Week 32 – “… but my butt is ok”

I can’t tell you how many times this week people have told me that my bump is getting bigger.  Wow!  What a surprise! So I tend to be responding to that with “Yeah, but my butt is ok.” Maybe it’s now my catchphrase!

In any case, hello Friday! The working week has seemed to go on forever this week and so I am really ready for the weekend, especially as Monday is a holiday here. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated long weekends as much as when being pregnant. I’ve now only got four working weeks left until my maternity leave kicks in which is pretty great. Sometimes it feels like it’s practically no time, and other days it feels like an eternity away.

My maternity leave cover had her first day yesterday and I am very happy to report that she is brilliant! I really like her and she has a great attitude. I’m sure she will do the job differently to me, but I have confidence that she will take care of my projects and clients very well. This does mean for the next few weeks I am essentially trying to offload everything I know to her so that she gets the handover she needs.

I am also continuing to recover from my back injury and I’m very happy with the progress. I am still finding some stiffness in my back at times, but in general I am feeling so much better.

Weight gain: Very little again this week which is very strange as the bump has clearly grown. What is going on? This doesn’t seem right! I’ve gained about 200gm this week so I am still about 12.5 kg up overall. I think the lack of weight gain might be tied to the weather. It’s really heating up here with 30+ degrees from now on in. Hot weather in general doesn’t make me very hungry and with less and less space for my stomach I am not eating a lot at any given mealtime. I am the queen of snacks though so hopefully all is okay with baby.

Symptoms: Is generally feeling like you can’t breathe a symptom? Baby seems all up in my lungs these days and sometimes I literally finding myself leaning back just to breathe. Over the past couple of days I have found myself needing to pee more frequently than before, although that is hardly a surprise when you consider I have a giant pumpkin sitting on my bladder. I get out of breath quite fast and so I find myself having to take little rests all the time and walk slowly when I’m going about. This whole having zero endurance thing is very weird for a sporty person!

The Braxton Hicks continue but they don’t stress me out. They are mainly weird. Heartburn has also made an unwelcome occasional return. It’s not so bad and is usually triggered by the likes of houmous and chocolate, so if I dodge them and other trigger foods I am ok. Milk tends to calm it down for me too so if I really want chocolate I follow it with a milk chaser. Classy.

Eating: I seem to have missed the whole pregnancy cravings thing for the entire duration of my pregnancy. I’m more or less eating like I always have, with the exceptions of things you are not allowed to eat when pregnant and staying away from too much meat. We had homemade beef burgers one night this week that were made by my mother-in-law and they were very nice, but my digestive system did not appreciate them. Therefore, burgers are now out for the foreseeable future.

Sleep: Actually this week has been a pretty good week for sleep if you don’t count the three visits per night to the loo. I can practically sleep walk (sleep pee?) the whole process now anyway. The new skills you learn!

Movement: The small dude continues to make his presence known by various movements throughout the day. Sometimes his movements are so strong that I find them verging on painful. He hasn’t seemed to have kept up his 2am aerobics this week though so I hope that is now behind us.

Emotions: I’ve been way less cranky this week – what a difference it makes when you are not in constant pain. What I have been though is very easily tipped to the emotional side. I have ALL the feelings!

Missing: Being physically able to do the things I’m used to doing and like to do. This breathlessness is ridiculous!

Purchases: None! But we did take delivery of the baby room furniture and then had about an hour’s debate last night about where everything should go in the room. I ended up doing more lifting than I would have liked but it was either that or scratch the floor with the furniture. I think we have the furniture in a nice arrangement now but I’ll share photos once we get it decorated properly. It’s still a bit bare in there as we’ve not put any wallpaper or anything else on the walls. I have officially given up on having a chair in the baby room for nursing though as it won’t fit. I am resigned to nursing either in bed or on the sofa. I’m sure we will all survive this.

Looking forward to: My next doctor’s appointment which is about a million years away (12 June). That will make almost 5 weeks in between my last appointment (which you may remember was the evil glucose tolerance test and where my scan was cut short due to puking) so I really feel like it’s been a big gap. However, it’s not like I’ve had a lot of actual need to check in with the doctor so that’s a good thing. I’m hoping at this appointment we get to decide on the c-section date. I have my eyes on one date in particular, but I am not sure if it’s going to work out practically.

Best moment: There were many good moments this week. Watching my husband struggling to put a nappy on a doll was pretty hilarious! I also felt happy when we finally agreed on an arrangement for the baby furniture. I went in the baby room a few times last night with just a small lamp for light and it did look and feel like a baby room. I never thought we’d have a baby or a baby room so these landmarks are very emotional!

Exercise: I went swimming and it was great! I headed to a local pool at a hotel which is part of a well-known chain, fully expecting to have to pay the casual visitor rate. However, I turned up looking like a total tourist with my swimsuit under shorts and a t-shirt, and wearing flipflops. I think the combination of being pregnant (I feel I generally get away with more now thanks to the bump), looking foreign and being dressed down made the hotel staff think I was a guest… so they didn’t charge me! Hahahahahaha! I just went up to the lifeguard (who was so young I could have been his mother) and asked for a towel and he passed one over with no questions asked.

I then proceeded to do about 35 laps of the outdoor pool as the sun started to go down. I am not sure the exact length of the pool but it was probably about 20m long so that was quite a nice workout. Towards the end I felt some lower back pain so I stopped. I would have happily kept swimming but I am so terrified of hurting my back again that I took a conservative approach. I was really heavy-legged when I got out and I think actually the back pain was from some contraction-like cramping. Given I’ve done practically no exercise for a week or so I think this was my body’s way of telling me to ease into it. I’ve got to say though that water is amazing for pregnant ladies so I will be going again for sure. What I’m not certain about though is how long I can get away with not paying before someone catches onto me…

Here is my lovely (free) outdoor pool:


Bump update: I’ve compared this week’s bump pic to last and it’s definitely a lot bigger this week. With 6 or so weeks to go I am wondering what kind of gigantic bump I am going to have by then?!  It’s a bit scary!

FullSizeRender 27


This is the view if I look down while standing up straight (I can of course see my feet if I lean forward)

FullSizeRender 26


4 thoughts on “Week 32 – “… but my butt is ok”

  1. Wow, you can still see your toes! I cannot! And I had three people tell me last week that my belly was bigger. Funny how it happens all at once. I can’t tell anymore. Your class sounds fun(ny). We are taking one on Monday. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing, but I’ll let you know. Great job swimming! The pool looks fabulous! Good luck sneaking in again & again. 🙂 Milk works for me, too, for heartburn. What an annoying side effect.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I got another free swim tonight. I’m loving my new free pool 🤣. I can still see my toes but it’s touch and go (obvs can see them leaning forward). I can still put my shoes on too but that’s also getting tricky now. Have fun at your baby class!! Top tip from husband… the doll doesn’t need butt cream on it’s thigh! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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