Hello practice contractions! 

I got a bit of a wake-up call on Sunday night to take things a bit easier. I’d been hustling around the house in the evening getting ready for the week ahead and although I’d not done anything too intense in its own right, I had been going about for around 3 hours straight. 

It was just after I set up the ironing board that I realised I was having some kind of contraction or cramp that was definitely not painless! I understand that Braxton Hicks are a kind of tightening of the uterus but are genuinely not painful. 

What I felt was not intense pain but definitely enough that I immediately had a lie down on my left side on the sofa. After a minute or so it virtually disappeared but then it came back 15 minutes later. 

At that time I had hubby fetch a heat pack which I put on my lower back and that helped a bit. I couldn’t reach my phone to do some Googling and hubby refused to give it to me claiming it would make me more stressed (he’s right). 

The cramps continued to come every 15 minutes or so throughout the rest of the night but they did get less painful so I thought it was probably nothing serious.

I still reported the incident to my doctor yesterday and he congratulated me on how I handled it, which I took as code for being grateful I didn’t phone him at 11pm asking dumb questions. Haha! He also said sometimes these types of cramps are triggered by being too active. Hmmmm…

In any case the cramps have not returned (yet) which is good. I was super tired last night so had an early night and still had to drag my ass out of bed this morning for work. I think this is the way it’s going to be for the next 6 weeks until I go on maternity leave. 

Baby has been VERY active the past few days too so that’s a good sign. I’ve started to wonder if he’s redecorating in there though as there’s some weird action especially during the afternoons. 

I mainly feel the movements up high – towards my stomach, belly button and ribs – but the past few days I’ve also felt a real tightness in my right hip. Maybe he’s hanging some artwork on that side of my hip bone?!

Hubby meanwhile had got the memo big time that he needs to sort out the baby room and so in the past few days he has:

  • Dismantled the bed that was in there and removed all bed parts to various new locations (inlaws etc). 
  • Arranged for the air conditioner units to be cleaned today (folks, you’re meant to get them cleaned annually so if you have AC in your house I suggest to get onto that)
  • Booked the painter who is currently at our house ahead of painting the baby room tomorrow 
  • Measured the baby room wall to get the wallpaper installed
  • Ordered a rug for the baby room

The baby’s furniture arrives in 1-2 weeks and ideally we want the room to be ready to take all the furniture before then and I think he’s on track. 

Although he probably would have done all these things this week anyway, I think my contractions on Sunday night freaked hubby out a bit and helped him to get motivated. 

I’m off to my yoga soon but I think by the end of this month I might pause my regular yoga practice and take up pregnancy yoga instead for the last few weeks.

Before too long baby will be here anyway….

5 thoughts on “Hello practice contractions! 

    1. Yes you’ll know because they hurt! The Braxton Hicks for me manifest themselves in my entire bump going rock hard. It’s very strange but doesn’t hurt.


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