Third time lucky?

I actually got really nervous today about my third hCG test and not just because they’re running out of places in my arms to take blood from. Lurking in my not so deep conscious is the never ending fear of this all going bad again. Even though my first two hCG tests have been more than ok, I just can’t let myself think it’s all ok. 

Well all the worry was for nothing. Today’s test result came in at 1305. So I’ve gone from 176 on Friday (14DPO) to 500 on Monday (17DPO) to 1305 today (19DPO). If this was someone else’s blog I would be telling them to chill out because everything is good. 

So yeah, note to self EVERYTHING IS OK!! 

In case anyone is interested, I knew something was happening on the hormone front because even with steroids keeping me perky I’ve been so bloody tired the past two days. And my boobs are getting increasingly sore – and a little bigger (hubby is delighted). Also my skin is kind of washed out like I’m hungover so don’t know where all this “pregnancy glow” BS originates because I don’t see any glowing yet (although clear skin so yay!). 

Good news today. Please keep growing little embryo!!! 

9 thoughts on “Third time lucky?

    1. Probably yes but my doctor hasn’t said anything yet. I’ve been doing my hCG tests with my lovely lady haematologist who is approximately 1000x more enjoyable to visit!! I sent the Dr my results so I expect he will bring me in for an ultrasound the week after next.

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      1. Haha! I have been switching to female doctors recently and finding I like them a lot better too!! Male doctors can have such a friggin God complex sometimes… I know it’s not all of them but especially during pregnancy I feel like female doctors can be a lot more supportive and thorough.. At least that’s been my experience so far… Great news btw!!!

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