The most pregnant I’ve ever been

This is the time of year when you reflect on all that has gone by in the past 12 months and, yes, this year has been really tough going at times. On the flip side, this time last year I had just had a D&C after my first miscarriage and I was in a world of mental pain, but jump forward and today I am at the opposite end of the spectrum. Earlier today we went for our almost 9 week scan (I’m 9 weeks tomorrow) and everything is just as it should be.

The baby is now a foetus rather than an embryo, and I got to have my first external scan! No dildo wand for me!  (I was genuinely a bit let down as I had made a special tidying up effort last night in anticipation) This time on the screen we saw something vaguely resembling an actual baby.  We could make out its head, its body and its tiny little micro-limbs.  The foetus was even having a little dance in there as we could see it jiggling about. At one point I thought it looked more like a kitten than a human – and said so – which caused the doctor to inform me that it was illegal to transfer animal embryos into humans.  Aaaah okay, that wasn’t what I was suggesting had ACTUALLY happened!

In any case it was a lovely appointment and far less stressful than any other appointment I’ve had ever. The foetus measured at 2.26cm CRL and had a heartbeat around 160 bpm – all normal.  I think my doctor was actually really delighted by how well we’re doing.  This is the most pregnant we’ve ever been which is super-exciting! I am actually feeling really good about Christmas and just things in general. I know we are still a long way off, but you have to quietly celebrate the good milestones when they come.  If another speed hump does come along further down then we will deal with it as we have every other hurdle, but for now everything is okay.

We have decided we won’t come for another scan until The Big One in mid-January, which is when they do the Nuchal Fold test, which indicates Down’s Syndrome, and the blood DNA tests that check for other chromosomal issues.  Of course if anything pops up along the way, such as bleeding or whatever, the Doctor said I should come straight back in and we’ll check it out.  This works for me.

I had told my Mum our initial good news when we had the positive blood test way back weeks ago, but today I gave her an update including the scan.  She is delighted and I really do think it cheered up her pre-Christmas.

In the interests of reporting all side-effects, the past few days I have been REALLY off all things meat, and just generally off food in the evenings. There’s been no vomiting but I have felt quite nauseous at times!  I’m hoping some acupuncture tomorrow will ease this off a bit!  In the meantime all things savoury/salty and citrus are the best when I’m feeling a bit off.  Helloooooo crisps and clementines!! I’ve been feeling a bit tired at times, but nothing debilitating. I think I’ve so far gotten off quite lightly.  Anyway, every time I feel a bit gross I am actually delighted about it as it helps me to believe that things are happening as they should be.

17 thoughts on “The most pregnant I’ve ever been

  1. Hi there 🙂 Great news! That’s EXACTLY how I felt… I am still off meat and still going through loads of citrus fruits (which is great this time of year) and salty stuff mostly olives/ olive paste in my case.. But thankfully the nausea is completely gone for about 2-3 weeks now which is such a relief… But mine hit in the evenings as well and I had trouble eating dinner although thankfully never got to the point where I threw up (despite coming close a couple of times). So funny how pregnancies seem to follow such a script … I know they can be different in many ways, but I am constantly floored about how predictable and following a pattern mine has been so far… e.g. nausea in first trimester and feeling so much better/ energetic after 14th week. Hope you have wonderful holidays!

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    1. Oh that’s is so weird!! I think I’ve fared pretty well so far so I’m not complaining!! I don’t like olives so that’s out for me but most other salty things are great! How did you go with your big tests? Is all ok? Did you find out the genders?

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      1. The big scan went fine, everything looked normal but we passed on finding out the genders, after all the information we got it just seemed kind of non-significant if you know what I mean… Maybe we will find out next time after the holidays, I think it’s the best decision to wait until the big scan that’s what we did and I find it helps the time pass by quicker in a funny way 🙂

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      2. That’s really great news! Yes the gender is unimportant but I was just curious as to whether you found out. I know a lot of people who waited to be surprised at the birth. It does seem like such a long time to wait for each next stage!

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      3. I initially wanted to wait until the birth but my husband is really keen to find out and says we have enough surprises with twins on the way so I think we will find out next time 🙂 yes I know it does seem like a really long wait… But my stress levels have gone down big time after the big scan so hopefully that will be the case for you too xxx

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      4. I’m feeling good today but I expect I’ll get anxious closer to the next scan. I feel happy to have gotten this far. Maybe 2017 is our year!! xxx


    1. Thanks so much. I just caught up on your latest post. I’m so sorry to hear it was a negative. There is so much grief and disappointment with IVF and no one can understand unless they’ve been through it too. I think it’s good you want to keep going – it is partially a numbers game. But I think taking some time out to live and be “normal” for a bit is really important. I did it after my last MC and it meant when I started the next round I was feeling stronger mentally and physically. I hear there is an excellent clinic in Athens that specialises in immune issues. I can find out the name if you’re interested? I believe they do Skype consultations (in English) and you can even have a local doctor monitor you etc. Maybe too early to think about it but always good to have options. Stay strong and have all my wine for me tomorrow night please!! xx


      1. Thanks. I definitely need a few months off before I feel strong enough to attempt to go through it all again! We’ve got an appointment in March at the other clinic I mentioned actually and I have heard very good things about them there. They also support the immune stuff I’ve heard. I’m hoping that they will have some good ideas on what we could try. I had some really nice white wine last night, may as well make the most of this time! x

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      2. That new clinic sounds way more promising for your situation. Have you had all the immune tests so you understand your situation? I’ve got the MTHFR gene and a mild thrombosis situ which could have caused or contributed to my MC but who knows. I have heard good things from multiple first hand sources that the steroids and blood thinners work. And so far so good for me too but until there is a babe in arms I am still a science experiment! Very proud of you for enjoying some wine. You deserve it!


      3. Yes I did a full immune blood panel and they didn’t find any blood clotting issues though I was prescribed baby aspirin anyway. They just found high natural killer cells and some missing KIR genes meaning a higher miscarriage risk. So I was put on Intralipids starting the month before IVF, steroids from transfer and extra injections of white blood cells. It was very full on!

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  2. Congrats! I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog, I’ve been reading through some of your past entries. I hope everything continues to go swimmingly for you and your little one, it sure sounds like you deserve it after everything!

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    1. Oh that’s really sweet of you! It’s certainly been a rollercoaster of emotions. I’ll do another update in a day or two but really I’m just holding out for the next scan.


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