Week 34 – Must start listening to body!

A few weeks ago I attended a free breast-feeding seminar and there was another girl there who was 34 weeks pregnant and I remember her saying that she’d really noticed a big change over the previous two weeks. I thought she was exaggerating at the time. I now no longer think she was exaggerating as that’s exactly how I feel too! The past two weeks have seen a step change in going from pregnant but pretty okay doing most things, to very pregnant and now kind of useless at doing most things. I am not handling the transition particularly well!

In addition to my gardening efforts on Monday night that left me in pain and pretty much exhausted even on Tuesday, I then hit the pool on Wednesday night to do a few laps. Well actually I did 40 laps in 30 minutes and felt amazing while I was in the pool. As soon as I got out of the pool I was struck down by pretty intense contractions. I laid down on a sun lounger and had a snack and some water, hoping that would help. It didn’t. So I stayed there a while longer before going for a shower and heading home. At home I then lay on my left side for a while and things did not get better. The contractions continued and were quite painful. In particular I was getting lower back pain similar to that of period pain and it was at this point I started to get worried.

Even though I took it easy at home, the contractions kept coming. They were not at consistent time intervals and they were not painful enough for me to actually do something about them but they were bad enough that I was very uncomfortable and quite cranky. At one point in the late evening I warned my hubby that we might be taking a visit to the clinic for observation and that freaked him out a lot. He ended up putting into practice some of the massage techniques he learned at one of our recent baby classes and actually it did help to either calm me down and to ease the pain I was feeling. I was then able to get into bed and go to sleep, albeit I woke up a few times during the night with pains. Thankfully there was no such continuation on Thursday. It was very scary though!

I guess I need to really start listening to my body. I told one of my friends who has a 2 year old about the contractions and she really told me off. She said that I shouldn’t be swimming (or any other kind of exercise) in order to specifically do a workout, but rather I should just be making an effort to move and stretch at this point of the pregnancy. Given that baby is coming in a month I guess it’s not long now to wait so maybe I should just chill out a bit. I certainly don’t want to have another night like I did on Wednesday night.

Weight gain: I’ve seen a week-on-week gain of 500gm (about a pound) this week which seems to be in line with what the apps say to expect. I’m now 14kg (31 pounds) up on my starting weight. I’ve not been getting too caught up on this recently.

Symptoms: VERY TIRED! Contractions (see above) and Braxton Hicks when I do too much, and when I say do too much this can be anything from unpacking the groceries to hanging out the laundry. I am seriously challenged by the Braxton Hicks! I’ve noticed it can be a little hard to get my rings off if I get very hot (most days here are 32 degrees + / 100F). I also get a sore lower back if I sit in my office chair too long. And peeing. I pee a lot these days.

This image was in my weekly email from The Bump today and it perfectly sums up how I feel now!

Image 16-06-2017 at 8.13 PM

Eating: Nothing much to talk about here. Cold things are good but that’s only because it’s so damned hot here.

Sleep: A mixed bag this week, but last night was pretty good actually. Most nights are heavily disturbed by either needing to pee 100 times a night (barely an exaggeration) or general discomfort from the belly being kind of huge these days.

Movement: He continues to be very active with belly quakes still a regular part of every day. This is comforting as I know he’s still doing great in there.

Emotions: A bit cranky this week and when I’m not cranky I am very easily tipped back over to the cranky side. If I don’t eat regularly enough I burst into tears quite easily too.

Missing: Being able to do everything that I want to do, especially exercise-wise. I found a photo the other day of myself from back in October in yoga gear and looking in freaking amazing shape and it made me want to cry. I wonder if I will ever look that good again?!

Purchases: I went grocery shopping last night and put nappies/diapers in my trolley for the first time ever. It felt so weird that I sent a message to my friend (the same one who told me off about the swimming) and she replied, “Dude have you looked in a mirror recently?!!!”. It really made me laugh. That’s a true friend. I also bought maternity pads for the hospital. Eeeeek!

