Week 19 – Growing Pains

We have hit 19 weeks today and according to all the apps the baby is either the size of a large mango, a zucchini (courgette for the British peeps), an heirloom tomato (WTF are they?) or an original Game Boy handset. Whatever the size of the baby is, I’ve decided it likes dancing as I’ve been feeling a lot of movement past few days which has been super exciting!

For the past few weeks I’ve noticed the pregnancy apps all mentioning round ligament pain, but I had been happily telling myself that I had seen no evidence of such a thing I was obviously too fit/too strong/too special (delete as appropriate).

Well ha! Because today I have been quite bothered by some pain in the general lower part of my belly (sides and right down the bottom of the bump) which I am assuming is the infamous round ligament pain, dammit.  I mean I’ll survive and all, but when I got up from my desk (usually to pee) I found it really quite painful to stand up straight.  I headed to yoga tonight thinking I needed to take it easy a bit but actually the gentle nature of movement in yoga was helpful I think. It seems to have stretched things out a bit which has helped reduce the feeling.

As for my bump, it’s coming along quite nicely. I have noticed a big variation of bump sizes for the same stages of pregnancy and this seems to be one of life’s mysteries.  What determines your size and shape of the bump? Is it DNA, is it the baby itself, is it how strong your abs were pre-pregnancy, is it based on whether you’re thin, regular or a bit on the plump size? I’ve seen not much evidence that explains it either way.  I know of skinny, fit girls with rock-hard abs who have had the most massive belly quite early on, and I know of others who are not fit or particularly thin and they get to 7 months before they show.  The other girl at my work who is due one week after me has a belly which is at least 30% larger than mine and she spent the first three months puking up everything she ate.  Arguably I should be much bigger than her as I’ve been eating fairly normally the whole way through and haven’t been puking (although for the past two consecutive days she’s had a massive burger for lunch so I think she must be making up for lost time!)

Onto this week’s details:

Weight gain: Yesssss… it seems almost inevitable that I answer this in the affirmative each time now.  I’ve gained half a kilogram this week (a pound) and I can’t say I am super happy about it. The numbers keep going up on the scale and it’s really hard to wrap my head around it! Does anyone else feel like this about the weight gain creeping up?

Symptoms: Round ligament pain as previously discussed. Heartburn has been making another return recently though I’ve tried to power through it.

Eating: Standard. Nothing super bad has gone in my mouth this week and I’ve been pretty consistent in keeping lots of veggies, fruits (where possible) as well as a few servings of fish and a couple of red meat.  My main meals are consistently good and balanced and my snacks are healthy 80% of the time.  This is a pretty good overall situation I think.

Sleep: I was sleeping in the spare room (soon to be the baby room) for this week so as to give hubby and his knee room to heal. It sucked! The mattress is just not as nice and because I have to sleep on my side these days I ended up with a crick in my neck. I made a return to our regular bed (with hubby) last night and it was AMAZING!  I did get up to pee 4 times (a record for me) but even so it was still a better sleep than every other night in the other bed.

Movement: Yes, yes and yes!  Lots of nice moves that feel like the baby is having a good time in there.  After dinner the other night I was sitting on the sofa with hubby watching TV and I suddenly felt a tightness down the right side of my belly. I put my hand there and could feel a pretty hard thing so I shuffled over to hubby to let him have a feel. We are pretty confident that what we were feeling was baby’s head!  It was mad!

Emotions: This week has been really tough because I’ve had to take on a lot more with hubby out of action with his knee so I have been a bit down.  I think you can at least partially attribute this to the fact that I was beyond tired as well.  The funny thing that I’ve also noticed is that Thursday’s are a particularly low day for me so I’m going to have to do something to make that day of the week more cheerful going forward. Other than that, hubby and I were actually discussing the other day that I’ve been emotionally quite stable throughout the pregnancy. I’m an emotional and sensitive person at the best of times and I think the whole IVF-double miscarriage situation really made me bounce around the whole rainbow of emotions.  Compared to that period, pregnancy  (so far) is a BREEZE. So every cloud has a silver lining I guess.

Missing: This week I felt really lonely and far away from my really great friends. I realised that the reason I’m so tired is that no one has stepped up since hubby has been immobilised with his knee.  I’ve just had to crack on. If I’d been back home in Oz, maybe I would have had more support from family and friends, whereas here I know very many nice people but I don’t have the kind of relationships that are super-tight like you do with your long term friends.  Also, I’ve worked out this probably means no baby shower for me as there is no one here to throw it.  Normally it would be your mum or sister or best friend who would throw you a baby shower…. well they’re all halfway over the other side of the world so no parties for me.  Shall we have a virtual blog party instead?

Purchases: Still nothing, but our wish list on Amazon is getting pretty phenomenal. Maybe I’ll share it here when it gets a bit more final and we actually buy something. As well as taking advice from people who have young children / babies, I’ve also read a number of blogs of new mums here and been observing that some products just keep getting mentioned for their fabulousness.  They are all in the basket as a result!  We have also chosen our car seat which is one of those purchases you have to have a good think about.

