The Phantom of the Uterus

….. is there.

Inside my mind!

One for the fans of show tunes there!

The Phantom of the Uterus is in full session right now at 6dp5dt. I have symptoms galore and I’m not sure which are my imagination, which are the result of the medications, and which might (might) represent a potential BFP. I am sharing these “symptoms” here merely as a record of my observations and of course if I get a BFN at the end of this week you can all laugh at me for my vivid imagination.


Yesterday I was quite confident my boobs were bigger. Husband came home yesterday (yay!) and was required to do a full visual and feeling test to assess their growth or lack of (he gets all the good jobs!!). He confirmed that he too believes them to be bigger – and was incredulous that I was doubting it. This morning I woke up and they feel even bigger and more sore which I’m delighted about. This is probably the best bit of all of this for the husband as my usually micro-sized boobs grow to be quite a lovely size and shape. Of course they usually get really sore at a certain point and then he can’t touch them so he has to enjoy them while he can! Haha!


I have felt a tiny bit more tired than normal, but nothing like previously when I had BFPs. This could be for several reasons, one of which being there is no BFP (not the option I’m going for), but most likely is because I am taking 16mg of Prednisolone and from all reports that gives you a lot more pep in your step than you might otherwise have. I did go to bed a little earlier than normal last night at 10:30pm, but I was then WIDE AWAKE and ready to party at 5am this morning, which is great except there was no one who wanted to party at that hour with me. I also needed a 5am toilet visit which has previously been a sign of BFP, but maybe this is just because I went to bed a little earlier than usual. Hmmm….


I am very bloated (eeewww) and I seem to be having low level cramps on and off almost constantly. I think I’m a tiny bit more hungry than usual too, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m back in the office this week and being in an office usually makes me crave the munchies. 

Husband is convinced the transfer has worked and is expecting a BFP. I am afraid he is a little over confident but don’t want to ruin his buzz as he is in charge of positivity in our partnership. But I bought a double-pack pregnancy test yesterday so that we can test before the blood test on Friday. I know some people like the element of surprise, but for me I like to have a sense of what to expect in advance of the ominous call with the blood test results.  No testing before Thursday though. 

Please, please let this little one stick!

19 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Uterus

      1. I really believe if what can happen to me after all these years of heartache can happen anything is truly possible…..I never believed in fate or anything like that but my views have changed completely and I truly believe this is YOUR time, it’s our time and by God do we deserve it! 🙏🏻 xxx

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      2. I’m too scared to believe because I’ve been here before and it’s ended so badly. But I’m going to keep wishing and hoping for my own miracle so we can be baby mammas together. xx

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    1. The problem with testing now as that it sometimes doesn’t show up and it can be upsetting. So I’m going to hold off to pee test until Thursday AM. Blood test on Friday. Fingers crossed! xx

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      1. So exciting!! I’m doing my test at my haematologist’s clinic this time (takes about 1.5 hours for results!!) so I should know before lunchtime on Friday. I’m probably going to do a home test tomorrow morning though. How about you? 🍀


  1. I am going in for the blood test at 8 30am (18 hours more!) but will only get the results after 2pm! I think I may just faint. I took HPTs bt I am too scared to trust them. I rather wait for the betas to ensure the numbers are nice n strong 🙂

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