The Big Reveal…

Guys, we did it!  We announced the gender today, both to my Mum via FaceTime and to my husband’s parents in person.  It was so much fun and even though I don’t usually go in for these things, I really did enjoy it and would recommend it to others. Plus, I feel so much relief now to know I don’t have to be careful by dropping it into conversation by accident.

So what are we having??!

We told my Mum first – she is further away and so we thought it only fair she gets to know before the others – and we did it via a FaceTime call.  She had no idea we were going to tell her as our line until now has been that we didn’t know (naughty white lies). So we were just chatting away and I asked her if she would like to know what we were having? She said of course yes and so my husband decided to hold up one of our cats to the camera to indicate the gender.  We have 2 female cats and 1 male cat – and my Mum knows which is which – so my husband would hold up a cat that has the same gender as the baby.  But more on which cat he held up later.

Later we headed to the in-laws house for a nice lunch.  Again, they had no idea we were going to be announcing anything, but they soon worked it out when I turned up with this beautiful creation!


The lady at the patisserie that prepared the cake told me that the owl on top is the “Wisdom Owl”. She didn’t really explain what that is exactly, but I took it to mean it was something like Yoda crossed with The Oracle from The Matrix, but in chocolate bird form.  Isn’t she beautiful?


The Wisdom Owl was handmade with chocolate this morning.  So intricate and lovely! Don’t worry, she came home with me, though I’m not sure what I’m going to do with her just yet.

Anyway, my father-in-law was particularly impatient about the whole thing and I told him he had to eat all his lunch before he could cut the cake.  You’ve not seen someone wolf down the food so quick and he was literally desperate to cut it straight afterwards.  It was actually really adorable!  I have a video of him cutting it, but I don’t want to post it here as I think it would make the anonymous blog a whole lot less anonymous.  Needless to say it was cute.

Aaaaaand… drum roll…… this is what the inside of the cake looks like:



My husband is absolutely delighted and so I am very, very happy for him.  Both my Mum and his parents were a little bit disappointed it isn’t a girl but they all seem to get over it quite quickly.  I will confess though, that when the doctor showed me the little baby willy on the screen at my scan a few weeks ago I didn’t believe him (even though I could clearly see the willy for myself) and I made him show me the DNA results on his computer.  I then cried.  Of course the number one thing is that the baby is healthy and well and nothing else matters, but I would have liked a girl. As my husband says though, this will just make me more keen to go for number 2.  I might have given up after one if it had been a girl first time (he’s right).

So now we look forward to welcoming our son into our lives in a few months time.  And the cat we lifted up to show my mum? A male of course.  So this means that when the baby comes we will have 3 girls (1 human, 2 cats) and 3 boys (2 humans, 1 cat) in the house.  A balanced home.

To celebrate finally being out in the open about all things baby gender related, we bought our first baby item this afternoon which is a blue hippopotamus soft toy from Zara.  I love hippos so perhaps this is the start of a baby room theme.  The hippo was on display in the window as we were passing by and it turned out to be the last one in stock.  I took that as a sign that he was meant to be ours and so he has also joined our little family today.

40 thoughts on “The Big Reveal…

    1. Thank you, lovely. I knew it was a boy for ages and well before the doctor confirmed it. Maybe that’s why I was putting off finding out. Bloody heartburn was the telltale sign for me. 🙂 xx

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      1. I totally believe in that gut feeling. From seeing the very first scan at 6 weeks I had this overwhelming feeling I was having a girl……how lovely that we can actually have this conversation rather than the ones we used to have…..💙💖😬

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      2. Oh yes! I never thought we’d get to this stage where we would no longer be talking about EC and trigger shots!! 🙂 Now we get to talk about being mummies/mommies. xx

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  1. That is awesome!! I’m so happy for you lovely, congratulations! Boys have very special relationships with their mums so I think the very slight gender disappointment will wear off very soon! Don’t worry, I had it with Scarlett. I was the opposite way around though, wanted a boy, got a girl! This time I would love a girl, but would be more than happy with a boy too.
    I love the cake! What a beautiful owl that is. I love the incorporation of the… I’m not sure what they are called? The blue pearl lollies? Anyway, those are adorable! A cake is the way I told my family last time and will probably be the same this time around. You get a surprise and a delicious cake! Can you go wrong? Haha!
    Congratulations again lovely! Xx 😘💗

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to meeting my little boy and my husband is so delighted which is beautiful.
      I’m not sure what the blue things are called but we called them blue sugar pearls. The baker did a great job as the pearls did cascade out and it made it look pretty cool. Your turn next!! 💙

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  2. AWWW, best cake ever. AND, congratulations!! How exciting! A boy will be so fun. I always wanted an older brother when I was younger, so a boy first is a good start to that. Your husband is right, maybe a girl second! I’m so happy for you! (Still, I understand about always wanting a girl. But you’ll meet this baby and won’t be able to imagine it any other way!)

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    1. Thank you!! It was the first time they’d made such a cake but I think I inspired them to make it a thing they offer from now one. I’m ok with it being a boy now. I think we’ve chosen a name so that’s nice but it’s hard to imagine it as a real baby. Do you know your one’s gender?


