Week 33 – To pee or not to pee…

…That is no longer the question because the answer is ALWAYS to pee these days! I struck a new personal best (worst) a few nights ago where I got up during the night to pee FIVE TIMES! Let’s just say that was not a good night for sleeping.

I feel like the total cliche third trimester pregnant woman with this peeing.  I always thought it’s an exaggeration, but the increase in the need to pee practically came overnight.  I have tried to fight it so I don’t have to keep getting up but all this results in is me being awake and still feeling like I need to pee.  Better just to get up and get it over with.

I’ve also noticed recently that the pregnancy apps have gotten really boring. It’s like as though all the exciting stuff has already happened and essentially all they can talk about now is labour (not relevant to me), breastfeeding (obviously not to be dismissed, but how many times can you read about the importance of breastfeeding), and what to pack in your hospital bag. Zzzzzzz!

Overall this week has been pretty unremarkable pregnancy wise, however a new heatwave has hit town which means that I need to take care to not get too hot and to keep hydrated. Meanwhile it’s hard enough to maintain energy levels at this stage of pregnancy without the temperature hitting or exceeding 38 degrees (100F). This also severely limits my exercising as not only is the heat draining but it’s practically impossible to do anything that is not water-based.

I have skipped a trip to the beach today even as I thought it would be too much for me.  Tomorrow though looks like it might work out okay, albeit I think we might need to go early and come home if it gets too roasting out there.

Weight gain: I’ve seen a small gain this week and I’m up a total of 13kg (28 pounds) overall, which is not so bad.  My target had originally been 12-15kg and I think I’m more likely to hit 18kg given I have 5-6 weeks of pregnancy left (baby is coming out at 38-39 weeks). Who knows though as it’s too hot to eat a lot here anyway so that’s probably working in my favour.  The doctor estimated the baby is weighing in at 2.2kg (nearly 5 pounds) at the moment (he’s long/tall) so there’s a chance he will grow by at least 1kg before he arrives.

Symptoms: Peeing every 20 mins, breathlessness from doing practically nothing, dizziness (when I’ve not eaten regularly enough), generally tired and over-hot.  I actually don’t think any of these symptoms are that bad and I am not hugely impacted by any of them.  Sure I’ve slowed down a bunch but I’ve not really stopped doing anything, except perhaps walking outdoors as it’s impossible in this heat without going all dizzy. I’ve not been too affected by contractions this week and I think this is because I’ve been taking it a bit easier generally (shocking for me, I know).

Eating: Nothing interesting to report here.  Watermelon season has started to kick off and so hubby has been preparing me a lot of it which is lovely and refreshing. I ate a whole bunch of crisps (potato chips) last weekend and they were amazing, but I don’t think I have been particularly naughty otherwise.

Sleep: Ohhhh my old friend sleep! How I miss those days of actually being able to sleep for longer than 3 hours at a time!  How it usually goes on most weeknights is that I head to bed around 10.30pm or 11.00pm and have a lovely 3-4 hours of proper sleep.  Then I wake up to pee and from that point onwards I kind of cat-nap/lightly sleep in periods of 1.5 hours.  I regularly wake up feeling like I have not been to bed at all.  I cannot say I enjoy this aspect of pregnancy.

I also had a new business pitch during the week which I was leading so I had to drive a round trip of about 3 hours and give a two hour pitch presentation in the middle. I thought I’d be totally fine and I was, but on the way home in the car I was sooooo incredibly sleepy that I literally smacked my cheeks a few times to perk myself up.  I came home instead of returning to the office (it was mid-afternoon by the time I got back anyway) and managed to make it to 5pm before I unintentionally passed out on the sofa. The combination of this meeting and the driving clearly took a lot out of me than I had expected!

As a side note, in this meeting the (potential) client did not even offer me a glass of water for the entire duration of the meeting.  Let me remind you that a) offering a drink to a guest is generally considered polite, b) it’s really hot here and c) I am clearly VERY pregnant!  I continue to be appalled about this.  I could have asked, but I didn’t as they had already seemed a bit funny about my request to use the ladies room before I started my presentation (seriously, I had to go).

Movement: Yes, still being a ninja! I’ve started to notice that if I haven’t eaten for a while he gets a bit more aggressive.  It used to be that he’d move around a bunch after eating something, especially something sweet (which he still does) but I’ve noticed the new trend to remind me to eat.  Pregnancy never stops being a combination of amazing and weird!

