In search of the golden egg

Today is the day the stims start again.  Ugh. I have celebrated today by wearing a tight skirt as I am fully aware that in a few days time I will be actively avoiding anything waisted while my alien belly expands with eggs (well, all things going to plan).

I’ve got to say my feelings about this time compared to last time could not be further from each other. I am so ridiculously chilled about needles now.  I am almost blasé about the whole stims process.  At some point – I estimate about 5 days time I will not be chill anymore.  Once the hormones kick in that will probably mean a return to the somewhat unpredictable moods and emotions.  WATCH OUT HUSBAND!

My best friend and I were chatting about the IVF cycle and she said a lovely thing to me. She said she hopes there is a golden egg in there for us this time.  I liked that visual.  I am going to grow an egg that’s so super-special that it is GOLDEN.  Like winning the IVF Olympics or something.

In preparation this IVF round I have gone pretty much sober and taken out practically all caffeine.  I am officially not fun to invite to a dinner/party. I still like and can eat cake though so that’s something.  I’ve also been really committed to yoga since my latest miscarriage in May.  That’s a solid 3 months of getting bendy. I’ve also been doing some nice acupuncture and I really like my guy who does this now.  He’s super supportive and always looking for new treatments that will maximise my chances of baby-making.

He’s quite obsessed with my yin and yang.  I have loads too much yang and not enough yin (yin is also referred to as chi depending on what your following is).  Good ways to increase your chi is to be chilled, to do yoga and walking.  Chi destructors are things like stress, hardcore exercise (say bye to the gym and running) and getting over-tired.  I think I totally ruined my chi during the period when I lost my cat so I’ve been really focusing on getting some good chi going.  My husband thinks I’m nuts!

One of the treatments that my acupuncture guy did this week is he set me on fire! Well, sort of. He set a pile of moxa (acupuncture herb) on fire on my belly which has a warming, healing purpose to it. Looks cool, right? Yes that is smoke coming out of the top like a kind of stomach volcano!


Please excuse my lack of manicure (since resolved) and instead focus on my currently flat stomach, which in a few days time is going to be anything but.  Am I a believer in acupuncture.  I don’t know, but it’s certainly not hurting me and I’d try practically anything right now.  Because my acupuncture guy also teaches my yoga class it also means that should I ever be lucky enough to get pregnant he can guide me through the yoga classes and tell me what to do and what not to do. This makes me happy.

This week I’ve been really happy.  Happy at work.  Happy at home (little Lucy kitten is such a good mood generator). Just happy.  Such an unfamiliar feeling!

So here we go with the IVF round.  Feeling good right now.  Feeling strong.  Feeling like the golden egg is in there somewhere.  Let’s do this!




22 thoughts on “In search of the golden egg

  1. So glad to hear that you are feeling much happier, and I am sure those ‘happy hormones’ will be doing working their magic on the golden egg 🙂 Yeah I wasn’t sure about acupuncture, but my sis is a physio, and she said that there has been quite a bit of research that it does have a positive impact – so definitely worth a shot!

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  2. Acupuncture is amazing and I’m pretty sure it made all the difference in our last cycle. I quite like the peace and tranquillity of it all. Good luck – it only takes that one perfect egg to make a baby. Xx

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    1. Oh I don’t find it tranquil! Bunch of needles being jabbed in me!! But I think it does something good once I get past the initial stabbing phase of each treatment. xxx


  3. Here’s to the golden egg growing and tucking in safely soon 🙂 Where/ who is your acupuncture/ yoga guy btw? I did acupuncture and yoga religiously all throughout my first cycle, I really enjoyed both but after the negative results I kind of felt pressured by it all and decided to stop the acupuncture and it kind of fell out of my routine… the yoga I stopped during the summer coz my teacher was away and I had the lap so probably wont start again until I know if our next round is successful or not. Glad you are enjoying it and feeling positive xxx

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    1. Just near the junior school. I can take you sometime if you want to come?! The guy is English and teaches quite energetic Hatha yoga. First week is free for new people!! Anyway, he’s on hols from tomoz until 5 Sept so if you want to come you’ll need to wait until after then. I got my full immune blood tests back today – will write a post later but will be interested to see if you did the same ones as me.


      1. is it serenity house? my teacher used to be there but then moved to her own studio. Sounds good 🙂 yes let me know and we can compare our blood tests for sure! haha probably would be smthg similar if you had it done at the clinic?

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      2. No. New place but v close to SH. I had my tests done elsewhere as I saw a rheumatologist and I knew what I wanted testing. 1000 EUR later….


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