Week 25 (+2 days)– Are you sure you’re not having twins?

It finally happened! My bump has now become big enough that someone thought it would be HILARIOUS to ask if I was sure I was not having twins. Of course I did the polite thing and laughed and said, “Definitely just the one in there thanks!” What I wanted to say was, “I am absolutely, totally sure there is just one in there as I only let the clinic transfer one embryo and it’s pretty much impossible for another one to have snuck in there secretly when I had my eyes turned”. As almost everyone is unaware of our IVF journey, that might have blown my cover somewhat.

Now given this conversation you would have thought my bump is practically unmissable these days. And yet I went to a dinner party with three other couples on Thursday (the connecting factor were the husbands who went to school together) and two of the three couples, including the hosts, had no idea I was pregnant. They offered me wine twice and tried to get me to eat sushi (I really wanted both). At one point when it was getting a bit silly, my husband turned to me and said “Do they not know?” and I replied “Seems that way”, so then we had to literally ANNOUNCE I was pregnant when I’m almost six months along and about 8kg (nearly 18 pounds) up on my regular weight. If nothing else, what did they think caused that weight gain? Too many pre-Easter eggs? I’m a sporty person so an 8kg jump in weight would be something pretty damned serious under non-pregnant conditions!

I am starting to ease into this whole being pregnant business though. I have worn some form-fitting dresses this week and just let the bump be obviously prominent. There are some people I prefer to be more covered up around and I have worked out that this is because I don’t like those people and so by hiding the bump I don’t have to engage in as much personal, pregnancy-related chat. For those I like and feel comfortable around, I’m all for being bumpalicious!

Weight gain: During the second trimester I have been gaining around 500gm (a pound) a week. This is not as low as I’d hoped for, but I keep inspecting my legs and butt and it seems it’s just going to my mid-section so far, which helps me feel slightly less panicked about it. Slightly.

Symptoms: After a week off from heartburn last week, it has come back again this week! I had the worst case of it so far last night and ended up temporarily relieving it with some milk. I find I am a bit slower around my walking route these days, but really only on the uphill parts. I have to slowdown on the uphills as I find I get pretty bad round ligament pains if I don’t do so. My body is sending me a message and I’m trying to listen. Other than that I literally do not have any other symptoms. I count myself lucky about this every single day.

Eating: It’s Easter so there’s been a lot of treats the past few days. Easter is bigger than Christmas in the Mediterranean country where I’m based with hubby (his country) and Easter Sunday involves a massive feast, with meat the star of the show. I ‘m still a bit off meat and behaving semi-vegetarian so seeing an entire lamb being roasted today did put me off a little. One member of the family, who I would probably not be friends with if I wasn’t related to through marriage, was a little sassy to me during lunch when she saw my plate of salad and veggies and said “Are you vegan now?” She said it with such disdain it was actually funny. But can you imagine if I actually was vegetarian or vegan how awful that would have been to hear. It always amazes me how people can be so dammed insensitive.

I don’t know about you, but seeing the face, eyes and teeth of what I’m meant to be eating kinda puts me off my dinner (that’s lamb by the way, not a dinosaur )

Sleep: Not too bad this week. I’ve really gotten the hang of my maternity pillow and that seems to be helping a lot. I have pushed myself the past few days due to various Easter commitments and so I am hoping to recharge a bit over the next couple of nights. I still find myself waking up on my back but much less often now and hopefully I’ve spent less time on my back. It’s not comfortable anymore so I think that’s why I wake up.

Movement: Oh my goodness yes! This one is a mover! He seems to have changed his movements though and they are possibly more swishy like he’s rolling, but then occasionally I get a nice big punch or kick which keeps me alert. I think he keeps the same hours as my cats though – he gets active in the evenings and the early mornings and chills out in the middle of the day. Maybe the cats have been sending secret messages to the baby when they’ve been cuddling my bump…

Emotions: I was definitely feeling very down on Tuesday and Thursday. Someone who routinely annoys me at work because they are forever nit-picking finally pushed me over the edge on Thursday and I raised my voice (which I rarely do at work) and said “Well given I seem to be doing such a terrible job at this, why don’t you just do it yourself?” That did not go down well at all, but I think I made my point somewhat. About two hours after that exchange I burst into tears (not in front of that person) about the whole thing. There was also a crying episode randomly on Saturday morning that was a bit misplaced. So yeah… errr… totally no crazy emotions. Hahahaha!

Missing:  People not asking me 1700 personal questions and commenting on my evolving body shape every freaking day.

Purchases: I had to buy bras AGAIN!! My boobs are OUT OF CONTROL! I have actually given them a talking to and told them they are not to grow anymore. Hubby said to me today that he no longer recognises my boobs as being mine. Please stop growing, boobs! As I type this, the cat I have in my arms in the picture below is currently sleeping in one of my new bras as I left it lying on the bed. My bra is so enormous that my full sized cat actually fits in it.

