New year, same me

I know it’s all the rage to start the year with a “New Year, new me” outlook, but I’ve taken a different route this year and I’m just going with the motto to keep things going just as they are.  I’m now at 10 weeks and 3 days and, as far as I know, all is well.

I did have a bit of a freak out last week when I felt like my symptoms had mellowed a bit. I felt less tired, less nauseous and less heartburn. I emailed my doctor and he was pretty firm that it was all okay, writing to me via email the following response:

“The body adapts to the hormonal changes and that is why people feel the symptoms go away. There is a basis for the pregnancy to stop and the hormones to drop and then ‘stop feeling pregnant’ but it takes about 3 weeks for this to happen and was used as a symptom where no scans were available or not offered – since we had a recent scan then I am not concerned regarding that.”

So that told me.  To be honest, I probably needed someone to tell me to effectively stop being so over-sensitive.  If I think about it, the previous few days had been very quiet at home with good periods of rest which is probably why I wasn’t feeling so tired. And also the placenta should be starting to take over and maybe that’s why I have not been feeling so bad.

That was until my modest cold metamorphised into bronchitis over the past few days, so now I have a horrible, chunky cough that doesn’t really permit proper sleep.  Now I’m tired again!  Lesson there… be careful what you wish for! Other than this aspect of not feeling well, I have mainly lost the nauseous feeling in the evenings but I still struggle with meat for dinner.  Today and yesterday I’ve had heartburn come out of nowhere and my boobs have grown in size so much that I now refer to them as “the bazookas”.  I’m usually a small-boobed woman so having an actual cleavage is making me delirious with wonder. I also seem to have quite a decent belly pooch going on.  I wouldn’t like to call it an actual baby belly, because it’s not.  It’s just bloating mainly, for sure not helped by all the meds I’m taking, especially the progesterone pessaries. This has meant that my fashion choices have become limited so I went through my wardrobe today trying on regular clothes to see which still fit and looked alright and which did not.  The latter got relegated to a lower priority area of my wardrobe!

Just over a year or so ago, back when I was pregnant the first time and our naivety was running strong, my lovely husband went out and bought me a bunch of maternity clothes for my Christmas present.  Of course then I had the miscarriage and I effectively told him I didn’t want to see what he’d bought so those things have stayed hidden somewhere in his cupboard for more than a year.  Literally, I never even saw them. Well today he thought it would be okay to get them out and show them to me.  And do you know what, he chose some really lovely things so I genuinely hope I get to wear them in a few weeks time.  I tried on the maternity jeans he bought and they’re a perfect fit butt/leg wise, but my baby belly will need to do some growing before I can legitimately wear them. That said, I think they’d be super comfy even from now!  Hahaha!

At the moment we remain quietly optimistic that this pregnancy will go well.  We have our big scan on January 10 which is when they look for Down’s Syndrome and take blood to check DNA for other chromosomal abnormalities.  I am quite anxious to pass this key stage, but also to check to make sure everything is growing as it should be.  I think if that goes well, we will be more happy to share our news with more people.  So far we have only told my Mum and his parents and both sets of parents have been very happy (obviously) but have seriously missed the message to CHILL OUT until we know everything is okay.

The parents-in-law have been particularly intense (they’re not known for their relaxed nature) and gave me a million questions the other day ranging from when do we find out the gender (everyone wants a girl so I swear it will be a boy because of Murphy’s Law), have we visited x,y,z baby store yet (no, we don’t want to jinx ourselves), how long will I be taking maternity leave (eff off, that’s none of your business), what kind of car will you buy – you must have an SUV because then you don’t have to lift the baby (seriously), doesn’t a c-section take only a week to recover from (I actually went mental at this one)?

So you know, when people say they held off on waiting to tell people their baby news, maybe they waited because they don’t want the overwhelming barrage of questions and intrusiveness! Is it possible just not to talk to anyone for the next 7 or so months?  That would be my ideal scenario!

Anyway, I’m thinking of buying a doppler.  Does anyone have any good experiences with these or are they a stupid waste of money?




16 thoughts on “New year, same me

  1. Love love loved my doppler! I heard mixed things before buying, but went for it. I have severe anxiety due to previous losses (was even medicated during pregnancy) and it helped so much. I listened everyday until he moved a lot, and still even then sometimes. I first heard it at 9 wks, you are even further along so u should be able to pick up on it without a huge problem. The first time is the hardest, then u know what to do. You tube helps. Get the sonoline B, its cheap and recommended by lots of infertiles. I got mine off!

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    1. Thank you so much! That’s the one I’ve been looking at but was needing some validation by someone in the know. Thank you x 100!! I definitely need some validation. I’ve been coughing so much with this bronchitis I’ve started to worry I’ve coughed out the baby!! Hahahaha!

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  2. Your husband is so sweet to pick out maternity clothes for you. My wife did the same in our first pregnancy after watch me meltdown about the bloating 😊. They were very inconspicuous and some of them actually became part of my wardrobe even after the miscarriage because they were so damn comfortable (Tanks/camis and sweatpants). I look forward to hearing your experience with the Doppler if you use it.

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    1. Yeah it was except days later I miscarried and was not wanting to even look at them. Poor guy!! He’s properly excited I might actually get to wear them soon!


      1. I think it’s the sonoline one. Just use aloe vera gel with it. It might take a bit of searching to get the heart beat. Do watch the YouTube videos – they’re helpful!

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  3. Was going to also suggest you get one, glad you ordered it 🙂 I thought I wouldn’t bother, then really wished I had bought it sooner. My doc couldn’t hear HB with Doppler when I was 13 weeks, so don’t worry if you can’t hear it right away, though I think most can hear by 12 weeks. I got the Sonoline B as well. I still use it here and there if I think there has been a lull in movement (I’m 28 weeks now). Good luck!!!

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