Grow baby, grow!

Sometimes it feels like time just stands still. Much like Christmas Eve as a child which seems to go on FOREVER, this week has dragged on by. Of course this is because I have my first scan for my embaby tomorrow and I’m pretty nervous about it. 

I’m really hopeful this one is a happy embaby that’s growing and enjoying my cosy, lovely uterus. I have absolutely no reason to believe tomorrow will be anything but positive – except for the two previous experiences of course!

But this time MUST BE DIFFERENT I keep telling myself!! The steroids, the intralipids, the higher doses of blood thinners (Clexane), aspirin, and so much Estradial that my lining must be half a mile thick by now! And also because third time lucky, right?! Right. 

Symptoms wise I wasn’t so hungry the past couple of days but then the hunger came back big time today. I think I might be nauseous in the mornings as I’ve felt odd but the steroids are probably masking that. And peeing in the middle of the night is now A Thing. 

I’m not super tired but I look like crap kind of full time now. Thank goodness for make up!! Also I’m getting some spots on my hairline that are persistently staying put and I’m getting bloated. Interesting. 

But back to tomorrow. I’m going to be hoping for a happy embaby that is ideally about 4mm CRL (crown-rump length). I’ll be considered 6 weeks 0 days tomorrow so there is a chance of a heartbeat but no guarantees. If there is one, I’m going to be nervous unless it’s around 90-110 BPM. 

We all know how the last two scans at this stage went. Oh the nerves…

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