The small things count

Today I don’t have any news but I want to do a shout out to my lovely husband. This IVF stuff is hard and miscarriages are even harder, but this guy has stuck through it all with me and has been my strength. He probably knows more about female hormones and how they work than he ever wanted to know about. But he’s amazing and I love him. 

Last night I can’t home to the most hilarious and touching gift. In our bedroom were 3 giant balloons spelling out 176! 

It was so incredibly thoughtful, funny and cute. I laughed so much and so hard that I was doubled over – tears streaming down my face and snorting with laughter!!!

We are not clear yet by any means but the fact he wanted to celebrate this small victory in the sweetest way really touched me!! It’s funny how it takes such tough times to make you stronger. 

Also, the balloon shop people were very confused by why he wanted 176 in balloons!! Not your usual order!!

4 thoughts on “The small things count

    1. He told them 176 was my age and they all laughed and were like, but really what is it for? So he said I sat a really important exam and it was my score. Then they all wanted to know if it was a good score or not, so he said to them “Would I be buying balloons if it wasn’t?!”


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