We left the house 

This momentous occurance seemed to deserve its own post. I took baby N for his debut in the stroller for a quick walkabout the neighbourhood. 

It was amazing!!

OMG to be outside is so incredibly good and mind refreshing. It’s still hot here so I didn’t spend too long out but even 30 mins of slow walking was beautiful. 

Baby N is so teeny tiny though that I had to be careful he didn’t roll around the stroller too much as the pavements here are very poor quality. 

I think this is my new thing to do if I can fit it into my day. 

12 thoughts on “We left the house 

      1. Do whatever works for you and don’t feel guilty about it. From what I’ve read (and I know nothing about it so really you can ignore this) it can help to continue at least a few feeds a day with breast and the do rest with bottle. Then you get benefits of both (that is what I think I’m going to aim for….instead of exclusive breastfeeding which sounds really hard). But as I say I don’t know anything.

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