Looking forward to: Never buying bras again! Haha! But seriously, I am looking forward to the moment when hubby and I actually agree on a baby name. It’s gotten a bit fraught between us recently on the baby name choice. There are two names that I am okay with, but I don’t even know which one I prefer or if either of those two feel right for the baby. You know, I had no problem naming my cats but a baby is waaaaaay harder! This is also because we have to choose a name that works in both of our mother tongue languages and that is highly restrictive. Ugh. We have loads of girl names which is of course completely useless to us right now.

Best moment of the week: The scan this week with the doctor was pretty cool. It’s lovely to see baby growing so beautifully in there, especially after all we have been through to get to this point. I continue to be ever-grateful for my healthy, growing baby.

Exercise: Almost every day I do some form of exercise for about an hour or so. I’ve only been to one yoga session this week due to the Easter holidays but I should be back on bendy form this week. I am pleased that I’ve been able to maintain a decent regular exercise routine, especially because I sit at a desk all day for work. It’s so important – pregnant or not – to get moving every day when you have such a sedentary job.

Here’s me taking a little pause in my walk after lunch today. Don’t worry though as I only lay on my back for about 60 seconds to take this photo.  The better photo would have been me trying to get up again afterwards!! Not pretty!

Bump update: Here is the lovely bump looking particularly bumpalicious this week! I have made some efforts to get two of the three kitties in the photos this week. I will try and get all three in a photo one day but it is very difficult!

FullSizeRender 8
Hello bump! 

FullSizeRender 7
Bump from a different angle with bonus cat.  He does not like being picked up so this was the best I could do under the challenging circumstances!

19 thoughts on “Week 25 (+2 days)– Are you sure you’re not having twins?

  1. Lovely update! And lovely bump too! Are you friends with only blind people or something? How could they miss that bump?!

    And yikes on that “dinner!” Kind of horrifying, actually.

    So glad to continue reading healthy, happy updates from you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely blind people or at least people who are not so observant! I mean, I wasn’t there with my bump hanging out like in the pics posted here, but you can see it. Thanks for always leaving lovely comments. It never fails to make me smile. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh talking about personal questions – I hate it when people take the liberty to ask me if I’m breastfeeding etc etc and go on to have a discussion about it – and random people mind you.
    I mean it’s okay if people I know ask – like sometimes they have things to clarify for themselves etc. I hate those who just want to be especially nosey. Pfftt.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad to hear all is well! People are so weird about belly size. Everyone is different, aye. Also, I see why you wouldn’t want to eat the meat… after seeing the lamb’s head, I certainly would not either. Your dinner party story is funny. I’ve had people miss seeing my bump, but that’s when I’m sitting or behind a counter.

    I have to blog soon – busy days lately, but soon! Hooray for one week further along. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t even think I’m so big. People just have no idea! I did eat some lamb but it was not from a plate with a head. You know traditionally it’s considered a delicacy to eat the eyes!!! Ewwwwww!! Yes! Blog soon! Missing your updates xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Great update and gorgeous bump! People are just so strange and for some reason think it’s perfectly okay to comment on tummy size, weight, breast size etc when you’re pregnant. I actually had a boss who told me I’d ‘chunked out’ when pregnant with my first 😂 looking forward to the next update. Oh and that lamb!!! 😩

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I would have loved to slap him ha ha! He was the director of my company tho lol 😂. Not sure if it would have been my wisest career move. Have ska fab weekend 😘

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I thought it was a guy. They have no idea!! Our boss said to me early on that he couldn’t believe I was “getting fat already”. I think I was about 15 weeks and barely showing. I actually told him to F off and I walked out. He’s not said anything like that again. 😎 Have a lovely weekend too!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. oh gosh, that lamb skeleton face is quite disturbing! I would have felt bad eating it. My husband and I have actually reduced our intake of animal products and dairy recently and we have found people can be kinda mean about it! It’s annoying because we are not telling other people what they can’t eat, just mentioning what works for us at the moment so I don’t know why they act like we’ve insulted them personally when we choose a vegetarian/vegan option! Speaking of the twin comment, one of my friends told me in her IVF group one of the women had two embryos transferred but one split so now she has triplets! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have also reduced my meat intake and people are weird about it to me too. I think Germany it must be super hard as it’s not something easily understood. I saw you latest post and I’m so glad to hear you had a wonderful time in my homeland. I actually think blowing off some steam and just having a great laugh is much more important than counting your alcoholic drinks. I did something similar last July and it really helped me to get my shit together mentally for the next round. After that I had 1 drink per week up until he stims and I noticed no bad impact. Of course each to their own etc etc but I believe it’s good to keep a balance.
      Three babies sounds INSANE!!! No thanks!!


      1. that’s good, I feel less guilty about all the drinks I had on the holiday after hearing that! Australia is such a cool place. If it weren’t so far away from Ireland, I would have totally considered moving there for good. The people are nice too 🙂


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