Week 38 – The final stats

This will be my last weekly check-in as baby will soon be here! I’ve got to say I have had a dream run with this pregnancy with minimal aggravations and symptoms.  I realise and appreciate I have been very fortunate in this sense, and I sometimes wonder if I got an easy run because of all the challenges with infertility and miscarriage that came before this.  Who knows, but it still blows my mind that there will be a baby in my arms in little more than 62 hours.

It’s also been a huge help to me having the support of blogland through out all of this. Being able to let it all out within the freedom of the community of infertility warriors has been immeasurably helpful. It’s also nice to look back at some of my older posts and see the progression of everything  – both physically and mentally.  This time last year I was at one of my lowest points ever and yet in 12 very short months here I am with a baby entering our lives in a couple of days.  I was always too afraid to believe this would be my story and yet here we are.  To those of you who are still fighting your own infertility battles and who have stuck with following me throughout my pregnancy (seriously, I know how hard that is it to do) I can only wish that my little story gives you a tiny bit of hope for your own.

Also, there has been a number of new pregnancies amongst those bloggers I follow recently and I am SO DELIGHTED by each of them. Even though I haven’t met you before, I feel connected to you and your stories and I find myself celebrating your joys alongside you.  For those of you who continue to fight, I wish you strength and fortitude in whatever path you choose to follow in the future.

So here goes with my last weekly summary.

Weight gain: I’ve not gained much this week – only around 300gm (0.6 pound) – which is miraculous.  This means that overall I’ve gained almost 17kg (37 pounds) from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I didn’t want to go over 15kg, but I’m okay with the bonus 2kg I put on as I have managed to mainly keep the weight gain to the bump and boobs region.  I have hope that my legs and butt will once again be sexy, albeit probably not until 2018!

Symptoms: LOADS of Braxton Hicks!  They come throughout the day and I mainly ignore them these days, but sometimes they get too painful to ignore and I have to rest until they pass.  They seem to be particularly painful in the early hours of the morning and they wake me up.  I sometimes find myself moaning in my semi-sleep with the pain, but they have not progressed to anything more like proper labour so that’s good I guess.

My feet also decided to use this week to start to swell, but I’ve learned if I don’t spend too long with them pointed down (i.e. seated or standing up) then they are okay.  And if they do get a bit puffy this has been my remedy – strapping them with ice packs and elevating them.  I was watching Wimbledon when this photo was taken which is not necessarily part of the prescription but it’s helpful as it goes on for hours so you can rest for a long time.


After all of the huge boob gain I have had throughout the pregnancy they have mainly stayed the same size for the past two months.  I kept hearing from everyone that they would get huge in the last trimester, but perhaps mine were early bloomers.  I am expecting them to get more huge when my milk comes in but for now they are happily at a D cup size.  This is remarkable as I used to be a small B cup.  The magic of hormones!


Eating: I have had a few sweet cravings this week but that might also be down to boredom.  I can’t say my diet has been amazing this week but it’s not been terrible either.  It’s so hot here that it’s hard to have an appetite for anything much.

Sleep: Thanks to the wonder of afternoon naps I have been doing pretty well this week.  My nighttime sleep is highly compromised by Braxton Hicks and visits to the loo for a wee, but being able to supplement the lousy nighttime sleep for afternoon naps means I am a much nicer person for it.

Here I am having a rest with my partner-in-naps. She was actually asleep like this!


Movement: I keep reading on the pregnancy apps that the baby’s movements are due to slow down at this point but I have seen absolutely no evidence of this.  In fact, baby has been jumping around as I have been writing this.  It’s really uncomfortable these days as he plays some kind of juggling game with my organs when he moves.  Also some of his stronger movements trigger Braxton Hicks so that’s great too!

Emotions: This week I have been emotional, there is no doubt about that.  I am feeling stressed about the c-section, especially the epidural, but also how on earth I’m going to care for this mini-human while recovering from the major surgery.  Sometimes my thoughts get way out of hand and I get very upset.

I also seem to be having some hormonal rage surges such as today when I was visiting the supermarket.  I parked the car and was about to get out when someone pulled super-close into the space beside me on the driver’s side of the car.  I happened to be driving my husband’s fancy car which has doors that open more wide than some other cars and so it’s a bit annoying in a car park situation at the best of times.  Then if you combine my big belly to the equation…. well it was VERY difficult for me to get out of the car!  I somehow managed it but when I did I turned to the stupid guy who parked so closely and said various things about being 9 months pregnant and what a selfish jerk he was.  The guy literally just stood there and looked at me like he didn’t know what to do.  At that point I wanted to rip off his wing mirrors and stomp on them.  I resisted though.

Missing: At this point I don’t feel like I’m missing anything much as I know that the pregnancy bit is almost all over so anything that is annoying me now feels very temporary – no doubt to be replaced by something even more annoying in the next few weeks.  I am not missing being at work and am continuing to congratulate myself on making sure I got two full weeks of leave before baby arrives.  Yay me!

Purchases: I bought some Lansinoh breast pads online and then ended up randomly buying some small toys for the baby as part of the order. Ooops!  The new car looks like it will arrive either end of next week or the week after so I have decided to put the baby seat in my old car for now and will switch it over to the new car when it finally turns up. And the wallpaper for the baby room has still not arrived but I am trying my best not to feel rage towards the wallpaper shop.  I mean we seriously ordered it like two months ago, FFS!

Looking forward to: HAVING A BABY!!!!  OMG!!

Best moment: I got the early proofs through from our maternity photo shoot and they’re actually really cute.  I think we have some nice ones in there, but also I don’t look as gigantic as I expected I would so that’s nice.

Exercise: I have been cleaning and mopping and grocery shopping and all sorts again this week which is quite a big workout. I look forward to actually being able to start some kind of exercise regime again soon even if that is just walks with the baby in the stroller.

Bump update: And for the last time, here is the bump in all its glory.

FullSizeRender 39
Bump is definitely travelling a bit lower these days…

FullSizeRender 40

And just for reference, this is what I looked like BEFORE being pregnant.  This photo was taken 3 weeks before my embryo transfer. Those abs!!  Ohhhhh!



18 thoughts on “Week 38 – The final stats

  1. So excited for you, my friend! It’s been an honor to be part of your “following” crowd throughout the last 9ish months. I am SO HAPPY for you (however, I do totally hate you for those before abs: jealous)!

    Looking forward to some shots of baby… maybe even with a kitty in the background. 😉 xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww thank you. Even I’m jealous of my own abs right now. I fear I will never see them again. Hahahaha!
      I’ll do my best with baby + kitty shots. Not sure how well they will get on at first! 🙈 xxx


    1. It’s standard to deliver about 10 days before due date depending on the growth of the baby. He will be born at 38+3 days so not a big deal.


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