Surprises keep us nimble

When I last blogged I mentioned plans to go hiking last Sunday. Well that didn’t quite work out like how I had planned. Last Saturday afternoon my husband joined a pick-up session of basketball with some friends and managed to hurt his knee during a particularly physical encounter. It’s not unusual for him to come home and need to ice something so I didn’t worry too much. 

Until the next day when he woke up and was practically almost unable to move his knee! Fast forward to appointments with an orthopaedic surgeon and an MRI and he’s torn his ACL as well as done some meniscus damage. Guess who is scheduled for knee reconstruction surgery tomorrow?!

To be fair to him, he’s been pretty good about it all, staying positive and planning to focus on making a swift and strong recovery. He’s had the same surgery on the other knee so I think his basketball days may now be behind him. 

At first I was very upset for him (and a bit cross that he didn’t take better care) but now it is just a case of trying to get him fit again. 

The drawback to all of this? I am EXHAUSTED!! While I’m very much a business-as-usual person during this pregnancy, there have been many extra physical demands that have landed on my plate this week that have wiped me out. Today, I just want to cry and there’s no reason to really feel sad. 

Given that his surgery is tomorrow (Friday) and he will likely come home on Saturday it looks like the next few days / weeks will continue to be intense. I hope he will be a bit more active within a few weeks so he can take back some of the load. I am thankful this didn’t happen further into the pregnancy as I truly do not know how I would have coped!!

Onwards and upwards!

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