Hello baby!

Today I am starting to finally breathe out after seemingly holding my breath since early November. Yesterday we had our 12 weeks scan, although technically I was 11 weeks and 4 days yesterday, and this lovely little micro person greeted us on the screen!

This is the first time I have actually been able to almost believe there is a baby inside my belly. Even with the fuzzy picture of the ultrasound you can clearly see a nice big head, body and little legs. We could also see arms and even fingers even though they aren’t visible here. The baby was making some good movements so perhaps we have an athlete or a dancer on our hands!

As part of the scan the doctor was checking for indications of issues such as Down’s Syndrome. Initial visual checks all looked good and the fact you can see a nose bone in profile is also likely indicative of no Down’s. However I also gave a blood test so that they can check the foetal DNA present in my blood to be sure of chromosomal abnormalities. We should know about that for sure in a couple of weeks. 

It was a really positive appointment and nothing like the horrid stressful ones I’ve grown used to having. It’s weird to feel kind of happy. It’s even started to sink in that we might actually have a baby in July this year – something that’s seemed too scary to wish for previously. 

I’m also delighted that I am being weaned off the meds. Hallelujah!!! Over the next month I’ll be reducing most meds. The mini-aspirin will stay until 20 weeks. Clexane jabs I get to keep doing throughout the pregnancy and 1 month after so no respite for my poor bruised belly. 

Symptoms wise, I’m peeing a lot and the heartburn remains. It is unpredictable though coming and going intermittently. I am more tired these past few days but also I’ve been busy and getting over the bronchitis so not sure what to attribute that to mostly. My belly is getting rounder but I can still fit in most clothes – I’ve only gained around 2kg so far. I think it’s time to look for some maternity bras as the bazookas need some love! 

I don’t know if this is a symptom, but I also look like crap and my hair is all lank. So much for pregnancy glow!!

We have told a few more people our news now – now all our parents know, as does my sister and a few of my close friends. Hubby hasn’t told his brother yet (don’t ask) but has told some friends at work (yes, that makes no sense I know). Everyone has been delighted for us, especially those that know of our battles until now. I have been reluctant to share and I still feel that way but I guess it will become obvious soon so better to be upfront about it. 

So exiting! 

26 thoughts on “Hello baby!

  1. Fantastic news. I’m really glad that all is going well so far.
    When it comes to the injections I’m the same and have to do them until 6 weeks after the birth, if you haven’t already get them to show you how to do it in your thigh as there will come a point where you might not want to inject in your stomach and it’s much easier and bruises less.

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    1. That’s really helpful thanks!! I’m ok for now I think but I did wonder what would happen when things got a bit tight in there. The bruising is yuk!! How are you doing these days?


    1. Thanks so much! There is always a risk still but we have to celebrate all the small wins along the way. Fingers crossed!! Thanks for your good wishes. It means a lot.


    1. Mainly no. Don’t hate me!! I’ve had aversions to meat though. Almost end of first trimester now so I think I’m past the nausea stage. How are you doing?


      1. No of course not! I’m happy for you! I felt really horrid throwing up for all 9 months and eating was a chore! No fun feeling sick all the time!

        Now it’s a different set of challenges with taking care of the baby.. reflux issues, gas, colic.. and learning new things everyday in dealing with these challenges.

        Do spend lots of time with the hubby! After the baby came we have zero time for anything except the baby. I miss going out for dinner etc freely.

        Enjoy the pregnancy akl! It’s gonna be awesome when you get to hold your baby!!!

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      2. I don’t go out so much anyway! Maybe the benefits of being older? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I am starting to feel a bit more relaxed but still worries for now. Fingers crossed!!


