Hello my pretties!

Today my doctor came back from his holidays so I got the first scan of my stims round. Yes, you got that right… 11 jabs in and I get my first scan. Anyway, I’ve been feeling uncharacteriscally calm about this round of treatment although I am resembling a hippo (see previous post). I have been confident that there was some good egg growth going on but then when I was in the waiting room the fear crept in that maybe I didn’t have so many eggs this time. 

Well that was silly. 

When the doctor checked me he made the rather un-doctor like exclamation of “Whoa!!” I did not find this comforting so I asked him to clarify what that actually means! His next answer was “There are millions in there!”

Millions actually turned out to be 25. Yes. TWENTY-FIVE potential golden eggs!  

Last time I had 20 follicles with 18 eggs. He did qualify that about 10 of my follicles look a little smaller/immature but that’s still a good number. I know this game is all about quality not quantity but the doctor actually seemed amazed at my performance. 

Go ovaries!

This means that it’s trigger shot tonight and collection Wednesday morning. We had an extended conversation about OHSS because 25 follicles puts me at quite a high risk of it. Last time he was all yeah whatever about it but this time he’s going to prescribe me some Suprefact to see if that calms my ovaries down a bit. 

I won’t lie that I’m a bit nervous about after the EC because I was quite poorly last time for a couple of weeks and I had a bunch less eggs. Oh and this weekend is the baptism of the brother-in-law’s baby. Perfect timing as always! 

Feeling like today is a good day! Bring on the egg collection! 

17 thoughts on “Hello my pretties!

    1. I have definitely gotten bigger but either I was better prepared for it this time or it’s somehow well contained. I am worried about the OHSS as I was quite bad last time…


      1. Well hopefully you won’t get OHSS. I really felt huge and like I said, only had a few eggs. But one of those turned into B who is currently making himself known kicking me from inside! So excited for you that this may be it for you! X


      1. I can totally understand the feeling! hopefully after the retrieval you can relax! all fingers and toes are crossed 🙂 Everything is fine with me nothing to report really just waiting for my period to get here so we can start xxx


      1. It’s not even an option where I am. I would highly recommend it. The anaesthetic they gave me this time was really nice as it was kicking in. Maybe I enjoyed it too much 😉 Xxx

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