more hungry so I’ve given him 180ml at bedtime.

Sleeping routine: Baby N has been sleeping wonderfully, going down around 7.30-8.30 and then sleeping for around 8-9 hours!! This means mummy and daddy actually get to spend some time together in the evenings and feel kind of civilised. After waking around 3-4am for a feed, he then pops back to sleep for around 3 hours. Last night he slept at 8pm and didn’t wake up until 5.45am. I fed him and put him back to bed where he stayed until 8am. Who knew that 8am would be considered a luxurious lie in!

I try to keep those night feeds silent so he knows they are not the time do be playing or giving me his big smiles. It seems to work usually so that’s nice.

Firsts: I’m pretty sure baby N knows what “Show us your BIG SMILE!”means as he makes the most huge open-mouth smiles when you say this to him. He also uses his hands to grab and hold things now such as toys.

We got him his first passport and ID card too. Tomorrow he goes for his first (chaperoned) date – a lunch with a little girl from baby massage class. The babies don’t even notice each other actually but the mummies are sure to have a good time! Then on Saturday we will be attending our first Aqua Babies class (spot the bored mummy who signs her kid up to anything!). We bought some special nappies/diapers for swimming and we have the cutest swimsuit to wear. I think I’m more excited about it than he is…

Hair: Getting a tiny bit thicker but still short and sparse and fair in colour.

Eyes: They’re kind of a hazel-green colour at the moment. Bye-bye blue eyes!

Mummy update: I’ve had a good few days with decent sleep but I’m still sooooo exhausted! I finally got my thyroid checked again today and my numbers are very low which means it’s now over-active (it’s usually under active). I’m waiting to hear from the doctor how to change my meds to balance it out. I’m hoping when we get this right I’ll feel less tired.

I visited a specialist last Friday who confirmed my pelvic floor is a bit weak currently so I’ve got a bunch of exercises to do. Of course I’ve done them about once since then so there is work to do!! There’s no point doing weight work at the gym until I get my pelvic floor stronger as I will risk compensating and hurting my back or something. So it’s just cardio and yoga for me for now. And pelvic floor exercises…

I also visited a dietician to try and get rid of the last few pounds I’m dragging around currently. She’s made me a diet plan which is quite restrictive but she says I can lose 1 kg a week if I stick to it. I think that’s overly optimistic but I’m happy to be proven wrong! I’m hoping to have dropped all baby weight by Christmas!

21 thoughts on “Week 12 – Planning our trip Down Under

  1. Enjoy your trip! I can tell you’re so stoked to be going back home for a bit.

    Also, I’ve often thought the same thing about baby things: why always buy everything new? I’m constantly seeing secondhand baby items being sold for very little. Or maybe we’re just cheap haha!

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    1. I really am!! I’ve missed my family and my mum so much.

      I never really thought about second hand at first. I think the buzz of finally being pregnant overtook me and I just wanted all the nice things for the baby. After a while though I realised you don’t need all this stuff and the stuff you do need can definitely be passed down, bought second hand or shared. This is how much the consumer marketing gets to us!! In my mum’s era it was much more common to pass things down once you were done with them. The reality is that most phases don’t last long so anything you buy has a limited lifespan by the pure fact that the kid grows!!

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  2. How did you set night time sleep for baby? We are 8 weeks today, my baby sleeps approximately 2or 2,5 hours after each feeding. The longest time we can witness is 4 hours , which happens following 11 pm or midnight. It goes like 4hours + 3 hours till morning. Do you have any advise about how to determine night mode for baby?

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    1. That’s actually a really good question. I looked back to my posts at 8 weeks and I didn’t have the schedule sorted then either but it did get better from then on.
      I think 4+3 is pretty normal for 8 weeks and then baby will slowly extend his/her sleeps. I find my guy’s first sleep of the night is always longest and then his second is around 3 hours long.
      During the day he eats every 2.5-3 hours and I give him a bigger feed when it’s the one before bed in the hope he will sleep longer with it. This is possible if you’re formula feeding as we are but if you’re breast feeding it’s not so easy. Also BF babies tend to need to eat more frequently because their bodies process it faster. So don’t worry about that!
      During the day my guy’s’ naps are generally 30-45 mins in length and he has around 4-5 naps in the day.
      To determine night mode for the baby I have been running a bedtime routine from quite early on. It seemed to have no impact at first but now I can see it does help baby to know when it’s time for bed. At around 7pm (it was later when he was younger as he tended to prefer to go for his big sleep later in the evening – it has gotten progressively earlier) I give him his bath (which he loves), a short massage with creams or baby oil, then I give him a big feed. If he’s still pretty awake I then read him some bedtime stories and/or hold him in cradle hold and sing along to a song with him, all the while swaying. I make sure his bedroom is very dark and very quiet and I rock him until he’s on his way to sleep then I put him in his cot. Sometimes I have to put him down several times before he nods off – particularly a few weeks ago – but now he knows the routine he is much easier to settle. Does that help at all? In general just keep going as it will get better. 😘😘

