The night before the morning of

You would think that at a certain point of pregnancy that you would stop worrying. Well I’m here to tell you that is not the reality. It’s definitely true that my stress levels have gone done since getting past the 12 week scan with everything looking good. However, I still find myself second guessing whether it’s a good idea to do this or that or eat that piece of cake. 

Then along comes another doctor’s appointment and scan. 

Tomorrow morning I go for my 16 week scan one day shy of being 16 weeks pregnant and I’m a bit nervous. This makes no sense. Judging by the growth alone in the past few days there is something going on in there so I have no real reason to be worried, yet the nerves start jangling just in case.

Maybe another reason I’m a bit on edge is that we have agreed we will find out the gender of the baby tomorrow. I could have waited longer but hubby is nearly bursting while he waits to find out! He’s gotten super excited about everything this week so I don’t want to deny him. However, we have decided to tell everyone else that we still don’t know the gender – at least for now. This also means I am not allowed to reveal it here. Sorry!!

For the record, I think I’m having a boy but would prefer it to be a girl. My husband is the opposite. Exciting!

I am fully embraced in the world of maternity clothes now albeit just for my bottom half (for now). I am preferring under the bump styles so much more than over the bump (FYI new mammas-to-be). I have thus far refused to wear leggings other than for workout purposes because I do not believe them to be a replacement for proper trousers/pants (worn under a long top is ok though). Any clothing that allows strangers to identify you’re waxing preferences is not workplace appropriate in my opinion. I realise I am in the minority on this but that’s why leggings don’t make up the backbone of my wardrobe at least. 

Last Sunday I made good on my promise to go hiking with a social group we belong to. Even though I nearly bailed out at the last minute for fear it would be too much it turned out to be a great day!! Although the he hike went for 3 hours it was not so strenuous and I was even one of the faster participants! The key for me was loads of water (=peeing behind some bushes more than once) and a few healthy snacks along the way. I cannot tell you how great the fresh air was!! Having been ill with viruses for the past month it was the first time I felt properly alive for ages. Great for the body and mind!

Of course I was completely wiped out by the evening so was practically useless after about 7pm!! Still worth it!

Despite all this good exercise, I weighed myself this morning and I’ve gained some weight. No surprises as the bump is definitely growing more prominent but I don’t want to go outside a healthy weight gain range. Eeek! Fingers crossed!

20 thoughts on “The night before the morning of

  1. I know exactly what you mean about feeling fine, but worrying, too. I’m guessing it’s totally normal. Same – my stomach is definitely protruding. Last night I was showing S and he said, well it’s firm, there’s definitely something going on in there! Haha! Yes, not fat, just firm. I had a friend say her growing tummy always felt firm and now I know what she meant! For some reason I was imaging it to be squishy. I guess that’s after the fact. Eek. Anyway, good luck! I’m sure it will be all be fine. Sending good vibes over the ocean!

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    1. Yes mine feels firm and in the evenings when it’s at its biggest then it feels a bit like it’s stretching for room, but in a good way. Thanks for the positive vibes – exciting stuff!! xx


      1. That’s great to know! 😊😊😊

        Yes baby and I are doing well! Baby’s more playful now and he refuses to sleep at night.. takes quite a bit of effort to get him to fall asleep and not fight the sleep!

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      2. I just read your post. My c section was calm and went according to plans. No suffering in pain whatsoever and recovery was really quick – much to my surprise. They’ll make you walk on the second day after the delivery – to prevent clots in the legs and I was made to wear compression socks for a week.
        It’s been 2 months since delivery and I can bend down, carry things and walk as much as I want without any issue.
        Because it was a planned c section and they knew how long the op will take, I was given a spinal tap injection ( a one time jab in the spinal space) rather than an epidural (which has a catheter attached to your spine and hooked up to a machine). You might want to ask your doctor which one he’ll give.
        Of course, taking all the painkillers is a must after the surgery but it was really manageable.
        I don’t believe in all the hoohaa behind natural delivery etc etc. All that matters is that the baby is delivered safely by whatever means.

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      3. I’m hoping it goes as smoothly for me. I was annoyed at first when I learned I’d have a CS but now I’m cool about it. At least there is a degree of control. I also think my baby is going to be a big one. It’s 17cm already!!!


      4. Yep! You won’t have to go through labour pains etc ( I’m pain intolerant haha) and you can pick the birth date!
        I saw the pics of the baby! It’s so amazing to see them on ultrasound and then in person! You’ll be in such awe! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
        Have you started shopping for the baby? We’ve spent and are still spending a hell lot for him! But it’s fun!

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      5. We haven’t actually bought anything yet but we are planning at the moment. I think the buying will start soon though. I expect a fortune will be spent by us too!! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

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