Week 16 -Building my “overheads”

I’ve gone on a bit this week, so let’s just get straight to the weekly info.

Weight gain: Oh yes, I jinxed myself last week by saying my weight had plateaued.  Hahahaha! Either my scales are messed up or I’ve had a good eating week as I’m 1kg heavier than last week. Go figure (cries silently into her pillow)!

My doctor said something interesting at our appointment yesterday and that was that those women who start off pretty slim or even skinny pre-pregnancy have to gain a bit more weight so as to build up what he called “overheads”.  What he meant by that is that you need to have some extra fat stores and also you get extra liquid when you are pregnant. So if you already start off with a little bit of weight on you, then your “overheads” do not need to be built so much.  I think that was his nice way of saying it’s okay if you gain some weight.

Symptoms: I keep reading everywhere that at this stage the uterus moves up, thus giving you a more pronounced bump, and you don’t need to pee so often.  My bladder seems to have missed this memo as I am STILL peeing at least twice a night, dammit! This means very interrupted sleep. Also, I noticed a few times that I had a bit of an ache right down low under my belly and sometimes down the left side.  It wasn’t terribly painful but it was noticeable.  I told my doctor and he seemed entirely bored by my comment so I figure it’s fine.

Eating: Pretty normal eating this week.  I’ve gone practically vegetarian since becoming pregnant and that has continued.  While meat no longer actually repulses me, I also don’t look forward to meals with a lot of meat in them.  So its veggies all the way for me! I also had a small bag of crisps yesterday after lunch because I was tired from all the pre-scan stress. As most things which are chocolatey give me heartburn this has wiped out a lot of my usual post-dinner snacking preferences.  I honestly have no idea how it was even possible to gain 1kg in a week when you look at what I’ve eaten this week!

Sleep: Pfffffft! As mentioned above, it has been a pretty terrible week for sleep. Each morning when my alarm has gone off to get up for work I have been wondering why it’s not Friday yet.  As today was finally Friday it was such a relief!  I’m so looking forward to catching up on some zzzzzzz this weekend!

Movement: Still no.

Emotions: Very nervous before the scan.  Then I cried a whole bunch after it, which I guess was a bit of a release of all that tension. Otherwise I think I’ve been pretty okay.  No outbursts or anything like they claim for pregnant women in the movies.

Missing: I was looking at some of the other girls in my yoga class yesterday (it’s not preggo yoga) and looking at their flat stomachs with some envy.

Purchases: Still no baby purchases but I think they’ll happen soon. We are beginning to amass some lists. I sent back one of the pairs of maternity trousers I bought last week online and ordered another.  Don’t tell the husband!

Looking forward to: Finally pretending that I don’t know the gender of the baby!  It was actually a bad idea to find out and then pretend to everyone we don’t know. I mean, it is genius as it’s a nice little secret just for hubby and me, but it’s also killing me.  If I could at least discuss it here I think I’d feel a bit better, but hubby is right that family should know first.  Arrggggghhhh!

I’m also looking forward to my first preggo massage tomorrow morning.

Best moment of the week: The scan and seeing how big and human like the baby is now. It also blew my mind how much you can see on the scan – including both halves of the brain!! Whaaaaaat?!  It was only a few weeks ago that we were looking at our embryo hatching out of its shell before implantation and now there is a real life mini-human inside me.  This really hit me yesterday.

Clothes: Yeah, maternity trousers/jeans all the way this week.  No point fighting it anymore! No maternity tops though.  I’m fighting the fight still!

Exercise: Well after my awesome efforts with the hike on Sunday I’ve been pretty washed out ever since (also linked to sleep issues as discussed).  I hit up yoga on Tuesday (beginners) and Thursday (all levels) and struggled a bit through Thursday’s class.  I gave tonight’s class a miss as I thought I needed to take it a bit easy.  I’m hoping to get at least one decent walk in over the weekend though.

And the bump update.  Here you go!  My little bump and me at 16 weeks.  If any of you have noticed the bruising on my belly you can thank my good friend Clexane (daily blood thinning injection for that). My kitty made her way into the photo again this week too!


7 thoughts on “Week 16 -Building my “overheads”

    1. The kitty loves to be with me and checking out what I’m up to. She’s a sweetie.
      Yes I could go veggie properly but the husband wouldn’t be so keen 😂


  1. CUTE! And interesting about the “overheads” — good to know as someone in the same (slim runner) boat. Have you found good maternity jeans? Right now I’m just a size up, but I know that won’t last forever. Though my mother tells me I have till 6 months … we’ll see. Anyway, glad to hear all is well. When will you reveal the gender?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve got a pair of under the bump from ASOS which are pretty comfy. Otherwise the others are over the bump and from H&M. I’m ok with the H&M ones but I still prefer the ASOS ones overall.
      Once we tell our parents I’ll do a reveal here on the gender but I don’t think we will be telling them for a while yet! Sorry!!


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