  3. p.s. The background of your blog has a blue trim… has it always, or was that just since you found it was a boy? It only shows when my browser window is large, so I’m not sure when you put it there! Just curious! 😉

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  4. Hi there haven’t caught up with you in a while and just just stumbled upon this amazing news 🙂 wow the gender reveal cake looks great what a way to reveal it to the family! I can just imagine them being impatient Hehe wishing you and the little boy all the best! And it my experience it’s true little boys are usually mamas boys

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    1. Oh thanks so much! Yes, you should see the video. It was pretty funny. 🙂 How are you and the twinsies going? When are you due? You must let me know when you have them so that I can come see you. If you fancy a catch up anytime though I’m here and would love to see you. xx

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      1. Hey there 🙂 its a complicated question with twins – official due date is 9th of June – but twins don’t go to 40 weeks so if I get to 37 weeks which is considered amazing that should be around the end of May… it still seems a bit of an abstract concept that I will be giving birth at some point… although its actually getting closer and closer 🙂 So far so good despite the fact that I keep waiting for the penny to drop after everyone harping on to me to be careful and twins are high risk bla bla but touch wood I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy. I have also officially returned to doc and he was quite pleased to see us 🙂 Yes a catch up sounds great! There is a free seminar on breastfeeding this Saturday morning at 10 at the Piraeus central branch (the big one opposite starbucks) in case you are interested, I was told its really helpful by a few friends so I am planning to go. Maybe we could arrange a catch up then?


      2. Oh that is very soon!! Are you feeling heavy with 2 on board? Good to hear you’re back with the doc. You’ll have to let me know the good news when they come so I can come on by and check on you and them. Th seminar looks good but is probably in Greek so will not be so meaningful for me 😞. BTW, it blows my mind that a breastfeeding seminar is actually a way I’m genuinely thinking of passing my weekend. WTF?!! Hahahaha

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      3. oh! that didn’t even occur to me! hmm… yeh maybe ur right and the seminar is in Greek.. lets arrange another catch up then 🙂 hahha yeh I know right what a way to spend a Saturday morning, I have become such a baby geek lately started going to the lessons at the Makario also and being the annoying person with all the questions! You should also see my wishlist in amazon it will freak you out! yes I’ll let you know the good news and all the horror stories too if you want 😉 As for heavy… well I feel like my belly is gonna explode after meals especially – obviously the bloat & 2 babies don’t mix – and the evenings I feel pretty heavy and tired – but in the mornings I actually feel pretty good and do my yoga routine so I think I just need to start taking it a bit easier/ rest more and hopefully doc will give me sick leave from work next time I visit him, he promised! Luckily I have only put weight around my belly but I guess that puts extra strain on my poor legs and I just keep wondering how much bigger my belly can possibly get… I feel so blessed to have 2 but its definitely daunting and I keep wondering how much easier it would be with 1 … although sometimes these things are a crapshoot

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      4. I bet you and your little legs are really feeling the extra burden of the two little ones! Have you revealed their gender/s yet?!!
        I’m all up for horror stories and the rest, plus our Amazon list is looking pretty awesome too. Hubby is going to get purchasing soon I think! We are off to London in a week and we will look to get some stuff there too. The big stuff we will get here (stroller, bed etc) but we are still going to do the John Lewis baby session they offer for free even just to see what we are missing. Should be fun!! Hubby has gone nuts excited choosing the stroller and car seat. It’s quite exciting. Anyway, happy to meet up and see your lovely bump!! xx

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      5. Awwwe London lucky you! I would love to be able to go but that ship has sailed for the foreseeable future. Enjoy! I bet there will be so many cute things to buy you better take an empty suitcase 🙂 to be honest with 2 on the way we are defnitely more conservative and limited in options than we would have been with one, but I did finally order the double stroller & 2 cotbeds and set of drawers this week from city of dreams 🙂 Yes I caved in to my husbands curiosity and we found out the genders a while ago… its 2 girls 🙂 so I “win” but hopefully this doesn’t mean my husband will be bugging me for a boy in a few years time hehe I was kinda thinking one of each would be ideal, but I love the idea of 2 girls now as I always wished I had a sister and I think they tend to be closer if the same gender. Lemme know when you are back from London so we can arrange that meet up 🙂 you can report to me on all the cool things you buy xxx

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      6. Oh 2 girls!! 💖💖 That’s so wonderful! You’re going to have so many cute moments!! Oooh City of Dreams!! Is it good there? I’ve not really been anywhere yet so don’t know which shops to check. xx

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      7. Thanks 🙂 although now my husband doesn’t cease to remind that they will probably be daddys girls like I am! hehe Yes its really good I would definitely recommend checking it out- they gave me the best price on the double stroller – I ended up getting the britax b-agile and their price was much better than New Baby City for example for the same thing- but with single strollers you have wayyyyy more options as they are less bulky. Mamatoto also has really nice stuff but quite expensive – I got a really nice form fix pregnancy pillow from there which I would soooooo recommend its really comfy (and huge) and it doubles as a nursing pillow once the babies get here

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      8. Oooh!! I need a pillow!! I’ll check that one out. Hubby promised me a Bugaboo and he wants some special edition so he is going to have to pay!! Hahahaha! 😎

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    1. Hahahahaha!! I sure do and it’s so weird to think of it like that!! So great to see your news too. I have a feeling 2017 is going to be good for us all!!


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