How do you like your eggs?

I like mine golden.

I’m freshly home from my egg collection and the total egg collection number count is in: 29.

I made 29 eggs in one cycle! Yikes! No wonder I’ve felt so uncomfortable!

The process was pretty straight forward and I was in and out pretty quickly. It is a bit sad that I’ve been in this clinic so many times (both for the IVF and miscarriages) so everyone knows me there. This is not something to be proud of!

While I was under, hubby dashed off to his office (which is close by) to pick his laptop up so he could work from home later. I was so quick to come around after the anaesthesia that I was actually awake before he came back – I was not pleased with him for that!

I did my usual post-anaesthetic babbling on which was exacerbated by the fact that actually I was in some pain (helllllooooo 29 eggs!). Before hubby arrived I asked the nurse if they found a golden egg (see previous posts) and after some clarification as to what the hell I was talking about she said for sure I had more than one golden egg. I then heard her chuckling about golden eggs to her colleague outside!!

I also told hubby that this was absolutely the last time I was doing this* and if we don’t make a baby from this lot of (golden) eggs then I’m giving up and we are going to live a fabulous life back in my home country without kids. He was wise enough to agree.

Hubby went off to make his contribution to the process and so in the meantime I got to have some camomile tea and some pretty average toast.

We checked out shortly after that and are now home. Hubby has gone to bed as the very early start and his “contribution” have clearly taken a lot out of him. Who is the patient again?

I’m settling in for a day of painkillers, excessive TV watching and multiple cups of tea. I would normally have applied a heat pack to my belly but this is the current situation instead:

*Anything said directly after an anaesthetic is not to be held against me at a later date!

24 thoughts on “How do you like your eggs?

  1. kitty heating pad!! πŸ™‚ the best kind!! woohoo! 29 eggs!! wowsers! were you on the same dose of stimms as your previous cycle? so strange (and encouraging) that each cycle can be so different! Sending you and the golden egg lots of love xxx

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    1. I know right?!! Yes, totally same dose of stims but I spent longer before preparing – vitamins, yoga, acupuncture etc. Maybe it had an impact. It’s all a mystery. Thanks for your good wishes. Your turn next! xxx

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      1. Its all definitely a mystery! But hopefully one with a good ending πŸ™‚ Haha thanks! I started stims last night actually so maybe it will be my turn end of next week! What are you taking to deal with the bloating? last time I took lots of salty stuff to draw the fluid out and lots of coconut water as electrolytes but this time I am on 5mg steroids and have been told to avoid salt and sugar (unless I want moon face… I really don’t!!!) so I am thinking what else I can take to help… maybe protein powder?

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      2. I don’t know actually. I didn’t take anything but I was under the impression that salty foods are very bad if you’re bloated. I’m going to be having some electrolytes in the coming days to help with the OHSS but haven’t really thought past that. I’m generally against protein powder during IVF as you don’t know what other crap is in it.

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      3. Yes I know that’s what I also know about salt and bloating, but apparently what I read at the time was that the salt helps absorb the excess fluid from the follicles (which is why its bloating in general due to fluid retention) and then you take lots of electrolytes to flush it out… it seemed to make sense at the time, can’t remember where I read it now. As for protein powder I agree in general and have never taken it before, but was just wondering if maybe I can source some organic kind which is free of crap to help with recovery this time in case I can’t take electrolytes… Will ask my doctor closer to the time I guess. Anyway wishing you a speedy recovery with lots of couch and kitty time πŸ™‚

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      4. hahah exactly! πŸ™‚ I love salty foods in general as a true Cypriot so it wasn’t difficult for me at all! I ate loads of olives, crisps, cheese πŸ™‚ Avoiding salt is gonna be really hard for me now… sugar I don’t care about so much.

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    1. I think she just wanted a cuddle but no complaints here. Yeah, I’m still getting over the 29 eggs too. I’m sure that it’s not actually good for your body to make this many but hopefully there is one in there that makes a baby. Thanks for your kind thoughts!


  2. Wow!! 29 eggs. You go girl! I noticed someone else said to load up on salty stuff, our dr and nurses also told L to cram in the salty stuff after her ER. So maybe that actually works? Hoping your able to keep the OHSS away. So excited for you! πŸ’•πŸ€

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  3. Thank you! I have the bloated belly to go with the 29 eggs! πŸ˜‰ So it seems salty is the way to go. I had some crisps with lunch… does that count? Maybe I should eat a few more just to be safe….


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