Hello embaby!

Today is a good day! Off to the doctor today at 6 weeks exactly for my first scan and everything is on track and as it should be at this point. Phew!

Our little embaby is 4mm in size (bang on average) and it even had a heartbeat today! We were not sure if we would be able to detect a heartbeat as it’s a bit early but there it was loud and clear! 

Th doctor said the egg sack looks good – not too big which can be a sign of abnormality. So I am happy!! I am determined to celebrate all small successes even though I know we will be in the danger zone for a while later. 

So the meds continue (yay Clexane injections) and I’ll go for my third round of intralipids on the weekend. 

So far so good…

Next scan on Monday 12 December. One day before my birthday. 


16 thoughts on “Hello embaby!

  1. The best news!!!! Congratulations on your little fighter…..let this be our year!! I have my 12 week scan next week and I’m really nervous too isn’t it strange how even thought we reach these massive milestones we’re still terrified for the next step? XXXX


  2. Oh that’s so exciting! You have absolutely nothing to worry about lovely. I truly believe that you are going to be all good. I’ve still got some way to be out of the danger zone but I hope this one sticks like your one has. It’s all a mystery how this works so I will just have to prepare myself for whatever happens. Right now I’m hooked up to my intralipids so that helps me to feel like I”m doing something to improve my chances!

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    1. Thanks! The extra meds are to try and stop me having yet another miscarriage, but it’s an area of science that is not so much backed in facts, but rather in circumstantial evidence. Lots and lots of doctors do not believe in it – including mine – so it can be a bit of a challenge to get access to it unless you’re with a private clinic. If you look into reproductive immunology, there is a theory that your own body could be rejecting the embryo as a foreign body. Intralipds are meant to somehow stop that, as are steroids. The blood thinners (Clexane in my case and low dose aspirin) are also meant to help me to make sure I don’t have some kind of thrombosis that prevents the embryo embedding properly and getting good blood flow. After the last miscarriage I did a bazillion blood tests (super expensive!) and they found a couple of small things that *might* mean that I have mild thrombosis. The Clexane injections I take are not difficult to do if you’ve already got yourself through all the IVF injections but they are a bit expensive and I do have some lovely bruises and local pain from them on my belly. Fun times! Anyway, have a read of this for a short summary of what reproductive immunology is all about, but just remember there is practically no evidence (though I personally know 2 people who had YEARS of IVF treatment then jumped on the steroids/intralipds and got pregnant right away so I am definitely up for trying them!) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/nov/12/can-mayonnaise-cure-infertility


  3. Catching up. So happy for you!
    Btw I had intralipids and heparin and I’m now 34 weeks pregnant. I’ve no idea if it helped but it’s the first pregnancy I’ve had that got anywhere near this far. X


    1. Maybe you don’t realise it, but every time you write on my blog you mention you are pregnant. I know you are. Your baby is due not long after the last one I lost is due so please don’t keep reminding me.


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