Emotions: I think tired should be considered an emotion.  Because if I’m not tired my emotions are pretty stable.  If I am not well-slept then watch out as I can be a Cranky Monster!  I’ve had a really tough week at work so read into that as you choose…

Missing: My waistline.  Going to the beach and seeing all these fabulous bodies in cute bikinis is a bit depressing.  Saying that, when I was at the beach last year in my cute bikini and I saw pregnant women I hated them so clearly I am just overly dramatic.

A couple of times at work this week when I was struggling I said to myself that if I wasn’t pregnant I would have been drinking wine at my desk, so I’m also adding wine to the list this week.  You know summer and wine just go together so beautifully too and no matter how many pieces of fruit and mini-umbrellas you put into my sparkling water it is STILL not a proper cocktail!

Purchases: Nothing, but I did receive a few lovely things in the post from my Mum.  As she’s in the southern hemisphere she was able to pick up some nice things in end of summer sales.  I think she’s clearly enjoying all this new baby shopping!

Looking forward to: MY BABY SHOWER!!  Yes, you read that right!  After all my moaning that I wouldn’t get to have a baby shower because none of my close friends or family are here, hubby decided that I needed to have one (a small one) anyway and he has set out to make sure I have one.  Honestly, I didn’t think I wanted a baby shower but the fact he’s gone out of his way to make me able to have one is just the most beautiful thing ever and I love him for it.

I know the husband is not meant to throw the baby shower, but sometimes we need to be a bit unconventional.  So he’s invited a bunch of friends and a few of his nice, female cousins and it will be hosted at his parents house – they have a huge garden and pool so it will be perfect for an early evening gathering.  He’s even hiring a party planner so it looks pretty and we have catering and whatnot.  The party planner is the same lady that organised our wedding here (we had a wedding in both locations – this is the best way to get around being from different countries/hemispheres) and she’s great! Also, it may be that hubby’s American aunt will be in town (and uncle but obvs men are banned) and I think she might have some great ideas to contribute (in my head, Americans are the queens of baby showers).  So I’m very happy!

Best moment: The highlight this week was probably when hubby told me about the baby shower because it was such a beautiful gesture and I had a little cry. Otherwise, seeing the small guy on the scan this week and finding out he is growing beautifully.  Also, getting a date for our c-section is very exciting and making me freak out a little bit.

Exercise: Pffffffttttt!  It’s too hot! Monday was a holiday here and we were at the beach so I guess going swimming there technically counts.  I did go swimming in my (free) pool again on Tuesday night and it was beautiful!  Wednesday night was when I passed out on the sofa after the big meeting described above.  Thursday was hubby’s birthday so I stayed home and chilled with him (if he’d gone to the gym I think I might have gone to the pool again) and Friday night I came home really late from work as I was so busy and then I had a dinner to go to for hubby’s birthday so there was no time.  So I have excuses.  Maybe next week will be better.

Bump update: Bump is getting BIG!  I’m now at the stage where people ask is he coming soon which is new.  It used to be when are you due?  Clearly I’ve graduated to a new level of large.  I’ve also found now that people want to carry my stuff all the time which is great.  The guy at the supermarket today not only packed my trolley after I’d paid for it, but also wheeled the trolley to my car and packed the groceries in my boot.  Suddenly pregnancy is not so bad!  Haha!

Also, my boss told me yesterday that my pregnancy fashion has been really great and flattering (not that you’d know as I only post underwear photos here).  In a brilliantly bitchy side-note she also said my other colleague who is pregnant looks quite frumpy in comparison.  Of course this was super-mean to her but a massive compliment to me so I decided to focus on the positive. 🙂

FullSizeRender 30
Shiny, shiny bump!

FullSizeRender 29
My inny is on the verge of being an outy! 

FullSizeRender 31
Bump view: Bye toes! See you next month! 



8 thoughts on “Week 33 – To pee or not to pee…

    1. I counted the other day and from waking up to going to bed I peed 20 times during the day. If you add nocturnal pees to that I guess it was more like 23. Basically 1 per hour.


      1. I think baby showers originated in the US that’s why. They are only a recent thing to do in Australia and other places. Mine has become some kind of nightmare actually but I’ll post about that later separately.


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