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  3. Yes, it does help thank you πŸ™πŸ» I’m feeding with formula as well. Your previous post related with stopping BF had already been helpful related with my guilt. I tried and tried but he refused using breast to get feed. He can finish a bottle of 90 cc within 5 mins at most so he always got impatient with my breast unfortunately. Do you use rocking chair that are advised for bf moms? I’m holding and singing to make him calmer but he’s getting heavier day by day πŸ™ˆ. About bath routine, although my baby loves bath time, he doesn’t like being without clothes so we can’t use daily bath routine to start his night mode.
    Perhaps, taking him to a dark room and reading/singing/holding works. Do you have another method other than bath time? Thanks again, I keep reminding myself this is just the 4th trimester and all the gas problems with other issues will go away soon hopefully!

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    1. Oh wow! I’m so glad it helped you as I know I felt terrible about stopping BF too and hearing positive stories helped me feel better.
      If he is finishing his bottle so quickly maybe he needs more than what you’re offering. Why not try increasing the amount you feed him to see if his times between feeds increase too. If he eats well during the day it will give him fuel to sleep at night longer.
      I’m not using a rocking chair though I’m sure they’re nice. I hold him and walk around with him in my arms gently rocking him and it is a big workout!! But I now have to hold him for less time as he goes to sleep easier and faster. I’m also sometimes putting him in his bed semi-awake and holding his hands on his chest while gently rocking him side-to-side so he learns to sleep in his bed and not in my arms. It works quite well during the day but not always. You don’t want to be holding them in your arms to go to sleep when they are 15kg!! 😜
      For your bedtime routine it doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it’s pleasant and calming and works for you. So maybe you put him in some pjs, feed him and then read him some stories or sing him a song. Just make sure that you do more-or-less the same thing at approx the same time every day so he recognises it as the bedtime routine and he will then know to get ready for sleep.
      For sure most of this stuff will just get better with time so hang in there. Also, I found the book “Your baby week by week: the ultimate guide to caring for your baby” super helpful. It’s easy to read and so practical. I strongly recommend you buy it – it’s quite reasonable on Amazon!! Let me know how you get on! You’re doing great mummy!!

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      1. Thank you πŸ™πŸ» I’ll try pj trick on my little devil πŸ™ˆ As for feeding, our pediatrician warned us for over feeding him cause it turned out our baby boy put on 1,6kg while he was supposed to put on only 1 kg for per month πŸ˜‚ Now we try to keep him busy before giving him formula. I’m sure you’re a great mama too 🀞🏻

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      2. Great! Whatever you do, make sure you do the same thing at bedtime every night to develop the association.
        Oh bless, you’ve got a chunky monkey! My friend’s daughter is quite a good eater too and is chubby (it’s so cute) but she’s started to lose it now she’s crawling. I’m sure your guy will balance his weight out as he gets older too. At least no one can complain to you that you’re not feeding him enough – I hear this ALL THE TIME and it drives me mad! xx


  4. So nice to hear that things are getting better and better! I also agree about second hand stuff, I realized early on that they just outgrow everything so fast, there’s no point in buying expensive things that will only last a month or two… except for strollers. I have a stroller problem, now I have 3, oops. Have a great trip, enjoy business class!!

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    1. It’s so true!! The Moses basket is one of these that has a very short period of use.
      I agree re: strollers particularly if you’re an out-and-about type like we are. I have the Bugaboo Chameleon and I love it but I didn’t realise how huge it is. I’m thinking of getting a more compact one for travelling in a few months. Any tips? What do you have?


    1. I have a good baby and I think that helps a lot!! How much longer to go for you? When you lose your shit in the first few weeks (and you will) just remember it’s normal and it will pass eventually!! At my worst I just focuses on the day ahead and nothing more as it seemed entirely overwhelming. 😘

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      1. Yes that’s the hard part of pregnancy! But I promise you that no matter how rubbish your sleep is now it is still 100x better than “sleep” with a newborn! That said, it did get progressively better for me so I hope the same will happen for you. Good luck! Exciting days ahead for you!! 😘😘

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    1. Buggy and travel cot I’m borrowing from friends. Car seat I’m going to hire. I’m still wondering if I should take an umbrella stroller like the Maclaren Quest with me for the airports but I’m undecided so far. x


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