Week 20 – Bump, bump bumpin!

Helloooooo 20 weeks!  We hit the halfway mark yesterday, but as our little one is scheduled for a sunroof entrance (c-section) this probably means that we are actually now something like 18 or so weeks to go.  Eeeek! Suddenly July seems not so far away and there are many things to do in the meantime. Cue minor freak out!

This week has been pretty rubbish overall due to some drama at work that sapped my energy and spirit.  It has somewhat overshadowed other pregnancy developments. After the big gender reveal last Sunday, I have been sharing the news we are having a boy to anyone who has asked, but otherwise I don’t volunteer it.  Honestly, if I could have gone through the whole pregnancy with no one knowing about it, I would have been delighted. However, I do feel relieved not to have to keep the gender news secret anymore.

This week it really feels like baby has done a lot of growing! My bump is definitely a lot bigger this week and baby boy has been super active . It’s not going to be long before hubby is going to be able to feel the kicks for himself from the outside.  We gave it a go last night but unfortunately he couldn’t feel anything.

Weight gain: I’m half a kilogram (1.1 pounds up) this week and about 5.5kg (12 pounds) overall.  This continues to freak me out but it does at least support my theory that my bump has expanded more rapidly this week. So far I seem to be just gaining in my mid-section and boobs, rather than my butt, thighs or face. Long may that continue!

Symptoms: I’ve been a little bothered by the round ligament pains this week, mainly when I go to pee.  I don’t think it’s anything concerning but I’ll be sure to check with my doctor next week when I see him. I’ve also been having insanely vivid dreams every single night.  They don’t seem to be rooted in reality, but it does feel like my dreams are a bit like having watched a movie or read a book in my sleep.  I often wake up in the middle of the night saying “Nooooooo!” after I’ve been traumatised by something that’s happened in my movie dream. So strange.

Eating: Still no crazy cravings for me so it’s mainly business as usual in the eating department.  I’ve been making this awesome bircher muesli for breakfast for hubby and I recently and it’s lovely.  In the mornings you just throw on some chopped nuts (I recommend hazelnuts and almonds) as well as perhaps some fruit like blueberries.  I can’t easily get fresh blueberries where I am so I buy the frozen kind and defrost a few of them overnight before mixing them in the morning.  It’s lovely!

I had a particularly bad day at work on Wednesday and craved all the chocolate in the world, but I think that was stress-related, not baby-related. Chocolate gives me heartburn anyway so I have to be pretty desperate for it before I will even consider it an option.

Sleep: My sleep has been ok this week by pregnancy standards, i.e. pretty bad by regular standards! I’ve started to utilise different pillows and cushions int he bed to support my back and stop me rolling over and it has the effect of creating a pillow fortress in the bed.  Hubby has been very good natured about it (I woke up one night to find him cuddling one of the cushions which was very funny), but he did also over-enthusiastically agree to buying this pregnancy pillow (thanks for the recommendation Maria).  I bought it from a local shop, not from this online site, but the price was very similar.  Hubby couldn’t believe it when he handed over so much money for a pillow and wanted to know if it was magical. If it allows me to sleep then it’s definitely magical in my book! I will report back on its success after a sleep or two.

Movement: Loads! I’m sure this baby is going to be an athlete! It’s nice to feel him moving about and having  good time in there. He definitely jumps about more after food and drink. Also, when I was very stressed at work this week he showed his displeasure.  I thought it must be a kind of protest!

Emotions: I was watching a TV program last Saturday where people were winning a holiday to Disneyworld in Florida and I was simultaneously sobbing and laughing. Sobbing because they were so happy, but also because maybe I’ll finally get to got to Disney in a few years time with my own child. Then I sobbed some more because we’re having a boy and so he (probably) won’t want to dress up as a princess. Then I laughed because the whole thing was ridiculous!  My husband nearly peed his pants laughing at me!  So yeah, totally emotionally stable.

Missing: Had I not been knocked up I think I would have also had a glass of wine in my hand before the sun went down practically every day, so bad was the work situation!

Purchases: I bought the pregnancy pillow today and we went on a reconnaissance tour of the local baby shops as part of our research on prices and options.  Next week we are going to London for a few days and we want to compare prices to understand where it is better value to buy the different items, especially the big ticket items.  It seems that overall prices are about 10-20% higher where we are compared to London.  Thankfully we can buy many things cheaper online via Amazon etc (the car seat for example is a LOT cheaper via Amazon than to buy locally) so we will probably buy a lot of things from there, some more from London and then big things, like the cot bed will be purchased locally.

Looking forward to: Our next doctor’s appointment and big scan on Thursday afternoon. It will be great to see how big baby has become! Also, I can’t wait for our trip to London!  It will be so great to escape reality for a while and spend some quality time with hubby.  Also, shopping!!

Best moment of the week: The gender reveal! It was so much fun even though almost everyone wanted a girl. At least I can blame the result on my husband (and the embryologist who chose the sperm)!

Exercise: The usual combo of yoga and walking.  It’s a winning formula! I’m feeling good so these both continue to be enjoyable.

The bump update: Bumping out all over now! It’s practically impossible to hide that I’m pregnant now, so I am starting to give up on my loose clothes (they’re not so loose anyway now) and I’m actually showing off my bump a bit.  I still feel weird about it and people do stare hard, but I guess this is just the way it is.  Take a look for yourself!



10 thoughts on “Week 20 – Bump, bump bumpin!

  1. Way halfway!! 🙂 Looking adorable, too. Have fun in London and baby-supply shopping. What do you mean when you say “cot bed”? I find myself getting oddly emotional about things, too. Not sappy emotional – more like stubborn or judgemental, I guess. Fortunately, I’ve been remembering to think before I speak (for the most part). 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! A cot bed is one that converts when you take the sides off to become a bed (a small one, but still a bed). So it’s got a longer lifespan than a cot does. I’ve always been a bit opinionated so I’ve not noticed much difference with that but I do find I have less patience. 🙈


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