Just keep swimming…

As far as I my boobs know, I am still pregnant.  This is what I keep telling myself when I wake up each morning and realise my girls are feeling more sore than they did the day before.  This is a good sign.

Anyone who has been following me for some time knows that the next few weeks are critical for me.  Sure, they’re critical in any pregnancy but with my history  of reoccurring missed miscarriages (i.e. viable embryo with heartbeat suddenly losing its heartbeat) to say I am on tenterhooks is putting it mildly.

As of today I am 5w2d pregnant, which is barely pregnant. My symptoms thus far have been mild to non-existent: a bit tired, but not as much as I was with pregnancy number 1 (although I am taking steroids which could be giving me some bonus energy), increasingly sore boobs which are also getting marginally larger progressively, hungry practically constantly (potatoes remain the favourite food – this also happened with pregnancy number 1), bloated, and cranky (according to hubby, I deny all charges).

As with all previous pregnancies, I have no nausea or vomiting, but maybe it’s too early. I must be the only person on the planet who actively wants morning sickness because it’s considered a sign of a healthy pregnancy, #weirdo!

I will confess to being a tiny bit more optimistic for this pregnancy than the last. What with all the medications – steroids, aspirin, intralipids and high doses of blood thinners, SOMETHING HAS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, RIGHT?!

So the next step for me is to have a scan later this week. It might be too early to see a heartbeat but I remain optimistic.  Hopefully this one will be growing at a regular rate AND have a strong little ticker.  Keeping fingers, toes and legs crossed!!


17 thoughts on “Just keep swimming…

  1. Re the sickness, if you are on steroids then you probably won’t get it. I kept wishing for it too, but then my doc said the steroids would be masking it. I never got any morning sickness and I’m 32.5 weeks pregnant now… You got this. X


  2. Finger’s crossed that all continues to go well for you! I read a study on intralipids that said they don’t increase the amount of women who get pregnant after IVF but they increase the odds of them having a live baby once they get pregnant and not having a miscarriage. x

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    1. Well that’s good news because that’s my exact problem! How are you going? Aren’t you due another one soon too? I’m doing them every two weeks so my next LOT should be this weekend if my scan goes ok. Eeek! x


      1. Oh it’s SO MEGA BORING!! I take my laptop and do online shopping!! I also feel tired afterwards but I just assumed that was because I was so bored! Thanks so much x


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