Week 11 – Rediscovering the joys of sleep!

To all those people who said things would get better with baby once they complete the fourth trimester – you were right it seems. This past week or so has seen a marked improvement in baby N’s sleeping, so much so that Wednesday last week saw him sleep through the night for the first time!  He slept from 10pm until 6am and I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I was.  This also meant I managed to get some decent unbroken sleep for the first time since he was born.  I cannot begin to tell you how incredible that was.  I am certain that people begin to like their babies more once their older if only for the fact that they are then getting more sleep!

I did wonder if this sleeping achievement was a one-off, but baby N has been consistently sleeping for 7-8 hours in the first part of his sleep at night.  So if he drifts off around 8pm I can expect to have to get up for a feed at around 3am-4am.  Last night he was exhausted when I put him to bed and thus it took ages for him to fall asleep, finally having success at around 8.30pm.  He then slept all the way through to 6am which was INCREDIBLE!  Just being able to have dinner and some quiet time with hubby – even if that’s only for 30 minutes – just makes me feel almost like a human again.  I’m sure he will have some kind of return to poor sleeping habits in the future, but for now we celebrate our small victories.

Age: 11 weeks + 3 days (I was busy this week, forgive me)

Weight: Baby N went for his second lot of vaccinations on Tuesday and he weighed in then at 6.3kg and he is 61.5cm tall.  He was super brave again with his vaccinations and was a bit cranky and restless for the rest of Tuesday but by Wednesday he was his usual cheerful self again. Baby N is pretty much out of clothes sized 0-3 months and heading on in to 3-6 months sized clothes.  I bought him a bunch of new outfits in the past week or so also because it gets colder at nights so he needs to have long sleeves on for the first time since we left the clinic in July.  I’m really noticing how much more complicated it is to change his clothes when he has more layers on!

Feeding: He consistently takes 150ml of formula for each feed and usually eats it all.  Daytime feeds are approximately 3 hours apart, but then at night time he obviously sleeps his big sleep (the first one of the night) for anywhere around 6-8 hours and then the second sleep is usually around 3-4 hours so he is longer between feeds during those times.  If he’s had a long sleep he is usually STARVING and practically swallows the whole bottle and the formula in one.  Hahaha!  Sometimes he gets hiccups after this as he’s taken the milk so quickly.

Sleeping routine: I’ve mainly covered this above, but generally his nighttime routine has been kicking off around 7pm with a bath, a massage and sometimes a book or a dance to a song.  This means he can sometimes be in bed and asleep by around 8pm although there is some fluctuation to this.  The earlier he goes to bed, the earlier the next feed is generally.  On Monday though he crashed out unexpectedly at about 5pm and didn’t wake up until 1am.  I’ve no idea why he was suddenly so exhausted this early, other than the fact he had a busy day on Sunday and perhaps he needed to regroup on Monday.  In any case, he missed his bath on Monday night and we just fed him at 1am before he headed off to sleep again until 6.30am.  By Tuesday he was more-or-less back on schedule.

The funny thing about Monday night was that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves when he slept through the whole evening.  For a while we expected him to wake up so we were just pottering around at home, but then when it became apparent he was in a deep sleep we kind of felt lost for things to do.  I have wondered many times what I used to do with all this time before the baby.  I remember thinking I never had enough time to do anything… I guess time is elastic and it fits whatever you need it to fit.

Firsts: I’ve seen a lot of development this week in baby N.  He is really alert and moves his head around like a meerkat whenever we go somewhere new.  He’s definitely worked out his hands belong to him now and loves to shove them in his mouth at every opportunity.  I even managed to capture on video the first time he used his hands to grab one of his toys.  He continues to delight in toys that make sounds and mirrors.  The boy love to look at himself (as do his parents so no big surprises there that that trait has been passed on). He’s really enjoying his baby massage classes too – although I think he’s in the minority there as many of the babies don’t seem to love it so much. We have signed up to baby swim lessons which begin next week so that’s the next adventure.

Hair: He’s still a baldy but from what we can see he is going to be fair haired.  He also has a little bit of cradle cap which is annoying and I’m going to have to make some efforts to get rid of it.

Eyes: Getting darker.  They’re now somewhere between dark blue and brown.

Wonky neck update: Our baby physio had to cancel this week’s session so we don’t go until next Monday but he seems to be getting stronger and more straight so I am at least happy about that.  He still enjoys sleeping on his special pillow but if he’s restless at night – usually during his second sleep – he sometimes kicks his legs so hard his whole body moves and he comes off his pillow.  This usually disturbs him and he cries so sometimes I have to get up in the night multiple times to put him back on the pillow.  It’s annoying, but it also shows he’s strong so I’m trying to look on the bright side with that.

Mummy update: I’m doing pretty good these days, but I did overdo it a bit last week with my personal trainer so I’ve decided to stop with that for now.  Instead I am going for an assessment on Friday to see how my abdominals are after the pregnancy so might do some rehab work before doing any more weights work. I am continuing with yoga and I’m thinking of trying a spinning class tonight, but I might change my mind when it becomes closer to the time.

