Learning my limits the hard way

I think I’ve officially retired from regular yoga following a bit of a situation on Tuesday night. Everything was going great, I was doing all my regular moves no problem. Then we started doing a few warrior poses – again VERY standard fare and things I’ve been doing at least twice a week for over a year – and something twanged in my back. 

Not good. 

Immediate intense pain. Ugh. 

The thing is I’ve done this injury so many times I’ve lost count. Only difference is usually I have done it running! Explained simply, my pelvis gets blocked (i.e. Goes wonky) and at some point a minor action can trigger intense pain, muscle spasms and sometimes even a trapped nerve. 

I guess the extra weight I’m carrying and the fact that it’s all a forward-bearing weight has thrown my spinal alignment off a bit. 

So since Tuesday night I’ve been a cripple. The only position to be remotely comfortable is lying down. This is entirely incompatible to my work especially as yesterday I had to attend a conference which was about 80km from where I live. As well as driving there and back and shuffling about the conference like 7 months pregnant Quasimodo, I also had to walk up a massive hill to get to the venue from the carpark. I wanted to cry at this point. 

Today I visited my physical therapist who managed to do some gentle, baby-safe work on me but I don’t have any instant relief unfortunately. He says I will feel better in 24-48 hours. I wanted to cry when he said that too. 

In any case, the situation cannot be changed other than with time and rest, but I’ve decided once I’m better that I’m switching to pregnancy specific exercise. I have officially surrendered to the bump!!

7 thoughts on “Learning my limits the hard way

    1. It is entirely awful you’re right but I’m feeling a microscopic amount better today which gives me hope that a recovery is on the way. I’ve not been on sick leave but I left at 2pm today as I was completely non-functional, mainly through exhaustion. I’ve had a 2 hour nap and feel better now. Thanks for caring though. I appreciate it. x


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