Six weeks

Baby N today has hit the big 6 weeks milestone and I’m really starting to see his development come along. This has seemed like an important time benchmark to me, what with many things being allowed after 6 weeks postpartum.  Things like being able to drive a car after a c-section (not that I listened to that as I started driving 3 weeks after my c-section), starting exercise (yippeeee!) and getting back to sexy time (hahahahahahah, as if I will be giving up any sleeping opportunity for sex!).

I remember looking ahead to 6 weeks in the early days, convinced that Everything Would Be Better by 6 weeks.  And you know what, overall I think it is a bit better even though we are still a loooooong way off me having a proper night’s unbroken sleep (oh to dream).

In the traditional culture here they consider the first 40 days after giving birth a period is a time when the mother and baby don’t leave the house, but rather you and baby stay confined.  I’m not sure the logic behind this beyond recovery and bonding with your baby, but I always thought is was totally ridiculous.  Until I had a baby.  Now obviously I did not want to stay housebound for 40 days, but I can appreciate that for those 40 days I have been completely useless and going through a massive readjustment so being able to stay home a lot has been important to finding my way, so maybe the tradition is not so mad after all.

Also I believe that the religious side of this practice considers you still “dirty” during the 40 days due to the bleeding etc so also the mother is not allowed to go to church and I think you’re meant to take the baby for a blessing at the church before you take it anywhere else.  I think our first outing was to a coffee shop (no one tell the church!) so I guess that’s not what they had in mind.

Age: 6 weeks

Weight: I don’t know as his next weigh in is on Friday but I think he has grown a lot!  He is much longer now and definitely heavier.  I also think his head has gotten a lot bigger in the last couple of weeks, which I believe is a sign of mental development. According to the Wonder Weeks app (download it if you haven’t already) baby N is going through a big developmental leap this week and might be extra fussy for it.  This is both terrifying and exciting!

Feeding: Nothing much has changed on this front – we are continuing with the combined feeding and this seems to work very well for us.  There is still some boob in action but the flexibility of formula feeding. I am officially saying goodbye to my breast feeding guilt! This article about breastfeeding guilt was pretty handy too.  Have a read if you are in a similar position.

Sleeping routine: We are trying so hard to get into a sleeping routine and I think we are making some early progress, albeit he’s a baby and prone to doing whatever the hell he wants so who really knows! Baby N has started to get fussy in the evenings, and for a few days last week he decided to be a total nightmare to put down to sleep.  On Friday night he was impossible to console from the hours of 7.30pm through to midnight.  This coincided with my husband being out of town for his friend’s wedding so I had to go it alone.  I wouldn’t say I lost my mind, but it was close.  I tried everything.  I googled everything.  I took him for a drive in the car (success in so much that he slept while in the car, but woke up the second I walked in the door.  Eventually just before midnight he crashed out in the Mammaroo, by which time I was physically and emotionally spent.

When Saturday evening rolled around I got The Fear big time that he would do the same thing again.  He was pretty similar for about two hours but he did fall asleep faster.  Then last night he was faster again taking maybe an hour to fall asleep.  Last night was the first time I tried reading him a book – one of my all time favourites, My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes, which I can recite to you from memory – and he seemed to enjoy it, staring at the pages and at me as I performed it. So we’ll try that again tonight and see how it goes.

Firsts: I think he smiled today, but it’s still a bit unclear.  He certainly looked like he was having a Super Amazing time on his playmat (I have this one), with his face lit up as he inspected all of the different toys and decorations.  He was kicking his legs and generally looking delighted on the mat for about an hour today.

I have definitely noticed he looks at things very intently now.  Yesterday I gave him a tour of our living room and all of the pictures and artwork.  There was one picture that he just stared and stared at.  He also gave our wedding photo a really hard look.  I told him that was when mummy was very skinny and didn’t have any baby fat.  He didn’t seem to care.

Yesterday hubby and I took the baby for a spin at our local park.  It’s finally gotten a tiny bit cooler (top temp each day 35 degrees, rather than 40 degrees) which meant that at about 7pm it wasn’t too horribly hot for him.  Unfortunately I think he was a bit too close to dinner/bath time and all of the trees and new sounds and smells were too much for him and he got super cranky. So I’ll try again another day when he’s feeling more calm.

Today was also the first day that I attempted to go do some food shopping with him alone.  I strapped him into my baby carrier so I would have free hands and away we went.  I went to a smallish store as my first attempt so it wasn’t very overwhelming.  Also, I found there were not many people about at 10.30am so it was pretty calm.

We are also signed up to a baby massage course that lasts for 4 weeks.  I’m very excited about this!

Hair: Oh he’s losing his hair on the top of his head so he looks like an old man!  It’s so unfortunate!  I’ve read online and confirmed with my paediatrician that this is normal and his hair will grow back, but he does look a bit weird.  Hurry up and grow back, hair!!

Eyes: His eyes are really huge!  Actually I think he has his daddy’s eyes, which is a great thing.  They’re still blue, but clearly will be brown soon.


Mummy update: Today I’m feeling okay and I think overall I’m doing much better than last week.  I don’t know what came over me last week but I had all of the feelings and most of them were not good.  I am trying so hard not to overthink things or look ahead too far, but rather just to face whatever needs my focus right now.  Arguably you could apply this to all aspects of life and it would probably make for better mental health.

I’ve had a real love-hate thing going on with my husband recently.  I’ve either found him to be selfish, insensitive and mean or incredibly generous, patient and kind.  I know that sounds weird, but it is the case that I have been loving and hating him almost in equal amounts. Of course men are not immune from all of the upheaval, but my feelings for him can swing quite fast from one direction to the next! Anyone who ever thinks having a baby will help their relationship is clearly naive and most likely their relationship is doomed!

Weight wise I lost about half a kilogram last week (about a pound) so that’s good.  I’ve been trying to watch what I’ve been eating a little bit but actually I need to start moving my butt to drop the last few kilograms.  I start back at yoga next week and generally will try and get more active in the next few days/weeks so as to try and kick-start my Operation MILF campaign.

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