24 weeks, 3 days – the ninja has a (cute) face

Today we went for our 24 week scan and it was really wonderful! Our baby boy is now around 28cm long and weighs around 675gm (1.5 pounds). He was looking really great on the scan and is no longer breach. I actually commented to hubby a few days ago that I thought he had flipped as I had a feeling of pressure on my bladder that I’d not had before. Fun times!

He was really cute today, sucking his thumb or hiding his eyes from the scan with his hands. 

Baby definitely has his daddy’s nose and lips!! 

Otherwise the appointment was pretty stress free and standard. We are now booked in for the next scan and the gestational diabetes test on 11th May. Until then, grow baby, grow! 

4 thoughts on “24 weeks, 3 days – the ninja has a (cute) face

  1. Aw, cute scan! I love the thumb sucking image. Interesting – do you get one at every appointment? Around here it seems common for just a few. I’ve had 7 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, 20 weeks, and now not another until 36 weeks or something like that – assuming all is okay.

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    1. Yeah, I get scanned at every appointment, but I do go to a private clinic so I think its’ not entirely normal. For example, I know in the UK if you go as an NHS (National Health Service) patient – which most people do – then I wouldn’t have had a scan at this appointment. I think the decision is based on your service provider / budget. It was a pretty short scan – he checked the brain, abdomen and legs to check they were all growing as they should be. He also checked out the blood supply, making sure it was all pumping as it should. He also told me off for doing too much, again! Haha! And all of that was 50 EUR!!


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