I have lost no weight recently so I am thinking of going to a dietician to kickstart some more weight loss. I currently can’t fit into any of my old jeans so if I don’t lose weight soon then I will have to go shopping for clothes to wear.  So far it’s stayed warm enough here that I haven’t needed anything on my legs but I’m not sure that will last much longer! Anyway, I’m sick of looking at my flabby belly so something needs to be done!

Psychologically I am doing so, so much better.  I really do enjoying getting out and about with baby N though and go a bit bananas if I spend a day at home.  I was like this before having him so it’s not really a surprise I feel like I do.  I think he enjoys some adventures outside the four walls of home too so everyone’s a winner.

We have become great friends with a couple of the mums from baby massage class so now we sometimes go for coffee with mums and bubs and it is great!  I love chatting not only about baby stuff but just general life stuff with other people.  It makes me feel more like me.

We have also booked tickets to head Down Under to see my family and I am SO EXCITED about this, albeit less excited about taking a 3.5 month old baby on a plane for a 24 hour journey BY MYSELF. Yep, hubby can’t get the time off from work so I am travelling with him solo.  If anyone has ANY TIPS on airline travel with an infant which will make our lives easier and better then I am all ears to this.

Now the big challenge is getting a passport for Mr Wonky Head in time.  They take 2 weeks to process here and we are leaving in 5 weeks!  Eeeeek!

12 thoughts on “Week 11 – Rediscovering the joys of sleep!

  1. Oh that’s great news about the sleeping! And also that you made some new friends at the baby massage class. Exciting about flying to Australia and seeing your family too! 🙂 How long are you planning on staying? I’ve heard from friends that it’s easier flying with babies than toddlers who want to walk around. My sister is planning to get married around end of May next year when our baby would be three months. Hubby would have to work but I’m considering flying over alone for around a week. If you can manage long haul alone with a baby then I’m sure I’d have no problems with a short trip to ireland! I’ve a friend who flew to the States with two young kids and survived to tell the tale 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Staying 3 weeks. Jet lag should be fun… I think the flight to Ireland will be manageable. It’s like all the hard moments, I just keep repeating to myself “This will end”. So if it’s really awful it will end eventually and will at least turn into an entertaining blog post. Hahahaha!


  2. Fun to travel with babies 😉 Well at least he can’t walk yet lol
    For travel get a baby carrier. Was a saver for us when we flew with my little one back to Sweden. Also one diaper per hour was pretty accurate. A thin blanket/ muslin for the baby bassinet and if he want to kick lose on the floor somewhere. And of course some favorite and some new toys to keep him busy or distract him at times.


    1. Great tips!! Did you fly direct or have connections? I have 2 connections over the 24 hour journey and I’m worried if I have him in the carrier and no stroller that I won’t be able to have a wee or sit down. What do you think? Any specific toys for 3.5 months that you love?


      1. I didn’t have connection but so maybe good idea to get a light foldable stroller but check with the airline if they allow that in carry-on. Also some airport have strollers you can borrow but maybe he is too small for those.
        For 3,5 month she started to love the noisy toys. The ones you shake and rattle (not sure of the English word right now) .

        Liked by 1 person

      2. They do allow a stroller so I’m thinking of getting the Maclaren Quest which reclines almost flat for babies under 6 months. I’m not sure whether to check it or not though as I’ll have baby (in the Ergobaby carrier) and some kind of hand luggage suitcase as carry on luggage. Add a stroller to that and I might struggle. Sooooo much to think about!!!


      3. Yes that would be good. I’m just wondering if that will be big enough to accommodate all the bottles I will need for 24 hours, as well as changes of clothes, toys etc.


      4. Perhaps just bring a few bottles and reuse and get water from the plane? It is quiet a lot of coordination and packing but you can do it! I had a big backpack but I also only had a 7 hours flight.
        Oh and travel with pants that has pockets ..! 😉


  3. Call the airline to book a seat with a basinette, hopefully he’ll sleep in it and you’ll have some hands free moments! A soft carrier of some sort as well to use in the airport, and on the plane too if needed. Good luck, I’m sure it will be so nice for you to see your family 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that’s the plan! I’m also worried about transfers as I have 2 of them each direction. Will I struggle with just a carrier (how do I go for a wee??!!) or should I also get a light stroller?!


      1. I use the toilet with baby in the carrier! It’s a little awkward, but it works. It’s pretty challenging on the plane toilets with less room…in those situations, i drink less water to pee less 🙂 Your son might be a bit young for an umbrella stroller, but if you’re taking a car seat, you can buy a frame for it (I think it’s called click and go?), and gate check them, so you’ll have them between flights in the airport. For my next flight, I’ll be trying the umbrella stroller (I got one that has a car seat attachment), but my baby will be 7 months. I’m still bringing my soft carrier, that’s a must I think with travelling, especially solo. Good luck!!!


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