Hellooo potatoes!

Potatoes. Probably not your usual early pregnancy symptom for most people, but for me yesterday’s sudden and intense desire for potatoes was a very welcome sign! 

In my first pregnancy I could not get enough of potatoes in all forms so this was good news for me. I was starving in general yesterday and this is also very strange for me so I knew something was up. 

In my previous pregnancies I have known before test day that I was pregnant by the way my body was (mis)behaving and so I was pretty confident something was going on as of yesterday. 
I know some people enjoy the surprise reveal of the blood test results but the one time I held out for them I nearly had a nervous breakdown on test day. Now I make sure I do a home pregnancy test beforehand so I have a general idea of what to expect. 

So of course I tested this morning!! And the result was a faint but visible line showing a positive!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

As I have shown twice before with my miscarriages, while this is good news, it is far from a solid win for us. The next step is the blood test to make sure my numbers are viable. If they are (fingers crossed) then we have to make sure it sticks. 

But for now, we are happy!! πŸ€

22 thoughts on “Hellooo potatoes!

  1. woohoo! that’s great news πŸ™‚ first step down… hope you have even better news tomorrow! Interesting about the potatoes, I have been craving carbs like crazy this entire pregnancy: potatoes, toast, rice pasta, cypriot kolokasi πŸ™‚ I can’t go anywhere near protein (apart from cheese/ eggs) it makes me so sick…especially fish and I was successfully attempting a gluten free diet for quite a few months prior to IVF as I had read that sometimes unexplained infertility/ immune issues may be related to un-diagnosed gluten intolerance… needless to say that has gone completely out the window… I figure my body knows what it wants or at least thats what I hope

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    1. It’s not the strongest test result unfortunately but I guess the blood test will reveal all. Interesting about your cravings – I wonder if they mean your body needs more of some kind of food or if we’re all just fatties πŸ˜‚. I’ve tried to mainly stay away from gluten but it’s HARD!!

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      1. Its way too early you can’t judge the test result like that, mine was just as faint as yours and the next day I had a super high beta due to twins… I think probably the line doesn’t darken as much as the control until you are about a week past your period (I am guessing that’s when most women who conceive naturally would test) at which point the hcg should be in the thousands… we are all testing way too early due to ivf. I think the cravings are more to do with morning sickness… its mostly that these are the only things I can stomach, what I really have are aversions to protein mostly but also quite a lot of veg so finding stuff to eat whilst gluten free was really difficult and the gluten/ carbs are just comforting to a messed up stomach… hopefully you won’t get morning sickness, I always thought the women who complained about it should just shut up and take it πŸ™‚ but now I really get how horrible it is… also I haven’t been able to eat as healthily as I would have liked initially so I just had to let up on some of the control freak issues that going through IVF will instill in you!

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      2. Well you know I obsessed about not having any morning sickness previously as for women over 35 it’s not a good sign – there’s some mild link between MC and no morning sickness. So I say yay to being ill!!! Thanks for the pep talk on the pee tests. I’m hoping so hard for a strong number tomorrow. I feel like I’ve got everyone rooting for me!!

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      3. Well then I wish you plenty of sickness to come πŸ™‚ well I was telling myself at least hopefully it’s a good sign when I felt my most terrible but to be honest nothing will reassure you until you get to the next level next ultrasound etc unfortunately the waiting/anxiety doesn’t really end but I guess you know that already! btw I did hear that steroids can suppress morning sickness.. Just bear that in mind and it usually doesn’t hit until around 8 weeks is what my doctor told me. Wishing you a great result tomorrow πŸ™‚

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      1. Try not to worry about the test line, remember mine was even more of a shock because I took a home test weeks before and it was negative but I was pregnant my levels obviously just weren’t high enough! I tested strong positive at six weeks! Your test line is more than I had and I WAS pregnant! Xxx


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