Heartbeats, tailbones and a little scare

You know the phenomenon where you go for years without any of your household appliances breaking and then they all break in the same week? A version of this but for pregnancy seems to have hit me in the past few days. Up until now, I think my pregnancy has been super-cruisey with very few symptoms or side-effects. Until now.

It started Sunday with the cramping episode I described in my previous post. Then I woke up yesterday with the sorest tailbone imaginable. It was as though I had fallen and landed on a metal post at the very bottom of my coccyx! Except I hadn’t done anything like that! As I work in an office job I sit for most of the day and I could not get comfortable at all at work. So off I go to consult Dr Google, who immediately tells me tailbone pain is perfectly normal and is caused by increased pressure from the weight of the womb and/or ligaments being released by hormones. Hmmm. The best relief is apparently to change positions, so I spent a lot of time yesterday getting up from my desk and wiggling about. This gave some relief but was not a cure.

Around mid-morning I started to realise that baby hadn’t moved since the previous afternoon so I started freaking out (who wouldn’t?!). I tried all the usual tricks to get him to move. I had a cold drink, a hot drink, chocolate/sugar (M&Ms) and I poked him. Nothing.

Rather than freak out alone, I then told hubby (seems fair to share the stress) who also seemed concerned, though was definitely the more logical of us two telling me the baby was probably sleeping. This wasn’t really comforting enough for me so I then emailed my doctor (he is excellent on email, phoning is only for true emergencies in my opinion) who instructed me to come in to be monitored by a midwife. He didn’t say “Come immediately, don’t pass GO and collect $200” so I was medium-calm about it, but I did still leave work early as I was restless thinking about it and having some worst-case scenario thoughts.

On arrival at the clinic, I was sent to see a midwife who took me into one of the labour rooms and hooked me up to a fetal heartrate monitor. It took a (long) minute to find the small dude’s heartbeat, but it was clearly all good once she did find it. She then attached a wide elastic band which tightly held the gadget in place around my body. Almost immediately the small dude switched to ninja mode, wildly kicking and punching at the band. Guess who is just lazy and temperamental (like his father) then?!

Lucky I was wearing semi-nice knickers yesterday!

We sat and were monitored for 30 minutes, with the baby continuing to punch and kick consistently until the band was removed. After that he immediately calmed down and stopped thrashing about. I have a theory that one of the reasons that he was so quiet yesterday was that it was finally warm enough (25C/77F) for me to wear a summer dress – with no tights! This meant that the baby was not constricted by waist bands and all things tight. Clearly he enjoyed it so much that he spent the day sleeping! Also, the dress was super-comfy for me – I love it! I bought it from Seraphine when I was in London and they had a 20% off sale on dresses. Check it out here. My dress is navy with white spots, but I can’t find it online in those colours. However, it comes in many different colours and patterns and they deliver to many destinations! (Again, I am not a promoter for Seraphine or any other brands, so any recommendations are based purely on my opinion)

While I was being monitored and completely by coincidence, a former midwife at the clinic who now leads the birth and baby care classes and who I’m friendly with happened to message me. Once I told her I was in the clinic – where she happened to be too – she came to say hello. We had a great chat, during which time I told her about my tailbone pain and she advised me not to spend too much time lying on my back. I have found myself waking up at night on my back despite going to sleep on my side, so this was a bit of a revelation. She also suggested sitting on a pilates ball at work rather than my desk chair (never going to happen) and also keeping up my walking and yoga.

I also quizzed her on breast pumps and she said the best one to get if you can budget for it is definitely the Medala one. I am now 100% sold on that and will be going for the double pump variety. So all in all, it was a very helpful visit to the clinic! I live 5 minutes from the clinic so it was never a big deal to pass by and it really helped to reassure me.  

Feeling energised by all of this, I headed home and then took a walk in the park. For the first time this year I wore shorts! Woo hoo! Even more exciting for me is I found a pair that still fit! They sit very low and have an elasticated waist which I think makes a difference. Also, I don’t think my hips have gotten much bigger so once I get below the bump I’m still pretty much the same as pre-pregnancy. When I got home, hubby even commented that I have “skinny legs” which was nice. I think now that I have a noticeable bump it creates a visual effect that makes my legs look slimmer. Check out what you can see of my legs beyond the bump!

 I was also very pleased to notice that after my walk my tailbone did not hurt anymore and it doesn’t hurt at all today. Clearly the walk did me good! I cannot tell you how much relief I felt about everything by the end of the day yesterday! Actually I was exhausted as I think I spent a lot of energy worrying but it all seemed to turn out okay. Phew!


7 thoughts on “Heartbeats, tailbones and a little scare

  1. I’m so glad all is okay! Interesting theory about dresses & tights. I’ve heard the same about the Medela breast pump – I plan to get that one, too. I’m looking forward to warm weather, too. Right now it feels awesome to not need to coat to go to/from work. And I was warm last night while running in long sleeves, a tank, and pants. Come on, spring!

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    1. Yeah I was just being paranoid. Weirdly the tailbone pain was back this morning but now feels fine. I do not understand what’s causing it. The dress is great!! I’m thinking to buy it in another colour because it’s so flattering. I’m afraid that maternity clothes are too comfy and I won’t want to go back to regular clothes afterwards. Hahaha!


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