Week 21 – This babe is blooming!

Greetings from London! Hubby and I are have just arrived in the city where we first met and spent the first two years of our relationship before moving to his home country. Since leaving we tend to come back around once a year to spend some time in our old haunts and also it’s a great change from living in the small community of his country. What I love about our visits to London is that it reminds us of the first days of our love and it’s a bit like being in a time-machine. Everything in London is more or less the same, but we are the ones who have changed.

I always marvel at the randomness of us finding each other in such a big city, both from vastly different countries, hemispheres and cultures and yet there is so much about us that has always been aligned. On the first night we kissed, he told me he would treat me like a princess and he’s never failed me. Even through all of the IVF stresses, losses and traumas he has been rock solid. Sometimes when you ask people what they look for in a relationship they say great body or smart or whatever but what you actually really want is someone who is going to be your best friend and stick with you through all of the really hard parts of life. If you find someone like that, then you know you’ve hit the jackpot. My husband is like that and even when it looked like we might never have a baby I always thought at least we have each other.

Anyway, enough of this mushy-stuff, what’s happened this week with the small person inside of me? If it was last week that my bump popped, then this week the bump has literally been growing before my very eyes. Up until this week the growing has been pretty steady and subtle, but it seems like I’ve now hit some kind of growth spurt. Apart from this being awesome news that the baby is growing well, now I really do feel and look pregnant and there is also no easy way of hiding it from the rest of the world.

Even though the changes to my body are cool, they are also really weird and somewhat hard to adjust to. I look in the mirror and do not recognise the silhouette that stares back at me. Now I kind of understand why they say pregnant women bloom. I think I’m blooming at the moment! My husband also seems to be really getting into it now he can see the bump and I don’t just look a bit “thick” around the middle.   He sometimes says hello and makes funny noises to my belly. It always makes me laugh.

And here are this week’s details…

Weight gain: This week I have gained about 600-700gm which is something like 1 pound. I weigh myself using on Thursday and Friday mornings and take whichever reading is lower, which is usually Friday for some strange reason. Maybe I don’t eat as big a dinner on Thursday nights or something. Overall I’m up about 6.5 kilograms (14 pounds) from my starting weight and I’d really rather it was more like 5kg at this point. Given that the scan on Thursday shows the baby weights about 400gm (a little less than a pound) it looks like I’ve got 6 kilograms of “overheads” as my doctor likes to call them. When I expressed some concern about my weight to him on Thursday he seemed completely not phased by it and told me a story of a woman who started off at 70kg (154 pounds) and went up to 120kg (265 pounds) by the time she gave birth. She did have twins, but still that is not a healthy weight gain. Eeeeeek!

Symptoms: Heartburn has been a constant this week, the only plus being that it stops me from eating particularly heavy foods that are probably not so healthy. There are some big triggers, especially red meat, things that are heavily flavoured/seasoned and chocolate. The only cures seem to be abstinence from eating such foods, although milk does help. I also think I see the faint line of the linea nigra. Otherwise I’m doing great I think.

Eating: All of my pregnancy apps said for week 21 to expect to be starving all the time. Check! But what I do find is that I can’t eat a lot at once so I am kind of like a sheep and grazing on small things throughout the day. My husband has learned not to delay my meals and snacks! I am very fortunate that he is a feeder, albeit I think that my go some way to explaining the bonus 6kg I am taking on holiday with me.

Sleep: This has been a bit of a mixed bag this week. The pillow I bought has definitely helped but is the approximate size of an elephant and so it’s becoming a bit of an issue as it takes over the whole bed. We are thinking of reversing who sleeps on which side of the bed when back from our holidays so that I can sleep on my left side with the pillow poking out the side of the bed, rather than poking into hubby who is then left with an inch of mattress space.

Movement: Yes and it’s getting a bit stronger. The scan showed that our small dude is currently in breach position which explains why most of the movement I feel is down low – that’s where he’s playing his football games and/or doing his dances. I hope it will be detectable from the outside soon.

Emotions: I think that rather than my emotions being extreme, they are just really easily triggered. It doesn’t take much to trip me over from mild irritation to downright mad. Fun times!

Missing: I was offered some really nice looking wine on the plane. It hurt to turn it down. A cheeky little drink when you’re trapped in the air is one of life’s pleasures. Also, I have never been in London and unable to drink before. London and drinking is synonymous. I will just have to eat more Victoria sponge to make up for it!

Purchases: We went to a baby show last Sunday with my mother-in-law and she bought some really cute onesies for the little dude. These were his first gift and so that was pretty cute. This week in London is when our shopping starts in earnest. We are booked in for a consultation at the baby section of John Lewis on Monday and so I think that should inspire some purchases!

Looking forward to: Everything about this week and having some nice time with hubby. Even though his knee is still a bit iffy and we will have to take it slowly, we have a good week ahead planned. Also, no work this week! Wooo hooo! Let’s see how much they miss me and freak out about what’s going to happen while I’m on maternity leave.

Best moment of the week: The anomaly scan of course! Seeing the small dude bobbing around and looking mighty handsome was great. I laughed so hard when I saw the 3D scan and the fact he has his daddy’s nose. I am constantly grateful for a healthy baby growing inside me.

Exercise: Nothing new there. More walking and yoga but this week I’ve really enjoyed the yoga. For whatever reasons I’ve found myself a bit wound up and the yoga has helped me to loosen up and feel good. This week I expect I’ll be more active than usual (hello, shopping!) so it will be interesting to see how my endurance fares.

And now the bump… this photo was taken last night after yoga and dinner so I was nice and relaxed. Baby is definitely starting to make a good home for himself inside!!






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    1. Thanks! I thought about it but you have to fill a form in online and they post it to you. It seemed like too much hard work. Also hubby is not so hot on stairs so I think we’ll stick to feet and uber.

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