It’s all about the numbers

One day later and I’m still in a kind of shock that I managed to produce 29 eggs. It’s great for sure but I also wonder how good this really is for the human body. Leaving those worries aside for now, I’m overall delighted. 

Yesterday I started to go bananas at home with nothing to do and feeling pretty average but not bad enough to be bed bound. So today I decided just to go to work and see how I feel. It’s not far for me to travel and I go by car so if I’m really struggling I can go home later. I’m currently taking all the painkillers and doing ok. My fashion however is very much focused on anything without a waist band! So glam! 

As I was getting ready for work I got a phone call from the clinic’s embryologist to tell me the fertilisation results. We went only for ICSI this time as we had a much better result with that method last time. 

So… The numbers are… We started with 29 eggs and a massive 25 of them fertilised! WOW!! Hubby is taking full credit for this claiming it is his quality swimmers. Haha!

I’m not sure what the difference in cycles has been. I’ve been on the same protocol so it’s not the drugs. I’ve gone from a 50% attrition rate at fertilisation to 14%. Admittedly I’ve learned a lot in the past 12 months and have made the following changes:

  • Stopped all gym workouts and running
  • Started doing yoga and walking only
  • Started regular (usually weekly) acupuncture sessions
  • Very little caffeine (maybe 1 weak cup of tea per day)
  • Very little wine (none during the medicated period; 1 glass of wine per week otherwise)
  • Started taking specialist vitamin pills by Zita West (very expensive!!) – this was for both hubby and me

Until the embryos have developed a bit more we won’t know anything about the quality of the embryos but I’m feeling more positive than I have in a long time! 

16 thoughts on “It’s all about the numbers

  1. This is fantastic! So pleased for you and everything sounds really really positive. I’m going to pick up acupuncture again but choose a different acupuncturist I was having three four sessions a week on her recommendation and it hit the wallet hard! If you’re having one a week and had such amazing results I’m gonna follow your lead (even just for stress right now)……so these specialist vitamins? Where do I find them and in what way do they make a difference? I love reading such a positive post it picks you up and gives hope when you need it! Xxx

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    1. Sometimes I go even less often but it’s easy for me as my yoga teacher does the acupuncture so I stay after class for it. It’s perfect like that as I am more chilled about it. I’m using Zita West’s vitamins and they are EXPENSIVE! I take Vitafem, Vitafem Boost 1, vitamin D spray and the Inositol and Folate powder. Hubby takes Vitamen. We both take the Vital DHA. Check them out here: They are specially designed for quality egg and sperm production as well as preparing your body for pregnancy. As a side note I swear they have improved my hair and nails!! Hubby also says he has had more energy since using them but I don’t know if that’s a placebo effect. Glad to cheer you. I’m still a loooooong way to my destination but every step in the right direction counts. xxxx

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve just started a blog with my story. I had eggs extracted Wednesday but only 5 were produced. Luckily 4 have fertilised. I’m waiting for an update now… ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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