Thumbs up

The scan is done and everything is looking great with the small one growing inside of me. The anticipation and nerves beforehand are worth it just to see the bub there looking big and healthy and just as it should be at this stage. 

I think this one is going to be a cheeky one as it’s already giving us the thumbs up!!

It’s so mad how you can see the individual bones of the fingers and hand!! We also saw the brain on the scan – you could clearly see the two sides of the brain which was incredible – and we also saw the heart beating. At one stage the little human inside me did a big yawn which allowed the doctor to confirm no cleft palate (yay) and made me think that it will take after its father who is a world class snoozy-head!

We did find out the gender which was interesting but as we are not telling anyone that we know the gender yet I’m also not allowed to write about it here, dammit!! 

We also had a chat about potential c-section dates. I have had previous surgery so my doctor doesn’t want to risk me bleeding out through labour/ natural birth. This also doesn’t sound cool to me. Anyway, I am really keen to miss one particular date for the birth (best to not ask why) and the doctor confirmed, while laughing, that we could shift it a day or so either way to accomodate my (weird) request. Haha!

I am super emotional today, partly due to the scan, partly due to sleeping appallingly last night and partly because, well, hormones. 

But in good news I have now moved up another bra size. While I used to be a smallish B cup I am now a D cup!! Such a shock to finally have boobs!! So maybe this is where my weight gain has gone. Luckily it hasn’t gone to my butt (yet) so that’s a good thing I’m sure. 

Hubby also told me last night that I’ve been pretty normal and not too hormonal which was the nicest thing I’ve heard in a while. Yay me!

10 thoughts on “Thumbs up

  1. Aw cute pictures! Glad it went well. I’m curious about the gender now! I agree with your comment about not liking leggings are trousers by the way, I always wear mine with a long top or dress. Maybe with really think ones they could be ok by themselves but I’ve seen too many women wearing ones that look more like tights! Never sure if they don’t realise how see-through they are or just don’t care!

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    1. I would gladly tell you!! So hard to keep it in! Yes leggings are good but they can be too revealing. Even at yoga I see girls who wear fully transparent ones when they bend over and I’m like YIKES! They are excellent under a long top/dress though.
      What’s your plan now? Are you taking some time to consider the options?


    1. Oh that’s so sweet!! Yes keep hope!! I was so super negative (I still am a bit) and wanted to give up more than once. But so far so good with this little one. Maybe (20)17 is my lucky number and hopefully yours too!! 😘😘


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