Oooh this is fun!

Hello my new friend, heartburn!  From all reports heartburn is a very common pregnancy symptom but it is a new one for me and I am a little excited about it.  What a weird thing to be excited about, you might think, but given the previous failed pregnancies had very little normal symptoms I like to think that this is a good sign that things are progressing well.

I think I am feeling a bit nauseous too, but definitely not even close to puking. The way I feel a bit like I’ve been a passenger in a car on a winding road with a very bad driver.  Except I’ve not been near a car or a winding road and a dry Italian breadstick makes it pass pretty quickly. However, feeling sick is a good sign for me as I associate it with a healthy pregnancy (weird, I know).

Even though I was really pleased about my scan last Friday, such is the way the mind works, by Saturday I was already in a full spin about all of the things that could go wrong. Saturday night I practically didn’t sleep as I was up all night going through all the different horror of horrors that could befall us.  Great.

Since then both hubby and a good friend have given me a bit of a talking to about how everything is as good as it can be at this stage and just because bad things happened previously doesn’t mean they will again.  Reasons to be positive:

  • This is a new embryo from a fresh, potentially stronger batch
  • I am better prepared physically and mentally this time than the previous two times
  • I am taking all the necessary medical precautions as follows reproductive immunology, which I wasn’t the previous two times
  • The embaby measured normal as of Friday (and much better at the same stage than pregnancy 2, pregnancy 1 I wasn’t informed of such data and didn’t know to ask for it)
  • The embaby has a heartbeat which is very positive
  • Third time lucky

Already I am desperate for next Monday to come around so we can do the next scan.  Next week is the mega-danger period for us as this has been the period of previous pregnancies when things have been shown to take a turn for the worst and it is a huge marker in the sand for us.  I really do feel like I am treading water at the moment until I can get through this stage.  Until then, pass me a breadstick please!

18 thoughts on “Oooh this is fun!

  1. I totally relate…I’m pregnant for the third time after two early losses. Only 5 weeks 4 days and have to wait for 7 qeeks for scan. Also doing immune protocol for the first time and have to keep reminding myself that this is a new pregnancy, that we’re doing things differently…and third time lucky! All the bestxxx

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      1. Thank you! Our first loss with my eggs we had slow rising betas and a non viable pregnancy. Next loss was with donor eggs and everything looked great, saw a heartbeat etc and then week 8 the heart had stopped. So I also feel like the hardest part for us is coming up. We’re also doing clexane (ouch!!!), intrallipids and prednisone. So looking forward to nausea and heartburn (seriously!!).

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      2. Oh wow! That’s really tough. I seriously hope it works out for you. What dosage ot Clexane and Prednisone are you on out of curiosity?


  2. I’m hoping it will be third time luckily for myself too! Try not to worry too much. Right now there is certainly no need for it, everything is looking good. What your friend said it right. Easier said than done I know though. Try to distract yourself. By eating more breadsticks, haha! 😉 Anyway wishing you all the best at your next scan x

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    1. Me too for you. Just read your blog post. Your manager is an arse but sounds super German. He was wrong but don’t turn yourself inside out about it. People are so fcking insensitive and HAVE NO IDEA how hard IVF is. He should actually be glad you’re turning up to work at all!! You’ve got bigger fish to fry!! BTW, I got my thyroid tested today and I came in at 3.49 (you’re meant to be under 2 when preggo) so now I have a new thing to worry about. BRILLIANT!! 🙈


      1. Thanks. Yeah I was thinking he should be grateful I made it to work at all considering everything I have going on right now! He hasn’t a clue. I’m not letting it get to me anymore though. Sorry about your thyroid result. You could take some medication to reduce it but maybe that’s not safe during pregnancy? I guess if you’re doctors say it’s ok then it must be and they will probably be monitoring it now which is good.

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  3. You are describing pretty much exactly how I felt when the nausea started… Fyi it progressively got worse but thankfully seems to be easing up now at around 13 weeks. It seems like you got your wish 🙂 btw my thyroid is doing the exact opposite of yours my tsh is 0.01 and I have had to take antithyroid meds for the past week (which is not ideal to put it mildly) just hoping I can stop soon as I really hate the idea of being on even more meds during this pregnancy…. It seems like indeed once you stop worrying about one thing something new just pops up!!

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    1. It’s so weird as I don’t have any heartburn now so I’m wondering if this is a bad sign. I am so stressed! I’m really not that tired either. I mean I sleep well from about 10.30/11.00 pm but I hear of others passed out at 8pm. My thyroid is not great either – it’s 3.92 and has gone up since before pregnancy. I’m waiting to hear from my endo about this. Do you have a nice bump yet?

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      1. Its too early to be so tired I think… also the steroids give you a lot of energy, I was much more tired after going off them… No not really unfortunately … I mean there is definitely smthg there but I think I just look more fat than pregnant… but its been growing a lot recently so hopefully getting there! Hope everything goes ok with your thyroid… the endo should be able to fix it, I think these issues are really common and pregnancy can exacerbate any preexisting crap we have, my endo told me she sees a lot of pregnant ladies 🙂

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      2. I feel more tired tonight but I was pretty stressed at work yesterday and today so maybe it’s because I finally let my breath out. Girl at my work who is now 20 weeks is quite short and normally has the figure of being slim with a booty. Well, she’s been throwing back all the carbs and fries and she’s also looking more fat than preggo! She’s pretty fitness minded and young so maybe it will all work out ok later but it kind of horrifies me! Also, she’s annoying but that’s a different story!


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