Looking forward to: Other than not carrying around an extra 14kg+ in body weight?! Well I’m also looking forward to maternity leave starting in just TWO WEEKS!! OMG, longest two weeks ever!

Best moment: Every time I get to lie down is considered a best moment currently.

Exercise: Well there was the gardening that went so brilliantly and then the swimming so I think it’s safe to say I have failed at exercising safely this week. No one follow my advice please, I’m clearly an idiot! In good news, the people at the pool I go to still have not worked out that I’m neither a guest of the hotel or a paid up member of their health club so I continue to get free swims. I’m enjoying this super power of pregnancy where I seem to get away with more stuff than I usually would. I think the lifeguard guy recognises me now but must just think I’m a regular member. I don’t know, but I try not to engage in conversations with anyone lest they find out my secret.

Bump update: I feel so much bigger this week than last. It’s kind of crazy how much difference a week can make. My belly button is still a “flattie” rather than either an “inny” or an “outty” but I think there is still potential for it to pop out before the baby makes an appearance.

FullSizeRender 33
Bumping along!

Boob vision with bonus kitty


26 thoughts on “Week 34 – Must start listening to body!

      1. They seem more cute and interactive at 4 months. That’s about when I plan to take my one to visit my mum and family in Oz. Let’s see how that long haul flight goes. 😱

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      1. I think so, your water will break, placenta is heavy and of course the baby itself. They say it’s something like 8-12lbs at birth alone.

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  1. Those contractions sounds scary (and very tiring!). I just wanted to ask, and maybe I’ve missed it somewhere, but why are you having a c-section? I’m having one too and it will be so nice knowing someone who has gone through it by the time I have to go through it! If it’s too personal, of course you don’t have to tell me! I was just curious and really interested in what you’ve been told to expect? I know I’m only 23 weeks but so far my doctor has given me NOTHING!! Xx


    1. They were more annoying than scary as I knew it was my own fault for causing them. Lesson learned (maybe).
      C-section is because of a previous surgery to remove a large fibroid. The scar tissue etc is at risk of rupturing during a vaginal birth. My doctor is very pro-vaginal birth and pro-VBAC too so for him to be telling me that vaginal birth is too risky make em not want to argue with him despite my personal disappointment.
      I’m not sure what your expectation is for your doctor regarding informing you of what to expect. Most information is readily available online and I don’t think the overall operation varies hugely. You go in, they hook you up to an IVF for fluids etc, local anaesthetic at the insertion point of the epidural, then epidural is done and a catheter is put in. The doctor does his thing with the surgery and baby should be out within 10 mins of the surgery starting. Paediatrician usually checks him over for a minute before passing to mum if all is medically fine with both baby and mum. Then you’re sewed up and taken to recovery for a few hours where you have your first nursing session etc. Epidural lasts for a while so you usually can’t get up and about until the next day, e.g. For a shower. My stay in the clinic will probably be 4 nights. Recovery depends but most of my friends have stopped painkillers after a few days. All have breast fed. All have lost their baby weight over a healthy period of time and suffered no great overall issues which is comforting.


    1. Forget about me, I read your news this morning and honestly it was the best thing I have heard in AGES!!! If you go back in my posts to November last year you’ll see that my preg test line was much more faint than yours. Given that these things measure from 10 I am feeling optimistic you are going to have a very good Hcg reading. Stay strong warrior woman. I’m saving all my positive thoughts for you. xxxxx


      1. I saw it but didn’t reply straight away. So excited for you and hoping and wishing with all my might that this little one decides to keep hanging out in there. No wine for you now. Hahahaha! Now you will feel my pain 😜


    2. So happy for your test results!! That’s a great number!! I know they say anything over 50 is good but actually you want over 100 so 200+ is fabulous!! I also did several blood tests before the first scan. To be honest, this is a good thing because you can’t really identify a heartbeat until 6-7 weeks so a scan before that can sometimes not help put your mind at ease. When you have your next test put your results into this app as I found it v useful.
      P.S. Pack snacks ALWAYS from now on as you will suddenly get starving soon and/or nauseous. Either way snacks will help.


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