Smoke and mirrors

Now what is going on with my belly? I’m only six weeks along and already I have a slightly sticky-out belly.  Whaaaat?!  I am now playing a game of smoke and mirrors with my fashion choices so that no one else around me starts to suspect, although I am thinking they are starting to suspect I’ve eaten too many cakes recently!

I am very glad that where I live summer weather has already struck, as loosely cut dresses are my friend right now. Anything with a proper defined waistline is either very uncomfortable or shows off a discernible belly – or both.

This weekend is Orthodox Easter which means a succession of family occasions and a series of times I’m going to have to find something to dress up in that doesn’t make me look too pregnant or make me feel too uncomfortable.  I am also a tiny bit worried about all the times I am expected to be drinking wine.  I think I might have to invent an illness or complain I’m deeply hungover and thus don’t want a drink. I’m also wondering how I am going to stay awake tomorrow night for the midnight church service as usually I’m tucked up in bed at 10.30pm at night!

Then next weekend is my husband’s brother’s wedding so LITERALLY his entire family will be there scrutinising me and most likely asking painful-procreating-related questions. Normally at such moments wine is my friend, but this time (assuming my scan on Thursday goes well), I will be going it all sober.  Oh well, at least I can be the designated driver!  I think I’ve got a good dress to wear that will disguise my bloated belly, but there might still need to be some sucking in at key moments.

At the moment I am calm going in to next week’s scan. I am starting to believe that this one might want to hang around for me. We passed the scan at this stage last time so I have zero reasons to think that the first scan will be anything but perfect, but then you never know and it feels like jinxing to be too confident too soon.  Obviously the first scan is an important marker and -assuming all is well – the next marker will be to get beyond the 9 week mark.

I’m not a big believer, but sometimes you’ve got to think you are due a piece of good fortune.


29 thoughts on “Smoke and mirrors

  1. My belly is sticking out too!! I think it is bloating from the hormones and possibly from the uterus stretching. As for the no drinking, say you are trying or say that you are taking a medication where you can’t drink.

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    1. Oh good. Glad I’m not the only chubster then 😉 Your suggestions would work wonderfully on a British/Australian/American audience. Mediterranean folk are EXTREMELY inquisitive (i.e. rude) so if I say I am trying they will then ask me what I’m doing, who my doctor is, have I tried x, y, z. Ugh. I think my plan is to chat up a barman and have him make me cocktails that look boozy. 🙂 xx


      1. There you go! !! You’re getting what you wanted! !! =P

        My nausea has eased off significantly with the anti nausea pills and antacids. I feel better now and happier! At least for now. Lol.

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      2. Thank goodness! I wasn’t sure if you could feel worse! My “nausea” lasted a total of 5 seconds so I don’t think it counts yet. 😜


      3. Well last time it all went very badly at that stage so I would really rather take the sickness if it means getting to keep the baby. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get sick last time. Though the hormones keep going and take ages to disappear after the D&C. Anyway, that ain’t happening this time!!! When do you have your next appointment?


      4. You still have other symptoms like sore breasts right? Pokes and pinches in the uterus?

        I really do believe that this time things will be different in a MUCH positive way so do look forward to the scan! But yea the worrying is hard to keep at bay. I was like that too after my bleeding episode.

        Perhaps the nausea is just going to hit you bad at the later weeks.. like in 2 weeks. =P I’ve a friend who had nothing until 8 wks!!

        My appt is on Tuesday! I don’t know what to expect actually. Growth of crl?


      5. Yeah sore and getting bigger – which hubby is loving because mine are normally small!! Hahaha! Weird uterus feelings from time to time but nothing substantial. And sooooo tired!! But so far it’s the same as last time which worries me. Hubby says last time I was more hungry but I don’t know. This embryo came from the same batch so I wonder if they’re not so great. Anyway, gotta try being positive! What is crl? I think you wanna keep seeing a heartbeat as a start!!


      6. Hahaha! Yes I feel tired too.. been sleeping way too much actually and being tired is a symptom too!

        Crl is crown to rump length of the foetus. Mine was measurable at 6.5 weeks. Will you be about there at your scan?


      7. Aaah ok! My doctor is so shit with sharing information so I’ll be sure to ask him the crl measurement now! I’ll be 7 weeks on Thursday by my calculations – again doctor has not told me but it’s not hard to work out.


      8. Do read up though beforehand. And he should be giving you these measurements without you asking and should be explaining these to you naturally! Is he one of those more traditional doctors? Some older ones are like that and think we ought not know more than the minimum.

        When he does the scan he should show you the heartbeat and the count. And if he can detect the fetal pole then he should immediately measure the crl or sac size. And these should be reflected in the scan pics too.

        He should be giving you a copy of this pic.

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      9. He’s not old actually – he’s in his 40s. He is quite arrogant though as he is known to be the best in the country. I think it has gone to his head. He did give me the scan pic last time and I heard the heartbeat. Maybe he did tell me the measurement and I didn’t pay attention. I’ll make sure I come back with all the details this time!


      10. I had a rude and insensitive specialist before and dumped him as soon as we could. We were quite upset with his questions. He said he didn’t feel I was ready to have kids as I was so fearful.

        We are much much happier with our current doctors who are very open, sensitive and caring.


      11. We have talked about going somewhere else but it’s complicated. My husband’s family know him well so it would be quite a diplomatic issue. And frankly, I don’t need more stress. He was very sensitive and caring when I had to have the D&C b


      12. I feel better informed now to ask the right questions. First time around it was all a mystery. I guess there’s some positives in there. You’re in the UK?


  2. Thank goodness for floaty dresses hey & good luck avoiding those prying questions – 🍹🍹🍹mocktails all round! Most importantly, good luck for the scan on Thursday 😘😘😘

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