Gardening in the third trimester: not a good idea

I don’t know what came over me, but I decided after work yesterday to do a spot of gardening.  Yes, at almost eight months pregnant I thought it was a GREAT idea to garden.  I think you might know where I’m going here…

Well needless to say that the gardening that would normally have taken about an hour or an hour and a half, took me two and a half hours and ended up with me exhausted, sore and having practice contractions.  Ladies, I do not recommend this. In good news however, my garden looks really lovely now so I am very pleased with myself.

Even though I was mainly potting plants and reorganising things (not digging holes or anything like that), it turns out that bending and shifting medium-heavy items, then sweeping up afterwards was a bit too much for my heavily pregnant body. The baby let me know quite consistently that he was unhappy with loads of strong kicks.  I think this was also because I was quite hungry and maybe a bit thirsty, and the fact that it’s REALLY HOT here!

By the end of it all I actually felt like it ached everywhere, made worse by the practice contractions  I tried to do some dishes around the time hubby came home and I was leaning my forearms on the sink as I washed as I couldn’t hold myself up.  Even after dinner I went to have a shower and I couldn’t stand up while I dried my hair afterwards.

Eventually I took myself off to bed and had a terrible sleep which was really not what I needed.  These days I average about four visits to the loo at night (five is my record) and it’s infuriating! So any attempts at good sleep are usually thwarted by loo stops anyway.  I  ended up waking up for work today feeling like I’d not gone to bed at all.  My body was clearly letting me know that what I’d been up to yesterday was very much not a good idea!

I struggled all through today with lots of practice contractions and felt super-emotional. Have you seen the new ad for Amazon Prime?  Well that made me cry. One of the my favourite people who works for my client said he would miss working with me.  That made me cry too.  My colleagues cannot stop laughing at my random bouts of tears! I’m about the only person in the history of maternity leave who has been sad about the prospect of not working with their clients anymore!

Anyway, since I’ve had such a rough day I came straight home and went directly to bed for a nap.  I ended up having only a short nap as my smallest kitty decided I should really be getting up and playing with her so meowed every half second constantly for 20 minutes outside my bedroom door until I couldn’t take it anymore.  As soon as I got up she went to sleep of course! I guess this is good preparation for motherhood. In any case, I feel much better, more alive and less likely to burst into tears randomly.

Moral to this story: gardening in your third trimester is bad for you.

4 thoughts on “Gardening in the third trimester: not a good idea

    1. Maybe yeah or just hating things not looking nice which is more of a personality flaw. I got myself into some bother with contractions that were so bad last night that I had to get hubby to rub my back to calm them down a bit. Ugh.


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