Lovely Lady Lumps – 15 Weeks

Every day I cannot help but marvel that I am still pregnant and lucky enough that IVF has had some success for me and my husband. This week though I really started to own the reality when something resembling a bump made itself known. I have been stuck in a weird place for the last week or so were regular clothes have stopped being so comfy and yet maternity clothes are too big. I think this phase may soon be over though based on how quickly I seem to be growing!

Each day when I see the new growth – and yes, it does feel like the bump is growing before my eyes – I start to realise there really could be a baby at the end of this. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

I’ve also been sharing my news with more people and it’s been so heart-warming to get such positive and joyful reactions. Those who have had some insight into my fertility challenges have been particularly excited and have helped to make me feel a little thrill too.

Onto the summary for 15 weeks:

Weight gain: I’ve been tracking my weight (and other data) using the Ovia app – which is really good – and I’ve actually not gained any weight this week. I don’t know how I managed that with all this bump growth, but I’ve not been so hungry recently and maybe this was just a plateau week for my weight.

Symptoms: My old friend heartburn has been paying me some visits this week. I think this one is in for the long run! Obvious triggers are chocolate and tomato-based foods, but other triggers are harder to place. I figure I could have worse symptoms so this is not too bad.

Round ligament pain, aka growing pains, has also made an appearance. At least I think that’s what it is. I’m getting a kind of dull aching in the lower pelvic region and sides of my belly, especially the left side.  It’s not consistently there, but it is distinctive and it can be a little uncomfortable when I’m trying to sleep. I’ve also noticed my belly and my boobs get a bit itchy at times, probably from all the stretching going on.

Eating: Like I said earlier, I’ve not been so hungry this week.  I usually get a starving feeling around 6.30pm/7.00pm, which is annoying as it hits in yoga class! I try and eat a snack in the afternoon – something like veggie sticks and humous – and that buys me some time, but once I get home around 7.30pm/8.00pm I am ready to demolish the contents of our pantry cupboard! Otherwise, I think my diet has been pretty decent this week.  Lots of veggies, a little red meat, and some dairy etc.

Sleep: My cough has gotten better now as has most of my illness generally, which means I am sleeping better. However, I’ve needed topee twice per night and I’m uncomfortable in bed with the growing pains so it’s not been a spectacular week of sleeping. I had a world class quality nap last Saturday afternoon which lasted 2 hours and I felt a million times better after that. It made me wish that I could have a nap every day!

Movement: Nope.  Hopefully soon!

Emotions: I think I’ve been cranky and bossy this week rather than weepy.  I asked hubby for a more neutral answer and he said I’ve been pretty good this week.  He did say that overall so far I have been “bonkers”. Nice.

Missing: Sushi. Last Saturday night we went with friends to a sushi restaurant and they ordered a massive, gorgeous-looking sushi platter which sat in front of me the whole dinner and taunted me (they don’t know I’m pregnant so it’s not that they are cruel and evil for doing this to me).

Also missing my pre-pregnancy bottom. I think my butt is heading south these days.  This is concerning!!

Purchases: I bought some maternity trousers online that are “below the bump” as I’m not enjoying the “over the bump” designs yet. They should arrive on Monday. Yay!

Looking forward to: Our next scan on Thursday! Hurrah! It will be great to see what’s been going on in there, but also hubby wants to find out the gender of the baby.  Eeek!

Also looking forward to my bump growing bigger and announcing the pregnancy by itself to those who don’t know (which is practically everyone as I’ve been reluctant to announce it widely).

Best moment of the week: One of my friends sending me some homemade belly bump lotion made from beeswax and other nice things. She used it throughout her own pregnancy  and didn’t get any stretch marks so I am hoping this is the key to no stretchies! The fact that she gave me such a thoughtful (and practical) gift and she lives in a different country to me so she had to arrange for someone to bring it to me was just such a beautiful gesture. I means a lot to me.

Also this week, the bump beginning to look like a bump has been pretty exciting.

Clothes: I gave maternity jeans a try last weekend and they kept falling down as there wasn’t enough bump to keep them up.  This weekend I think it is getting more necessary to go for maternity clothes! By next weekend I think it will be practically non-negotiable. Some tops are beginning to get a bit excessively clingy too….

Exercise: It’s been a really goo week for exercising this week! I’ve been to yoga three times and I took myself on a 5.5km walk around a local park on Thursday night.  I confess it was a struggle on the way home, which was also uphill. Low blood sugar seems to have been the main issue so I’ll have to remember to eat beforehand next time. I’m also planning on joining an organised, but easy, hike on Sunday.  Fingers crossed that’s not too exhausting and hubby doesn’t have to carry me back to the car!

And here is some visual evidence of me and the bump at 15 weeks.  This was taken last night after dinner so I was at my largest.  In the mornings the bump is smaller than this. There’s also a bonus kitty in the pic (this is not the bedroom we sleep in!) if the bump is not your thing! 🙂




10 thoughts on “Lovely Lady Lumps – 15 Weeks

    1. Thank you!! We don’t need the scan for the gender. We did the blood DNA test at 12 weeks so all we need to do is ask the doctor to find out. We are going to tell everyone we don’t know the gender though 🤣

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  1. Whoop whoop – it is so good to see you happy. Loving the bump!! For pre-maternity clothes I just wore long tops and had the top button of my jeans held together with a hair tie…. they do have these things called Bellabands so that you can stay in your old clothes for longer- but honestly it’ll be so short I wouldn’t bother – maternity clothes are awesome!! Have fun shopping 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much. I did think about the hair tie / band scenario but I did have some some clothes hubby had bought a few days before the first MC. So thought why not slip into them 😊. I’m growing my collection now but hoping summer kicks in soon (I live in a Med country) so I can ditch the jeans and go for dresses.

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  2. Hooray! Cute baby bump. 🙂 I’m looking forward to my bump popping out and looking pregnant! And I’m with you, most regular clothes do not fit anymore, but the next size up is too big. Today I am wearing tights and a sweater dress and it’s way more comfortable. If only I had more of these! Good luck at your next scan!

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