The Queen of Air Conditioning

Here I was thinking that my maternity leave pre-baby would be a like a mini-holiday.  Everyone kept saying it will be great to relax and take things easy. Well, I seemed to have missed that memo as I have been non-stop busy for the past few days.  Turns out I had been “saving” a bunch of tasks for my maternity leave and so I have been busy, busy, busy.  From hair appointments (girl has to look good for her post-delivery pics), to shopping, to washing all the sofa cushion covers, to random chores all over town, to doing my tax returns (seriously), it’s been hectic.  I did a bit too much yesterday and was rewarded with many Braxton Hicks all yesterday evening and last night – they even wake me up when I’m sleeping.  Ugh.

The weather has continued to be hellishly hot – literally – and I think this is playing its part with the Braxton Hicks.  On Sunday my car thermometer said the temperature was 46C (115F).  Pregnant or not pregnant, that is too hot!! It’s now even too hot for me to go to the beach unless I go in the evening or at night.  So I am now the Queen of Air Conditioning.

I am yet to pack my hospital bag still, but I am definitely doing it tomorrow.  I have now said this about 5 days in a row so wish me luck.  I have finally purchased some post-c-section knickers which are not as hideously awful as they could be, and I think I have most of the other things that are needed for the hospital stay.  Now the challenge of putting it all in a bag, or more to the point, finding the motivation to put it all in a bag.

We are still waiting for the baby room wallpaper to arrive. It was on order from Timbuktu (only a small exaggeration there) and so has taken forever to arrive.  We are also waiting for the new car to arrive and I’m not sure what’s going to make it first, the baby, the car or the wallpaper.  I’m predicting the baby comes first ahead of everything else!

I am however enjoying naps in between watching key Wimbledon matches and also just generally not having the stress of work. I feel like I’ve been able to breathe out the past few days and this has made me feel a bit more tired.  Like all of the stress is now coming out of me.  I had a massage today and that helped a lot in cleansing myself of tension and I’m going to try and take it easy for the rest of the week.

I have also booked in for a maternity photoshoot on Friday.  This was a last minute decision and I do wish I’d done it a bit earlier when my belly was smaller.  So word of advice to other ladies out there – aim for 28-32 weeks for your maternity shoot if you want to look cute-pregnant and not whale-pregnant! I have somehow convinced hubby to do the photoshoot with me – he hates photos even though he’s gorgeous and even had to be practically begged to do wedding ones – so fingers crossed they turn out nicely.  The photographer also does cute newborn photos so we are having a package that includes them both.

Symptoms wise I’ve been doing great. Braxton Hicks aside, my only real symptom is raging hot feet as previously mentioned.  I use an ice pack on them in the evening before bed and just deal with it at other times.  Less than two weeks before baby arrives now and our world turns upside down!


15 thoughts on “The Queen of Air Conditioning

    1. Even less time now! Eeeeek! So incredibly happy for your news too! Every time I see one of your posts I get so excited and hopeful that it’s more good news – which it has been! That trip to Australia must have done you the world of good. 🙂 xxx


  1. Actually I’m flying back to Dublin this weekend for my brother’s Irish wedding celebrations. I would ideally not be flying in the first trimester but it’s a special occasion and flight is under two hours so it should be fine I hope!
    I had some anxiety last few days. I reduced the prednisolone by 5mg as I was told to by fertility clinic doctor but then when I phoned the immune doctor I was told to not reduce it any more, that it’s too soon! So then I got really worried but hubby spoke to them again and they just said I should only have gone down by 2.5mg not 5mg and now I should stay on 10mg for another two weeks.My next scan is on Thursday. It’s quite nerve wracking waiting! Just want some reassurance that all is still going ok in there. x

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    1. Oh 2 hours you’ll be fine but just be a total princess and take it easy. I took 16mg prednisolone for the first trimester and then weaned off it slowly (you can’t just stop). I know of others who have taken higher and lower doses. It seems no one really knows how much to take. If you’re staying on 10mg it’s probably fine and anyway this steroids thing is totally up for debate about its success. So keep doing what you’re doing as it’s all great. How far along will you be next Thursday? If you want I can email you directly so we can chat whenever you want (and not publicly). 😘


  2. I have never liked air conditioning until being pregnant this year. Thank goodness, or I’d never be comfortable. This baby is like a furnace. I know that because I am never cold anymore and I always used to be cold in my office in the summer.

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