All the fingers and toes!

We had our 20 week anomaly scan today, although I’m 21 weeks tomorrow. This was by far the least stressed I’ve ever been going in to a scan, which makes for a nice change. I must confess though that there is still the lurking feeling in the back of my mind as to what if something is wrong.  Thankfully, the scan showed nothing was wrong and in fact there seems to be a lovely baby in my belly!

The scan itself was not very noteworthy.  The doctor went through each of the major organs, starting with brain and it was easy to see each of them with him describing what I was looking at. Hubby was excessively delighted to catch a glimpse again of the baby’s willy. There was quite a conversation between him and my doctor (also male) about whether the willy was longer than the baby’s leg.  Boys never grow up, do they?

Our little dude is currently in breach position, but this doesn’t matter because I’m having a c-section anyway. I like to think that actually he’s not upside down, but rather I’m upside down – what with me coming from Australia but being in Europe right now.

We got a few nice profile shots of our baby dude but it was the glimpses of fingers and toes that really blew my mind. The level of development even now at just over halfway is incredible!


Maybe I’m incubating a big foot?


Waving hello to all my nice blog friends!

We did get a couple of 3D shots in there too, but they are a bit alien and weird. What was really funny though is that the 3D scan showed that the baby 100% has his daddy’s nose which is also the same as his father’s nose.  So the male blood line continues to have a very family-specific nose.  Maybe it’s a good thing that the baby is a boy as that kind of nose would not look as well placed on a girl’s face I think. I am convinced more than ever that this baby is going to be all Mediterranean dark hair and just like my husband (who is very handsome so this is no bad thing). I would laugh so much if he came out with blondish hair as that would truly be a shock.

Noses and willy jokes aside, today was a good day.

6 thoughts on “All the fingers and toes!

    1. Oh it was endless. The doctor was doing the leg measurements and they all had a chat about whether the willy was longer than the leg. Imagine the birth… it’s all going to be about the willy!!


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