Looking forward to: This Sunday!  We have finally decided to reveal the baby’s gender!  Woooooo hooooo!  I have spoken to a local cake maker who makes spectacular cakes and pastries and have set him the challenge of making a special cake that we will cut (or get the inlaws to cut) to reveal the gender.  It’s going to be coloured inside and hopefully will have some kind of internal sprinkles going on that cascade out when you cut through it.  Let’s see how that goes but I hope to reveal all in a few days!

Best moment of the week: Other than reclaiming the bed? Probably being able to feel the baby’s head the other night.  That was cool in a weird way.

Clothes: Much of the same.  Pregnancy trousers/jeans with a non-pregnancy top.  Cardigans and anything that doesn’t do up is my friend.

Exercise: A much better week on the exercise front!  I did 3 x walks of one hour and 2 x yoga sessions this week as well as excessive running about looking after hubby.  I cannot sing the praises of yoga enough for ironing out the aches and pains of pregnancy. I can’t speak for pregnancy yoga as I’m still sticking with my regular class with some small adjustments here and there, but what I’m doing is making a world of difference to me. If you can find some kind of yoga to join then give it a shot!

The bump update: Here you go!  Bump in all its glory!  Definitely bigger and this is also after a lovely dinner of Wagamamas (Friday treat) so it’s even bigger than a couple of hours ago.  I guess this is where my weight gain is going!



6 thoughts on “Week 19 – Growing Pains

  1. Personally I like mango for week 19. It has a cute photo on The Bump app, too. YES, about the weight gain. I’m not really sure what’s on track. I think I’ve gained 10 lbs (depending on the time of day) so far, and I guess that’s okay. Like you, I was thin to begin with. And I’m eating well and exercising, so I guess all is well. I read that it isn’t necessarily 1lb per week consistently (in trimester 2), but it could come in spurts. So if we’re doing the right things, there probably isn’t too much to worry about.

    Your gender reveal party sounds fun! And adorable. Take some photos so you can post. I’d be interested to know what’s on your registry. So many options!

    Oh, also, I wanted to tell you about virtual baby showers that my friends (the flamingos) and I have had for each other over the years. We’re scattered across the USA with one friend in Scotland. Ahead of time we all sent presents to our friend in Scotland. Her husband set up some decorations, and then we had a Google Hangout video where we could chat and she could open the presents. Not the same, but it was still better than nothing! Maybe something like that would work for you. Then a friend or your mom could host it, and you could open presents on video for everyone.

    Cheers! Keep it up. Looking good! 🙂

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    1. Oh I’ve not got The Bump so I’ll add it immediately! Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve gained about the same as you – maybe 1lb more. It’s just so weird to see those numbers on the scale! 😱I’m conscious that the more I gain, the more I’ll have to lose!!
      For sure I’ll take photos. The guy doing the cake hasn’t done one like this before so I’m hoping it will go ok.
      I’ll definitely do a wish list post in a little while. I think I need to add a bit of stuff to it first. We should share notes!
      Love your virtual baby shower idea. It’s super cute!! Thanks for you kind words. I really appreciate it! xx


      1. Shall I email you? Your email address is sent to me when you make a comment so it’s easy. I can send you my current list!


  2. I am so excited to see the gender reveal and the cake!!!!

    You know, I’ve the opposite pain to you, it hurts when I sit down at work and feels better when I stand. No idea what it is. I guess we are getting to the stage where we’ll be feeling more aches and pains. Fun and games!

    I’m sorry your family are so far away. Are they planning to visit after bubs comes or are you going to come back to Australia? I am sure they will spoil you and bubs when they can. I do understand how hard it is not to have family around, though mine are not as far away as yours, it would be nice to have extra help occasionally and I worry about trying to do it all on my own after bubs arrives. I’m sure we’ll both be fine though. 🙂

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    1. The gender reveal went so well and it was actually lots of fun! I can’t recommend it enough!
      The pain thing is not so much that I get it from sitting, it’s just that I had a strong pain when I stood up from sitting for a long time at my desk. My takeaway note from that is just not to do too much of the same thing for too long. I’ve also been in a bit of pain today after going for a walk so clearly it’s just finding its way to stretch me out a bit. 🙂
      I don’t think anyone is planning to come from Oz when the baby comes. I think my Mum would love to but she’s not so well herself with Leukaemia. To be honest, if she did come it would be extra work for me. I don’t mean for that to sound mean and I think even she would understand where I’m coming from (and I’d love to have her here) but we are planning a trip home with the new baby maybe end of October or November when the weather starts to get nicer again. I am sure the baby will be spoiled from all angles – but it’s not the same as having your friends and family around you – even if they are a couple of hours drive away.


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