Introducing my new baby…

As those of you who are regular readers know, I (literally) lost my cat 7 weeks ago and I have been distraught and heartbroken. She has been my constant companion since I moved to this country 5 years ago and her loss has been immense.

Now that 7 weeks has passed I feel pretty sure that we won’t find her (though I will be delighted if we do) and I felt the only way to find a new normal and do something about this black cloud of grief was to bring some new love to my heart.

And that love comes in the form of the gorgeous Lucy pictured here.  Isn’t she lovely?


My other 2 cats are slight less enthusiastic about her arrival, but they are fast coming around. She arrived at our house on Wednesday evening and has settled in beautifully.  My husband is also in love with her and her presence has brought a new lightness and joy to our home that we haven’t experienced for a long time.

I actually don’t think there is a lot in the world more sweet and cheering than kittens. I hesitate to say it, but actually the past two days I have felt HAPPY.  Yes, happy.  I didn’t even know that was still possible.  So yeah, get yourself a kitten everyone!

In IVF-news, I visited the doctor today and he gave me the rundown for our next egg collection cycle.  I start the stims next Thursday and it looks like my collection day will be Wednesday 7 September all going well.  Last year egg collection was 3 September so it really is like deja vu!

The doc also gave me a weekly tablet to take to manage my prolactin which is a bit high (864), almost certainly caused by my PCOS. He said he would send me for an MRI scan if my reading was over 3000 as that usually indicates you might have a brain tumour.  I’m glad to say he doesn’t think I have a brain tumour!

And this week I came down with some nasty bronchitis so I’ve also been adding antibiotics to the mix this week. In the past year I think I have taken more medication than during the course of my entire life!

So here we go again on this merry-go-round that is unexplained infertility. I feel good so far, robust and ready to take it on.  Let’s do it!



9 thoughts on “Introducing my new baby…

  1. I’m so sad that you had to get a new cat due to losing your other one, but happy that she is bringing you such joy!
    Also, very good news that the dr does not think you have a brain tumor. I mean, that’s always nice to know!
    Do you know what your atom protocol is going to be?
    Here’s to hoping they don’t suck too badly!

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