Week 22 (and a bit) – fattening up nicely

While last Friday was technically the 22 week mark, please forgive me for the delay in summarising the week just gone. We flew back home Friday night / Saturday morning which meant a 5am bedtime before waking up just a few hours later. I ploughed headlong through the day which included an energetic baby shower in the evening and then losing an hour at night thanks to the clocks changing to summer time. Suffice to say that I was pretty much ruined on Sunday!

Even though it did wipe me out, the baby shower was a surprising amount of fun. The grandma-to-be went to an enormous amount of trouble with decorations, games and prizes and so much food. I have only been to one baby shower before which was so boring even the alcohol didn’t improve it for me, but this one had lots of good elements to it. I am proud to report to you all that I won the general knowledge quiz on babies. After 10 billion years (estimated) of trying to get pregnant, I think it’s safe to say I have read a lot and my knowledge shone through!

Weight gain: I don’t even want to talk about it! All I will say is that I was on holidays so I was eating whatever I wanted and that included a croissant each morning for breakfast. It has been reflected on the scales! Every time I’ve looked in the mirror this week I seem to have gotten bigger and that includes my nipples. Bye bye petite and pretty nipples and hello big, dark saucers that look nothing like my boobs. RIP boobs.

Symptoms: This week my heartburn finally gave me a break and just in time for my holiday! Hello chocolate (see above weight gain)! While I was in London on holidays I was feeling totally fine and fabulous. We had busy and active days and while I was always grateful for a nice sit down and a snack, I can’t say I was held back too much by being pregnant.

Then today, my first day back at work, I am sitting at my desk, practically doing nothing and I’m hit by an unexpected wave of dizziness. It lasted a good hour and was resolved when I had a couple of sweets to bump up my blood sugar. I would have understood this if I hadn’t eaten, but my breakfast was good (bircher muesli) so there is no real reason to have been dizzy. After I recovered though I felt totally fine for the rest of the day.

Eating: Yes, I definitely did some eating this week. There might have been one meal of fish and chips (I never eat battered, fried food!!), there was definitely an enormous box of popcorn while at the cinema (seeing Logan – terrible movie, not even popcorn improved it for me), daily croissants, several servings of scones, jam and cream, and some potato crisps – amongst other things. In my defence, this is so very different to my normal diet so I am back on track with veggies and fruit since returning home. I can totally see though how people can gain a lot of weight when pregnant as it really wasn’t much of a challenge to munch my way through all the naughty things that were on offer.

Sleep: I slept amazingly while we were away! I find this happens generally when I go away (even pre-pregnancy) because the vibe changes when you know you don’t have to go to work. Also, we were very active during the day so I was usually pretty exhausted by the time I climbed into bed.

Movement: OMG yes! This baby is a ninja! I can actually see his kicks and punches through my skin now. Admittedly, they are not super strong and freaky yet, but I am surprised they are visual. As I mentioned in a previous post, hubby is now able to feel the movements from the outside which is super cool.

Emotions: I have done some crying this week over really random things, usually when very tired. No super-crankiness though. I keep reading other people’s blogs and they say that the pregnancy hormones make them really mad at everyone, but I can’t say I feel that way. If anything, I think I feel a bit more mellow.

Missing: Not much actually. I had so much fun this past week that it was hard to feel like I was missing out.

Purchases: What didn’t we buy this past week? By mid-week I was literally OVER baby shopping, however a couple of days later I found myself back at John Lewis buying various kinds of swaddle on the advice of a couple of lovely bloggers (you know who you are – thank you for the tips!). When I came home I unpacked everything, cleared out a drawer where some of my clothes were living and gave the baby clothes their own space. I will worry about washing them all a bit closer to the arrival of our tiny dude.

This was hubby’s favourite purchase during our visit to London. He has decided that this is what the baby should wear on the day he’s born so that when people come to look at him in the hospital clinic’s nursery he will stand out from all the other babies in pastels and different shades of white/grey.


Looking forward to: My bump being big enough to rest my plate on. It’s not far off now!

Best moment of the week: There were so many great moments this week it’s hard to narrow it down! I must say the funniest moment of the week was when we were strolling around the John Lewis (department store) baby section and hubby saw an interesting gadget. He loves, loves, LOVES gadgets so it came as no surprise to me when he asked me if I’d like it. I politely declined, and he asked why. It was then that I revealed to him that the gadget, an Elvie, is something you put up your vagina and do pelvic floor exercises with to tighten your parts up after childbirth. His facial expression of horror was so incredibly funny I wish I had a photo of it!

In non-baby moments, hubby and I made a spur of the moment decision to go and see An American in Paris on our wedding anniversary last week and it was brilliant! Oh the dancing!  They have brought the cast from the Broadway version to London and the leads are incredible, world-class ballet dancers who can sing beautifully.  For London readers and those popping by London some time soon, I highly recommend a night out at the Dominion Theatre for the performance.

Exercise: Endless walking last week was my exercise and it was great to be so active. It helped me realise how much more energy I have when I’m not stuck behind a desk all day. Tomorrow it’s back to yoga for me though!

The bump is big now! I feel properly pregnant these days. I did still manage to disguise it in London with a jacket and a colourful scarf but otherwise it is very visible!

FullSizeRender 2


8 thoughts on “Week 22 (and a bit) – fattening up nicely

  1. Hooray for return of kitty photo bomb! And your bump has really popped this week.

    Calories consumed while on vacation totally do not count, so you have nothing to worry about in that department. If it’s any consolation, you look phenomenal and not at all like you’ve gained too much. All your weight must be going straight to baby.

    And I hate to say that I lol-ed on, “RIP boobs.” I’m sorry you see another woman’s boobs when you look in the mirror. That must be so weird.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had all 3 kitties in the room with me so I was trying at one point to get them all in the pic (it failed). Thanks for your encouragement. I think most of the weight has gone to my mid section but I seem to also have gotten a bit plumper in the face too. Ughhh!! I’m glad you lol-ed my boobs comment! It was meant to be funny albeit true. It is weird!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that baby outfit!! How perfect! I’m happy to hear you had a great baby shower and a lovely trip, yummy food and shopping and all. Did you get a lot of things on your list? What’s your favorite baby purchase so far? Your baby bump looks adorable! And, I feel the same about energy when I’m not stuck behind a desk!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The baby shower was not mine, but it was cute. An explosion of pink!! Maybe a touch too much…
      We mainly did research on the big items which we will now order online or locally. The stuff I bought in the flesh was mainly clothes, I got a Sophie Le Giraffe, some bath towels and various forms of swaddle. I don’t know what my favourite purchase was but maybe the cute little hats that have animal ears. As long as the tiny dude doesn’t have a lot of hair (v common to have lots of hair for Med babies) he will wear them in the clinic. 💙

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the same kind of foods as you by the sounds of it, scones with jam & cream- yum, popcorn, yes please, and I can never get enough chocolate! Potato crisps are great too( cheese &onion ). My healthy eating attempts always go to the wayside on holidays! Pity Logen wasn’t good, hubby really wants to see it with me. I’m more tempted by Beauty and the Beast, haha. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes!! But it’s salt and vinegar crisps for me. There were also some visits to Pret! I so miss Pret!! Do not let hubby take you to Logan. It is so bad! Such a slasher movie. Defo go see Beauty and the Beast. I wish I had! xx


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