  2. What a lovely photo! And a July baby too thats so amazing, I am also a July baby ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully it will decide to come out before it gets too hot so you don’t have to put up with too much heat, everyone keeps telling me how lucky we are to have babies just before the summer so same goes for you guys! much less wrapping up and cleaning! Glad to hear you sound so happy, hopefully it will be smooth sailing from now on! I am also on the anti-clotting injections until the end of the pregnancy and aspirin until 30 weeks i was told, so its interesting to hear doc is following a similar approach which I thought was a bit overkill considering I didn’t have any of the serious thrombophilic genetic risk factors other than 1 MTHFR heterozygous mutation which apparently is very common… do you know why you need to be on it until the end too? Of course I was too scared to argue…better safe than sorry. The bruises suck! I am also injecting on upper thighs as it just feels so weird to inject in my belly now its become bigger, so use belly only when thighs get really clumpy. Also I am thinking of returning to doc in a few weeks if everything looks OK with my anatomy scan, as I think he is my best shot for a natural delivery with twins in this country, most other docs (including my current one who I otherwise like) area really scared with twins.


    1. Sounds as though the protocol is pretty standard. I’m on the aspirin and jabs because I have a mild thrombosis issue and I have the dreaded MTHFR on both strands. Fun times!! Your legs go lumpy for jabbing in them?! Whaaaat?! When did you switch to legs rather than belly? And when did you switch to maternity clothes? I’m still in regular, carefully chosen clothes but think in about 3 weeks or so I might have to go maternity stretchy! ๐Ÿ™ˆ

      Yeah go see the doc. He’s been super cheery with us. He gave me 20 photos at my scan saying he got a bit carried away! Hahahaha! He is for sure one of the best doctors for natural delivery but also for c-section. I’m stuck with a CS but I really trust him. I had a surgery before and he was incredible with minimal scarring.


      1. stupid Motherfu**r gene ๐Ÿ™‚ I only have 1 copy which is supposed to be less serious, and the hematologist I saw here told me it doesn’t really increase my risk of thrombosis but my greek doctor was super cautious about it. Well I am not sure If I am describing it correctly… basically I get internal bumps/ clots where the injection goes in, which sometimes bruise although thankfully they don’t usually bruise very badly… I get them on the belly too, but they are more evident/ larger on the thighs… not sure if its coz I am injecting more often in the thighs… Actually I was using both belly and legs from quite early on 4-5 weeks because until 12 weeks I was also using injectable progesterone so it was 2 injections and the bruises were a lot worse… I started using mostly thighs probably around week 14-15 when my belly starting popping out a bit more… I am a complete comfort freak when it comes to my belly, can’t stand anything tight around it especially at work, so I switched to maternity clothes (aka one pair of black trousers from H&M & 2 leggings, 1 black, 1 grey for casual) very early… just a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant.. Hell I will probably still wear them after this pregnancy as they are so much comfier!! But for tops I didn’t buy anything until just before Xmas when my hubby bought me a few comfy maternity jumpers. I can still “fit” into most of my regular tops …. they just hug around the belly… depends how smart you have to look for work I guess… thankfully my office environment is OK with casual so thats great for me, as I just can’t wear heels anymore.
        Glad to hear doc is cheery ๐Ÿ™‚ do you mind me asking why you are stuck with CS?

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      2. That’s interesting about the bumps. I get bruises but they seem to have gotten better recently. I wonder how I’ll go with my legs!! I guess you popped earlier as you have 2 in there. I’m just a bit thicker around the waist and mainly it’s not noticeable with careful dressing. I’m still in regular clothes but have pre-ordered a few things from ASOS. Might take a visit to H&M soon depending on how uncomfortable I am. We dress kind of smart in the office but not corporate. The other preggo girl here looks like a bag lady most days so I am aiming to NOT look like her!! Hahaha! As it’s Friday I’m in black jeans today (regular not maternity) and they fit fine still. They’re low which is why I think. Most people at my work don’t know actually (I’m 12 weeks today) – let’s see how long that lasts for.

        CS because I had previous surgery to remove a massive fibroid. It was keyhole (he’s a f-g good surgeon) and so the scar is small but he’s not at all keen for me to Labour due to the risk of bleeding to death. Now that’s in my head I am not so keen on it either!


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