Should I be worried?

I’m one day away from officially being in the third trimester and I think the baby must have got the memo too!! He seems to have upped his ninja kicks and general shuffling about inside so that now it is less of a butterfly fluttering sensation and more of a jabbing one. Sometimes I even have to check that it is in fact the baby kicking/punching and not someone else poking me to get my attention. 

Pregnancy never stops being weird. 

The latest development however came last night when I noticed I had lower back pain / achiness. This is a similar kind of pain to what I would get with period pain and also what I got during embryo implantation. It’s a pain level of about 6/10. Enough to be cranky about it, not enough to be worried. 

I wondered if this was a kind of Braxton Hicks thing but I didn’t notice any belly muscle tightening and it wasn’t like a cramp that came and went repeatedly so I’m not sure. I laid on my left side in bed for a while and applied a heat pack to my back and after about 20 minutes it pretty much disappeared. 

Both hubby and I decided it was probably nothing to be worried about but if it had been a more intense pain and gone on longer I think I would call the doctor. 

Does anyone else have similar experiences? At what point should I worry? 

Baby on board 1, mamma-to-be 0

Pregnancy got me a good one today! Despite all of my claims to be trying to take it a bit more easy, I had another dizzy-feeling/weak/might puke situation today  These are really not fun!

Today’s situation occurred while having a stroll in town. There was nothing remarkable about anything I was doing. It was approaching the middle of the day and it’s pretty hot here these days so you could legitimately argue I might have overheated but I really didn’t feel that hot. And I’m Australian, dammit! Hot weather coping is in my DNA!

It had been a while since I’d had breakfast and I did feel like some fuel would  be a good idea so we stopped for a freshly squeezed OJ and then a few minutes later and a short walk later we had some brunch with friends.  I ate a kind of yoghurt granola thing which should have been more than enough to restock the energy stores, at least temporarily.

When we went to leave about an hour or so later, I almost instantaneously felt bad.  I had jelly legs.  I felt a bit dizzy in the head and my husband’s regular conversational questions were maddening and annoying.  Something was up.

In between snapping at him for his stupid questions (which were really not stupid) and huffing and puffing like I’d just been on a long run when actually I’d just walked 20 metres, I managed to tell him I felt terrible and I found a seat to sit down on.  Our car was located a distance of what would normally (pre-pregnancy) have been a 5 minute walk away.  It took us something like 15 minutes to walk there with 3 stops for seats for me.

My husband ,who was trying to help me see the funny side, kept telling me that he no longer believes I ran 6 marathons. I almost had to go home and dig up my medals to prove to myself, never mind him, that I actually DID used to be a long distance runner.  This seems like a lifetime ago and almost like it was someone else running these races and I just watched it on telly.

Back in the car with the AC firmly to the ON position we headed home.  I took off all items of clothing that could be even a little bit tight and got into some loose, comfy clothes. I then parked myself on our outdoor sofa with a cold drink and literally did nothing until I felt better.

I did feel better within about an hour but not right, so the rest of the afternoon was spent pretty much horizontally, including a small nap of around 45 minutes.  By late afternoon the colour had returned to my face and I felt more or less okay.  We took a short walk for about 30 minutes and I felt even better after that.

I still have no idea what is causing these dizzy spells beyond the obvious answer – pregnancy. I guess it could be blood pressure, tiredness, the heat, maybe anaemia (I’ll be tested for that this week) or maybe all of the above.  All I can say is the baby inside of me is winning so far!

In other good news, I did make my icey treats that I mentioned in my last post.  I used some ice-cream stick maker things that were bought from IKEA ages ago but I have never bothered to use since. I worked out before starting that I needed about 350ml of liquid for the six sticks/pops.  The breakdown went something like this:

  • 120ml fresh orange juice (this was one orange for me, but it will depend on the type of orange you use)
  • 120ml coconut water
  • A small handful of raspberries (I used frozen ones and I guess I used about 8-10)

I put them all in a blender to mix it all up evenly and then poured them in.  I left them to set overnight, although I guess they probably only needed a couple of hours, and they were pretty awesome!  I really love raspberries and they do give these a bit of a kick.  If you’re not so keen on raspberries then either put something else in or just leave them out and add a bit more of the other ingredients. Hubby tested one too and he was pretty impressed with my efforts! I think we’ll try some different fruity combinations next time! 🙂

The finished product:

FullSizeRender 15.jpg