Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!

The Mediterranean summer has kicked in big time over the past few days with a mini-heatwave seeing temperatures hitting the mid 30s (95 F approx) every day for the past week.  I love summer. Love.  But pregnant me is struggling!

I am routinely getting some pretty intense dizzy spells that include feeling very weak and tired to the point of being completely drained.  I think this is the combination of low blood pressure and the heat and is not actually anything serious but it does mean I am on a forced go-slow.  I do not like go-slow.  I am not a go-slow person.

I will confess though that I am very glad to have low blood pressure rather than high blood pressure so I am trying to stay positive about that! This morning one of these dizzy spells hit me while I was getting ready for work and all I could do is have a little sit down until it passed.  It was like someone had strapped lead to my legs!

The whole day at work I felt wiped-out and left the office promptly in the evening (rather than working late which is the norm), went directly home and lay down on the bed for about 1.5 hours. I was joined by all three cats and we had a nap together before hubby came home. I was meant to go for a walk but I was just too wiped out to even contemplate that! I do feel better now so clearly I did need a rest.

I’ve had a few of these dizzy spells, including one on Sunday morning when we were attending an informative seminar run by our clinic. They were giving a detailed presentation on epidurals, with photos, and I really did have to concentrate on not flaking out! Sometimes a little mystery with medical procedures is preferable!

Baby seems to be totally fine though. Today he was particularly active almost constantly throughout the day. My belly was quaking and showing various moving lumps all the time. I wondered if he was redecorating in there or something.

I think he’s going through a growth spurt as my belly seems to be bigger today from yesterday and the scales indicate this is a growing week. My “tharse” region – what the thighs and butt region is affectionately as in our house – seems to be unaffected so baby must be packing on the pounds! I did still manage to do planks in yoga last night but my big bump makes it hard to hold it for too long.

Baby is definitely starting to squish my lungs and stomach though as I feel breathless over nothing more often and I’m not so hungry these days. Maybe that’s also the heat at work again, but big meals are not an option at all. Maybe if all this was happening in winter I’d be scoffing down the carbs like nothing else! Haha!

As I approach the 30 week mark it really is starting to feel real now. I’m looking forward to meeting my small dude, and I can’t wait to see what combination of hubby and me he is! Until then it’s all ninja kicks and big sweaty bellies!

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