Resting, repairing, restarting

Since my last post I have taken a bit of a step back from the world and mainly stayed away from people as a means to heal and grieve. It was good yesterday to spend most of the day at home, being close to my hubby and not having to feel the stress of external pressures.

I don’t know what came over me though, but I somehow agreed to go out for a bike ride for a short while. Now, I’m an outdoorsy, sporty type by nature, but due to all the associated IVF stuff I have not ridden my bike for almost a year!  Quite a shameful admission, but it’s true that I’ve been trying to avoid jiggly activities that might shake up the ovaries and womb.  Well that’s not a concern anymore, is it?!

I really enjoyed the ride, wind in my hair, dust in my face.  I’ve done no real exercise beyond some nice walks for the past two months so I did huff and puff a bit, but I returned home feeling kind of normal (temporarily).  It was a good experience and brought some emotional relief too.

But then it turns out that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea as I had some cramps later (took Ibuprofen and everything was fine after that) and looked up what the advice is for activities post D&C.  Turns out that no intense exercise is recommended for a week or two. Oops.  Also no sex due to risk of infection so the drought goes on 😦 Anyway, I’m fine now other than a couple of small cramps so I don’t think any harm was done from the bike ride.

I’m working form home today which gives me another day to hide from the world and feel both physically and emotionally better before facing the office tomorrow. I’m still super-bloated and the scales say I’ve gained 2kg since the operation on Friday (seriously, how?!!) so it is going to be tent-based fashion for at least the rest of the week. My boobs are not sore anymore so that’s nice, but they are yet to deflate to their regular size (I have mixed feelings about this).

I also got a call today from the place where my embryo was sent for genetic testing and was nearly floored when they told me it would cost 450 EUR of testing.  REALLY?!!  We are now weighing up whether to test it or not. I still think it’s important but 450 EUR seems a lot.

Otherwise, I’m now looking forward to re-starting my regular life again. I’ve had some wine over the weekend and many, many cups of tea (I am delighted to add tea back into my life!). Hubby and I are thinking of making a trip back to my homeland in a few weeks to see my Mum, but we are yet to formally plan it.  Given we have a few months off from the IVF treadmill we are going to try and enjoy ourselves and take advantage of our (temporary) freedom.

While of course this is not what either of us wanted, we are trying to find a way to make the best of our situation and hope that something more positive is around the corner for us.


11 thoughts on “Resting, repairing, restarting

    1. Errr no. IVF is a fully private thing where I am. No government involvement or subsidies whatsoever. On the mend yes. Not feeling myself at all but that’s to be expected I guess. Onwards and upwards! xx


      1. Hmmm. That must be tough on finances. We do get subsidies here in Singapore and that’s cos the govt is trying to raise birth rates here.
        Yes! Onwards and upwards!


  1. Testing is really expensive but I guess it might give you piece of mind, they didn’t even tell us how much it was or even ask if we wanted it done, we just got sent the bill…it cost $720 AUD which is slightly more but fairly close to 450 Euro😳😳
    It’s strange how much tea and wine can make you feel better, even if it’s temporary! I really missed red wine and coffee so I’ve been living it up, of course it won’t ever come close to filling the void but hey it’s something…
    Don’t beat yourself up about the bike ride, I think you definitely needed to do that, it sounds really good! I’m sure it won’t affect your healing. I’m thinking of you and hope that you are hanging in there x

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    1. They didn’t tell me either!! I got a phone call from the place this morning telling me to pay the invoice. When she told me how much it is I was like WHAAAAAT?! But we will probably do it anyway. What’s money anyway?!! Haha! The bike ride definitely helped. Feeling like a human is vastly more important than a couple of bonus cramps. Xx

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  2. Physical exercise or just being outdoors is definitely the best way to feel human again 🙂 I am not very athletic/ sporty but I do love being outdoors and doing gentle types of exercise and its definitely been my saving grace recently x

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  3. AKL – good luck with the recovery – I agree about exercise, it sounds like it did a lot to make u feel better mentally – so that can only be a good thing. We’ve really enjoyed maxing out the exercise since our last negative – there’s nothing like getting a good ol’ sweat on!! When will you get the results from the genetic testing? It will help rule out some possibilities, or may identify an issue – so from that perspective it is cheaper than going through more IVF cycles without that data, I guess….. good luck, let us know the results

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    1. It was nice but I’ve taken a bit of a turn for the worse since then so I will delay my full return to high impact activity for a little longer. I think genetic testing will take a few weeks (maybe 6). It doesn’t matter though as we are in no rush. It’s not changing our current situation in any way.


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