Baby shopping overload!

We are now into our second full day in London and I think I may have hit baby shopping overload! If you are lucky enough to live in an area where there are many baby shops and options I expect you can probably space out your purchases over time. Where we live there is limited variety and so we are using our time in London to pick up items that are either not available where we live or they are better priced here. This equals the equivalent of a baby shopping spree.  Let me tell you, babies are EXPENSIVE!!

The first splurge came yesterday when we found ourselves in Baby Gap. I know for many of you Baby Gap is considered a kind of a staple, but for us it’s a novelty and they have masses of cute things for babies and children. In the main, we bought baby onesies of all kinds – short sleeve and long sleeve – with so many cute designs on them. I seem to have an attraction to anything that comes with built in animal ears.  The husband seems to like sharks, robots and cartoon characters. It’s really hard to know what clothes to buy for a baby that is going to be born in the middle of the Mediterranean summer where temperatures range from 35-40 degrees celsius (95-104 F). If the baby is in AC then he has to have long sleeves and legs.  If he’s outside (e.g. going for a stroll at nighttime) he’s going to need to have something short sleeved/legged on. So our logic is we are buying everything!

Today we had our consultation with the John Lewis Nursery Advice Service. For those of you UK based, I would highly recommend you go along for one of these free sessions even if you plan to purchase your items from elsewhere. We had a really lovely consultant lady take us through all of the necessary items from strollers, to breast pumps, to cots – everything you could possibly need. As you go through all the things, she takes a little zapper machine that records all of your choices so you can make a baby gift list for friends and family (like a wedding registry, but for baby stuff). For us it was a bit different because the list function is pretty much redundant, but it did help us to clarify some things we were not sure about and we actually changed our minds on the baby seat base after hearing the advantages of some other options.

So after deciding to leave the big things for another day, I picked up a “few small things” – muslin cloths, bath towels, baby bottles, bibs, onesies etc – and promptly dropped £170 in the process. Eeeek! The husband is now not letting me near baby shops ever again (i.e. until tomorrow). As for the big things… this is what I think we will end up going for :

Stroller – Bugaboo Chameleon 3 (classic grey colour)

Car seat – Maxi Cosi Pebble (some kind of black/grey colour)

Car seat base – Maxi Cosi 2WayFix 

You can buy adaptors for the Maxi-Cosi car seat to clip into the Bugaboo frame so on those occasions where we prefer to wheel the car seat about, this is what we will do. These big ticket items will be bought when we’re back as neither of us fancy schlepping them to the airport and by the calculations of the GBP against the EUR currently, it’s actually cheaper to buy the Bugaboo where we are in EUR than it is in London in GBP.  This is a rare occurrence!

We are still totally undecided about the baby cot, but the other question that today threw up is what the baby will sleep in during the day? We need to have something portable so that when he sleeps during the day we can always be in the same room as him. Is that a Moses basket, or do we get a small cot that can live temporarily in our open plan living room/kitchen?  The jury is still out on this decision.

In non-shopping news, we were taking a rest back at the hotel before dinner last night and the small dude started to get quite active with his dancing so I put hubby’s hand on my belly on the off chance that he could feel it.  After about 5 minutes of my husband staring at me like I was deceiving him about the kicking, the small dude did some kind of impressive manoeuvre and his daddy got to feel him for the first time.  It was brilliant!  So at 21 weeks and 2 days, daddy felt baby move!  Super exciting times!



13 thoughts on “Baby shopping overload!

  1. Hey, like the post!!! We had our baby last Monday (whoop whoop). Here are some tips we have learned in the last week….. we use the basinette that comes with our stroller (uppababy) for baby to sleep in. We have just kept it in the stroller and wheel it from bedroom to lounge when we want to move from night to day mode – no need for extra bassinets, has worked well for us. We live in LA and thought same as you not to bother with winter type stuff. We generally use a onesie and a hat and then later swaddles/blankets as necessary. Also don’t buy too many clothes/muslins etc. it is amazing how generous friends and fam get when there is a newborn!! It’ll be in the last few weeks you get the most stuff. People can’t help themselves (which is great). Also you’ll go through blankets/onsies/burp cloths like anyone’s business! Lastly not on the topic, but from this difficult week, I recommend doing all the reading /videos you can on breastfeeding, and get/learn to use a pump – you may not plan to use it, but if you need it, it will be at the most stressful time and you will be so happy u did the research . Good luck! Xx

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    1. Excellent advice. Thank you!! Are you using a long sleeve/leg onesie or short ones? Also, do you use AC or is it a bit early in the season for that? I think I have like 30 onesies (maybe more). Have I gone insane? Some are 0-3 months, some are newborn, some are 3-6 months. I’ve got about 8 muslin cloths so far and no blankets. I figured someone would buy blankets as a gift. How are you and baby doing? I hope you’re hanging in there. Keep up the advice!! xx


  2. Sounds like so much fun! Baby Gap does make adorable clothes. I love the stroller you picked out, too! It looks fantastic! I also like that you are drawn to cute kids’ clothes with animal ears on them. 🙂 Are you getting one of those swaddle blankets? I hear they are very helpful, unless your child is a ninja!

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    1. I am torn on swaddle blankets. What’s your take on them? My baby is going to be born into a v hot summer so if I did use one of would have to be super light.


      1. I haven’t researched them, but I’ve had friends with babies say they are quite useful if your baby needs it to sleep. We have A/C in our condo, which will definitely be on when baby is first born. So, I guess it depends? I’ll definitely get one, however, and see how it goes.

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  3. I keep trying to reply and getting interrupted by the little one! We just use short onsies and layer blankets as necessary…. by don’t have a/c to contend with as that is more like august/sept we need it. Haha I would have said 30 onsies is a lot but if that is varying ages then it sounds fine- you go through them like anyone’s business!


  4. Yep I’m with knextchapter on swaddling… we swaddle the little one every time we want to put him down. perhaps get some varied light/thicker blankets so that you can control the temp. They love swaddling it makes them feel like they are in the womb

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      1. Actually our favorite ones are hand me downs so I’m not sure on that front (mid thickness) then we have a thicker one from John Lewis (gift) that we use when it is chilly/windy, and a load of Aden and anais muslin blankets not sure what u get in Cyprus tho. Best thing is to just go up and ask local mums to see what works for them. Do u had a La Leche league group? They are welcoming if mums to be

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      2. Excellent!! I’m still in London so will pop by John Lewis as I saw some nice ones there. I’ll get a few – I think they have the Aden and Anais ones there and maybe I’ll get a blankie too. Thanks for the tips. I don’t even know what a La Leche league group is but I doubt we have one.


      3. I got some A&A ones and GroSnuggles. Both of them are quite light so hopefully not too hot for the Cy summer! Thanks for the suggestions!


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