Hungry, hungry, hungry

The past two days have been the first time in my pregnancy where I have thought I am behaving like a pregnant woman. I was cranky as hell yesterday and so hungry I demolished a bunch of special sweets/candy from my homeland that I keep for “emergencies”. It sure did feel like an emergency at the time and now I’ve had to call in extra supplies from my Mum back home!

I’ve been reading at this stage that you’re meant to get an increase in appetite and I hoped that would by-pass me but it seems not likely. As someone who has not been particularly excited or motivated by food, I’ve now become obsessed with it. I even had a dream about chocolate eclairs the night before last!

The crankiness is somewhat attributable to the poor quality of sleep I’m getting at the moment. Not only do I wake up around 2-3 times a night to pee but I’ve been struggling to get that good quality deep sleep that is so beautiful. I’ve been dragging my feet as a result and was very irritable yesterday. I saw my acupuncture guy last night after a yoga session and he tried a new needle to help my sleep and I think it was better but maybe I just need more hours in bed (more hours in the day would help with that). 

The weekend was a mixture of good and bad. I started Saturday with a preggo massage which was nice but a bit too much of a light touch for me. Maybe it’s more effective further along in the pregnancy. The lady who did it was lovely though and what the massage lacked the chat with her more than made up for. 

Then I went to see my friend who is also my hairdresser and he’s a rather fabulous positive influence on me. He wanted to take some photos of my hair that he had done so I went with the expectation that this would be a few snaps with his phone for Instagram. I did NOT expect a pro photographer and a photoshoot in a park, which is what I got!! Despite the surprise factor, it was so much fun and both the photographer and my hairdresser friend took some lovely shots. I even let them take a few photos where you could see my small baby belly and they loved it!! It was such a confidence boost to me as I’ve been feeling a bit low about my changing shape. 

While hubby is lovely and supportive in his own way, he is not someone who demonstrates his love with grand shows of affection. Sometimes I can feel a little under appreciated. This whole IVF thing has deeply affected our sex life (which makes me so incredibly sad, rejected even) and we have not had sex in months. It’s really hard to feel pretty with an expanding mid-section and zero action between the sheets. The photoshoot was the first time I felt both pregnant and sexy simultaneously. The fact that the 23 year old photographer seemed to fancy me certainly helped, even after I’d done the calculation that I’m technically old enough to be his mother!!

But in other good news, I might have felt the first movements of the baby on Monday. Just before I was getting out of bed I felt a kind of bubbling effect inside and it made me wonder if it’s baby or if it’s gas. I hope baby but you never know!! I’ve had similar feelings occasionally since so I’m hoping for something more clear in the coming days. 

4 thoughts on “Hungry, hungry, hungry

  1. The photoshoot sounded fun! It’s nice to have a bit of attention from someone else now and then. When you are with someone a long time, it’s easy to feel a bit underappreciated. I hope things get better. You’ve no reason to feel self conscious though, you’re looking great in the pictures you shared! Like a beautiful and sexy pregnant lady 😉

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    1. You’re so right and it’s so nice of you to say such kind things. If this wasn’t an anonymous blog I would post the photos as they are really great. Things are good now, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. I’m sure this is just a little blip. xx


  2. You look great! I understand a changing sex life. Everything just feels a little different… but you’ll figure it out. IVF is stressful, for sure. Focus on all you’ve accomplished together! When things get tough, S and I tell each other, it’s only temporary. Also, your photo shoot sounds fun! 🙂 Hope you can give hubby some of those photos!

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    1. Yes it’s super stressful, you’re right. I think I’ve become a baby making machine rather than a lover but I do hope you’re right that it’s temporary!! A girl needs some action! 😉
      The photo shoot was great and will be even more fun to do with the same photographer again when I’m more far along and it’s summer. Maybe I’ll bare some belly skin by then. Fingers crossed!!


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